An Ancestral Approach to Dealing With The Effects of EMFs

At the end of his college career Brian looked fine.

If you met him and spoke to him, he sounded fine.

But on the inside he didn’t feel fine at all.

He was anxious, he had negativity and all the classical symptoms that people with adrenal burnout and adrenal fatigue have.

He was suffering from acute acne on his torso and had serious sleep issues.

He'd lay his head on his pillow at night and soon as he switched the light out his mind would start racing and then he'd toss and turn to the point of exhaustion.

Not surprisingly he was suffering from very low energy.

He explains, ‘your body just get's too stressed out. There’s toxins and toxic load and stress, and you’re not dealing with it as an ancestral human would' .

All these things bothered Brian, they were eating away at him even though to all outside appearances, he was fine.

He consulted various medical doctors they wanted to give him Accutane and other pharmaceutical drugs to remove his symptoms.

But he just didn't go with that logic at all.

It didn’t make sense to me at all. I wanted to solve the problem and solve the issue.”

He turned to Google for the answer and he kept coming back to toxicity and sauna.

“Could it be a coincidence that every human culture on Earth had a sauna tradition?”

He consulted a couple of alternative health advisors and they came to the same conclusion.

“OK, I’ll buy into this concept of toxicity. I need a detox.”

He found an old doctor’s book, by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a sauna therapy book with instructions on how to build a homemade sauna using a very old concept that goes all the way back to Dr. Kellogg 100 years ago.

It was also a sauna that he could build himself.

And that's what he did, he built his own infra red sauna.

He started doing some infra red sauna sessions right before bed each night.

In three sessions his insomnia was basically gone.

Even after the first session it was dramatically improved.

“Whoa, this is amazing.”

Subsequently, with disciplined use over a six to seven month period, doing 30-40 minute sessions, four to five times a week doing powerful passive sweating, all of his health problems eventually subsided.

And that's how it all started.

He made one or two sauna's for some friends and family and it slowly snowballed.

What started with just a couple hundred bucks and a goofy idea to help friends has now grown into a fully-fledged business, with 18 employees.

And his latest product is the low EMF infra red sauna.


low emf saunaThursday, 24th May at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing the founder of Sauna Space and lead product developer, Brian Richards.

Brian fully healed his toxin-related acne brain fog and adrenal fatigue with the power of near infrared lamp sauna, full spectrum light and heat therapy.

His personal journey to optimal health inspired him to create low-EMF portable near infrared sauna solutions in order to helps others discover the pathway to natural healing.

“Every human culture’s sauna tradition is really an attempt to recreate an experience with the sun. And the experience with the sun is an alliance of light and heat”, explains Brian.

Listen to my fascinating interview with Brian Richards and learn:

  • how toxicity and intoxicants and detoxification is perhaps the most fundamental determinant of our health – Brian gives a very clear explanation of the different types of detox
  • how toxins lead to our cells and bodies getting epigenetically degraded over time and stressed out – which can manifest disease
  • why running on a treadmill and similar forms of exercise doesn’t detoxify you much – passive detox vs active detox
  • why the light therapy aspect of infra red sauna is so important for mitochondrial stimulation and DNA repair
  • why it’s important to use full spectrum natural light that doesn’t flicker – and closely simulates the emissions of the sun
  • the two branches of extensive peer reviewed research that exists to support the use of infra red sauna – heat shock therapy (about a thousand studies) and light therapy (thousands of studies)
  • how exposure to a certain wavelengths are vital to activate the mitochondria – the power house of our cells
  • how some full spectrum infrared saunas on the market use inferior technologies to create a composite full spectrum therapy – to be avoided
  • how a crucial component to sauna healing is to be in a low EMF environment – the primary issue is electric field stressors
  • about Brian's latest innovation a low EMF infra red sauna – and why it is much safer than many other near infra red sauna's on the market
  • and much more

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  • irene said,

    dear Lloyd-can you ask Bryan if a wet or dry usual sauna can also be some effective like the infra red sauna-I am EHS and very sensitive to infra red light that cause me pain.Lloyd thank you for all that you are doing to help us . irene

  • Ruth Ann Wert said,

    Am just hearing about how important it is to have very low EMF in a near infra red sauna. Yesterday heard a so called expert say that many who claim their sauna is low
    EMf is not. Also said the infrared signal of theirs is on 96% of the time. What would Bryan say to these comments? Hope to listen to this program on Thursday. Thank you, Lloyd

  • Marilyn Hamilton said,

    I just learned from a friend who likes to hunt that animals are particularly sensitive to human electrical energy. He shared the following with me: There could be something to be learned here that might be helpful to those of us who are EMF sensitive.

  • ellie said,

    Thank YOU, Lloyd and Brian for this life-saving information. I lowered my copper level from a very toxic one to a ‘normal’ one, with Nutritional Balancing, which included near infrared sauna. This reduced my EHS symptoms more than anything in 6 years of trying ‘everything’ and spending $1000s.