Low Cost Solution To Common EMF Problem

I’ve always sensed there was something inherently unhealthy about being exposed to electricity, long before I got into all this.

Are you with me?

I’m not talking about grabbing hold of a live wire.

I’m talking about something much more banal and closer to home.

The electricity in your home.

I guess the penny fully dropped when I read Dr. Samuel Milham's book on dirty electricity.

I’m not talking about ‘dirty electricity’ even, but this does add to the problem (you can read more about that here and here if you’re interested).

I’m just talking about electricity which may even be ‘clean’. By clean I mean that all there is is the 60Hz (or whatever the frequency may be where you live) that the utility company supplies.

When you look at the research conducted by Dr. Milham you realize that even back at the beginning of the last century, electrification of our homes, workplaces, schools and lifestyles, had a lot to answer for.

The facts are there (in his book), a town or city gets electrified. You compare the mortality rates before and after. You don’t need to be a leading epidemiologist to figure out what’s happening.

But most people are not interested in drawing these kind of conclusions. Just like they’re not interested in drawing conclusions about the WiFi they’ve got in their homes or the cell phone they stick to their ear.

Progress is so seductive.

But I am interested and if you’re reading this you probably are too. Which is why I want to talk to you about a new device, which I believe can go a long way to protecting you.

Where is the place you absolutely must start if you want to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields?

Hands down, it’s in the bedroom. This article explains the whys and wherefores and also gives some detailed tips on what to do.

Once you’ve eliminated wireless sources, top of the list is eliminating electricity, or electric field exposures. Tip number 3 in my article is, “go to your electrical panel and cut the power supply on the circuit breaker for your bedroom before you retire for the night”.

Now this is a great idea, the only problem is that it can be a serious pain in the **** doing this. You might do it for a week or two but then after a few nights of getting all tucked up in bed and then realizing that you need to go back downstairs in your nightie to flip the switch on the bedroom circuit, you soon stop doing it.

I found a solution for doing this by getting an electrician to install a demand switch. This is a brilliant little device that automatically cuts the power to the circuit as soon as you switch your light off. If you live in Europe then you can still buy this from Gigahertz solutions (I'm told they no longer produce these devices for the North American market).

Remote power cut-off switchIf you live in the US or Canada there is now another solution. It’s a Remote Cutoff Kit. That’s to say a ready-to-install kit that contains everything you need to remotely cut the power to circuits in your home. So you can crawl under the covers and and just press a button to cut the power in the bedroom.

Not just in the bedroom this kit allows you to cut the power on 4 circuits, you can even add contactor switches for more circuits.

Why Would You Want To Add More Circuits?

I recommend cutting the power on the circuits on bedrooms and rooms close to bedrooms. I think the basic kit will suffice for most people but if you’ve got lots of bedrooms then to do this properly you would need some extra contactors.

Why Would You Want To Cut Non-Bedroom Circuits?

What we’re trying to avoid here is sleeping near to circuits which are electrified. Because even if everything is switched off in your bedroom, the circuits are still electrified. Which means you will still be sleeping in proximity to an electric field.

Same goes if you cut the power on your bedroom but underneath your bedroom is your office or another room where there are live circuits. That’s why you would want to cut power on nearby rooms. The only circuit you wouldn’t really want to cut the power on is the refrigerator or freezer circuit.

The solution I use works automatically which is great. Whereas the remote kit I’m talking about here uses a remote transmitter to send the signal. This means when you press on the button to switch on or off the circuit there is some RF exposure, which might not suit everybody.

Here’s a summary of the pro’s and con’s.

The Pros

The big pro is that at the flip of a switch this device can eliminate electric fields and dirty electricity from any room you want to. The other pro's are:

  • Relatively inexpensive (especially at the moment because it's on sale at a discounted introductory price*)
  • Requires no costly re-wiring or electrical work
  • Can easily be adapted to work on multiple circuits
  • No need to unplug or switch off devices in the bedroom

The Cons

  • Small amount of RF exposure to activate and de-activate
  • It’s not automatic – you do have to think to use it
  • It needs to be fitted by an electrician – not really a con, just common-sense advice

If the RF exposures are a problem then you can modify it to make a wired solution.

Where Can You Buy The Remote Kit?

You can buy the remote kit from this website and what's more it's currently on sale at a discounted introductory price*. I've not tried this system myself but I have spoken to Shaun who developed this system I do believe this kit offers a reliable low cost solution to this common problem.

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  • Lucie said,

    Thanks for the great article.

    Reading about the RF aspect, it reminded me of a question I’ve had for a while. It’s about the radio controlled clocks. I have one right in front of my office desk, hanging on the wall. Another one is in my husband’s office, behind me.

    How much Rf exposure do we get from these? Do youknow how often they connect to their “headquarters” to adjust the time?

    Thanks for your awesome writings!
    Happy New Year 🙂


  • Marvin Jolly said,

    Have you investigatee the Light-Life Technogies website and the work of Slim Spurling (who has transitioned) and his wife Katharina Spurling-Kaffl at:


    They have truly remarkable tools that deal with EMF like the Enviromental Harmonizers, Tensor Rings, Cell Phone Ring Sets! They are pricey but they last a lifetime and are unique and powerful!! The book, In The Mind Of A Master by Susan Anderson with Slim Spurling explains the fascination science behind these tools…check it out!

    It would also be great if you could arrange to have Katharina to interview because she is very concerned and proactive on the issue of EMF! Thank you for all you do…you are important and appreciated!!! –Marvin

  • Laurel said,

    Have you investigatee the Light-Life Technogies website and the work of Slim Spurling (who has transitioned) and his wife Katharina Spurling-Kaffl at:


    They have truly remarkable tools that deal with EMF like the Enviromental Harmonizers, Tensor Rings, Cell Phone Ring Sets! They are pricey but they last a lifetime and are unique and powerful!! The book, In The Mind Of A Master by Susan Anderson with Slim Spurling explains the fascination science behind these tools…check it out!

    It would also be great if you could arrange to have Katharina to interview because she is very concerned and proactive on the issue of EMF! Thank you for all you do…you are important and appreciated!!! –Marvin

  • SGVH said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    Speaking of Dr. Milham, in one of his interviews or videos online which I watched/listened to over the past year+, I was very surprised to hear him say that he has checked some people’s homes who were turning their circuit breakers Off, & that their Dirty Electricity &/or Electric Fields were even worse than with the circuit breakers left On! I can’t remember which exact interview it was as I’ve watched so many, but maybe if you ever interview or communicate with him again, you might want to ask him about that.

    (I was just as surprised to hear Mr. Stetzer say, in your prior interview with him some months ago, that he had never heard of ANY studies saying that Magnetic Fields were harmful. Whaaaat? “Shocker”! 😉

    Anyway, as you always say, people need to test their own individual environments to find out what is what. And for folks who live in mild climates (not too hot, not too cold), you may not need anything “electrical” for sleeping, like fans, etc.

    But for the rest of us, it’s either leave the circuit breaker On in the bedroom, or run a power cord TO the bedroom from down the hall, which probably negates the whole idea of turning the breakers Off in the first place (??)

    And especially if you have Smart Grid problems as it is pumping electro-pollution throughout all the wiring whether breakers are On or Off since the MWR — for RF-MESH systems — rides ON the naked unshielded house wiring whether the electricity is On or Off; &/or the SG system can also produce DE due to the SMPS’s of the Smart Meters.

    Or, if people have PLC SG systems, then the MWR is riding INside & leaking FROM the powerlines & on down the line right into their homes. So, either way, it’s pretty hopeless &/or completely overwhelming.

    The RF-MESH SG system here literally vibrates the entire building “from the ground up” (underground powerlines & underground electric meter pipes that run from the meters to each unit’s circuit breaker panel) when the utility has it cranked up stronger during its “Real Demand” times &/or its “Reactive Demand” times, which also produces an “electrical current” running all along the floors, up into the bed, chairs, plumbing, etc., & which also “induces current” in our bodies which feels like “EMF Vibrations” occurring internally. It also produces a horrible Rumbling Warbling noise at the same time. There’s no doubt about it. It is wicked!

    It has taken over a year to even begin to understand exactly what was happening, all learned from experts such as yourself, Dr. Milham, Dave Stetzer, Curtis Bennett (ThermoGuy.com), Magda Havas, PhD, Barrie Trower, PhD, Martin Blank, PhD, & numerous other Smart Grid help sites, commentors, articles, etc.

    Keep up the great work. I still check your twitter regularly. 🙂

  • SGVH said,

    To Laurel:

    I’ll pass on trying to answer “…what is the quickest cheapest diy thing I can do to temporarily protect myself…” & leave that to Lloyd.

    However, re your Smart Meter itself, when you have the time, I would suggest finding out what KIND of Smart Grid system your utility company is using by either researching their site, your state’s PUC, the Govt.’s Smart Grid site, or by asking Google, or by calling the utility directly, etc.

    And get the brand/make/model off your meter & putting it into Google & find out whether it is an “old fashioned” One-Way RF meter, or an advanced AMI meter.

    A lady who runs the S.FLA anti-Smart-Meter group said in a fairly recent email/list that the utilities are now trying to HIDE the “FCC ID” numbers on the meters because people are waking up to the fact that if their meter has an FCC ID # on it, then it IS a Smart Meter. So she said people should look not just on the face of the meter for the FCC ID #, but look on the top of it, the bottom of it, and both sides of it. (If the utilities begin hiding the FCC ID # on the back of the meter, then that would be pretty bad!)

    So when you can, try to find out if your utility is using:

    –Older ONE-WAY systems, where the meter is only transmitting OUTWARD back to the utility?

    –Or are they using the newer TWO-WAY AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) systems (whether RF-MESH, or if in a rural area, they sometimes use PLC systems) which transmit INWARD –AND– OUTWARD?

    –A common error is thinking the entire problem has to do with the meters themselves & that by blocking/shielding the front of it or the back of it, that all problems would be solved. But it’s not just the meters necessarily (maybe, maybe not). It’s the wires BEHIND the meters that connect TO your apt. wiring that bring the problems inside (per videos by Curtis Bennett, Electrician & Building Engineering Technologist, & Thermal Radiation expert, at ThermoGuy dot com, where he explained this with graphics).

    The Two-Way AMI systems are pumping 900MHz AND 2.4GHz INTO people’s buildings via the wall-wiring & then back out again to the utility.

    What the answer to that is, I have no idea yet & I’ve been reading for a year already. The problem is, if the utility is using an RF-MESH system, per Curtis, then they are radiating a WIDE area & they have all customers inside that area “trapped” inside a literal “electrical circuit.” The entire area becomes an “electrical circuit” via the many routers, repeaters, & gateways they install all over the place to interact with all the Two-Way AMI meters.

    For example, even if I were to get our Two-Way Smart Meter removed but all the neighbors did not, nor all the buildings nearby did not, then it won’t do much good because all of their SmartGrid-induced-Electro-Pollution can jump from their units/buildings’ wiring to ours even without us having a Smart Meter, or even an Electro-Mechanical meter for that matter, because the RF-MESH is using EVERYONE’s naked/unshielded metal-wall & ceiling wiring as “conductors.” You could even get off-grid & have the same problem!

    (Not saying your location is exactly the same. Just giving an example of why this AMI + RS-MESH system is such a huge nightmare.)

    Let’s hope your utility is just now getting on the bandwagon & began with One-Way “smart” meters, which, in that case, just shielding the back of it & the front of it might help! > I read one man’s story who said they learned by accident that moving the big mirror around in their child’s bedroom made a difference. The wife had rearranged the room & moved the big mirror, which unbeknownst to them, was actually helping to block the radiation from the meter on the outside of the child’s bedroom wall. But when the wife moved the mirror to another wall, the child got sick again. So the husband said, even the silver behind a regular mirror can help block the EMFs from the Smart Meter! Pretty cool! 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  • Wayne G. Levitt said,

    A number years ago, perhaps 12 or more. There was a NY television station that broadcast a report about EMF, in this particular story a reporter was standing on a sidewalk grate which was located above or near to a electrical transformer which transformed primary current to secondary electricity to the building of which is was a part. The purpose of the report was to demonstrate the use of a EMF detection device and of which it was connected to a V.O.M. or Volt, Ohm, Meter. The meter reading was intended to prove the presence of Electrical Magnetic Fields (EMF). My position at the time was Director of Buildings and Grounds and Campus Safety Officer at a small Community College College. The following morning my office phone was ringing continuously from personnel campus wide, wanting to know what harms existed in the work place? They asked specifically about the lighting, the loud hum they could here from the ceiling above them or on the other side of the partition. What about the computers and the Cathode Ray Tube monitors? Please read on; I called the Electric Company Key Account Representative, who was responsible for handling our our facilities electrical needs. Our College campus was at that time considered a total electric facility including heat, lighting and the few buildings that then were air conditioned. My surprise, I learned that our electric utility was already aware and some cases employees were un-officially trying to determine if this was a real problem and prepared to test. I was able to purchase the device I needed to test and evaluate the conditions at our campus, responding directly to each of the calls that I received. The results that I found are as follows: First I found that the EMF detector device had an axis meaning that it was to be held in exactly the position clearly shown on the devise itself. It was also obvious to me that proximity was the key! Standing on a ladder and holding the device very close to the lens of a florescent lighting fixture proved that EMF was present. Then slowly moving the detector device away from the lens the reading fell gradually and when the detector device was approximately 6″ to 8″ from the lens was ‘0’. This same result was noted at almost each area tested. The biggest surprise I found was in the Computer Labs. At that time the typical design for such a classroom was generally long table or counter tops with PC’s one after another. The surprise came when we tested the screen of the CRT monitor vs the back end of the CRT which the reading was much higher from that position. Worse was the fact that that end was often closer to those seated at the next table location. We immediately rearranged the class rooms and labs to prevent possible harm. The whole matter at that time was the so called authorities or experts stated that there was no known or proven health affects or risks to EMF exposure. There were no orders, directives or requirements for doing anything. The measures we took then seemed only sensible. I continued to test compare and evaluate the changes in newer electrical equipment and devices. Example measuring the amount of EMF between a bedside analog alarm clock and a digital type. Florescent lighting magnetic ballasts compared to the newer electronic types. Now the older CRT TV’s and computer monitors compared to newer Plasma or LED types. I do not claim to be in anyway an expert or official in this area nor do I claim responsibility for the results. I continue to read and feel concerned for our health especially in this age of newer wireless technology. I’m in my seventies now and I have grown Children, Grand Children and lately Great Grandchildren I hope and pray for their health safety and longer life.
    Thank you

  • Lee said,

    Wayne Levitt, good for you for performing your oversight duties with common sense, and also for caring! In contrast, it seems that many schools and institutions currently choose to go with the “no proven harm from EMF’s” position, due to the fact that taking a second, third, and fourth look (as you did, on an ongoing basis) costs them time and money. I used to teach in the California Community College system, and saw first-hand how self-serving the administration could be. You stood out from that trend, however, and that’s why I’m writing to salute you.

    The changes that do happen (and which must eventually happen) will come from responsible people like you who “go the extra mile.”

  • Idalino daSilva said,

    Or you can simply have an electrician to install a switch on the wall to kill the circuit by the flipping of a switch… easier and cheaper.

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