Using Earthing For EMF Protection – A Scientists Viewpoint

Once upon a time I used to be like most people.

I believed that all that existed could be perceived by the 5 senses, taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.

Then one day I got sick with my cell phone.

After a very short time the symptoms I experienced when using my cell phone, I also began to experience when using my computer, TV, telephone and a long list of other previously innocuous devices.

I tried to deal with what was happening to me through western medicine and my 5 senses.

But I just got sicker and sicker.

I soon figured out it was something to do with EMFs, but how to deal with these EMFs seemed to be an insurmountable problem.

Then one day it dawned on me all that EMFs were really just energy.

Through my trials and tribulations the most important discovery I made was not about the EMFs from my cell phone and other devices.

It was about energy.

Somehow I knew that the solution lay in learning to deal with, to live with, to be in harmony with the energies in my world.

One of the most important energies for me and the other living beings that inhabit this planet are the energies that emanate from the earth.

I learned that there was a way of physically connecting with these energies and that doing so could be beneficial.

In 2010 a ground-breaking book was published explaining this phenomenon.

Earthing Book

Earthing for EMF protectionThe book is called Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. In the book Clint Ober recounts how he discovered the beneficial effects of earthing and the series of events that lead him to write the book.

In 1993 Clint was a very successful cable TV entrepreneur living in a 5000 square foot mountaintop home in Colorado with a bird’s eye view of Denver and the Rockies. Following a routine root canal procedure he fell seriously ill. Eighty percent of his liver was compromised and infection had spread through his body.

There seemed to be little hope, then a young surgeon suggested experimental surgery to remove most of his damaged liver. It seemed a long shot but it was the only shot, so he underwent the surgery.

He survived the surgery. The first three or four months were particularly difficult, he could barely walk. Over time he gradually began to regain his health but he came out of his ordeal a changed man, “a stark realization came over me …I didn’t really own my own home and the mountain of possessions I had, they owned me”.

He promptly sold his house and business and ventured out into the wilderness with an RV and a few necessities looking for answers.

In 1997 while gazing out over Key Largo bay in Florida, these words popped into his head, “become an opposite charge, status quo is the enemy”.

A year later he was still no wiser as to what they meant. Then one day he was sitting on a park bench watching the world go by and he found himself staring at people’s footwear.

It suddenly occurred to him that everyone was wearing shoes with thick rubber or plastic soles. They were insulated from the ground.

He pondered this. From his cable TV days he knew to provide the viewer with a good signal and a crystal clear picture, the cable needs an inner metal conductor, an insulating layer and an outer shield. The shield is electrically connected to the earth.

For cable systems to work he knew that they must be grounded and held at the same electrical potential as the earth’s surface. He started to wonder whether insulating ourselves from the earth by wearing plastic or rubber souled shoes could affect our health.

He experimented with a voltmeter. He connected a 50 foot wire to a ground rod outside and then he started walking around the house measuring the electrical charges in his body. He noticed that when he walked towards a lamp or something electrical the voltage would go up.

He realized that without earth contact the body was always being charged by the EMFs and static electricity in our environment. But when he grounded himself the charges were removed and he started sleeping better and feeling better.

This is the story behind the book. To write the book he collaborated with experts from various fields, one of them was physicist Dr. Gaetan Chevalier.

Earthing The Science

Dr. Gaetan Chevalier received his Ph.D. from the University of Montreal in Engineering Physics with specialization in Atomic Physics and Laser Spectroscopy. After 4 years of research at UCLA in the fields of plasma physics and nuclear fusion, he became professor and Director of Research at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) for 10 years doing research on human physiology and electrophysiology.

He’s been Director of the Earthing Institute since its foundation in 2009 and also wrote ‘The Physics of Earthing” which was published as part of the Earthing book.

Click here to buy the Earthing book.


Gaetan Chevaler earthingThursday, 7th January at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr. Gaetan Chevalier.

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I’ll be talking to Dr. Gaetan about:

  • the science behind earthing
  • the best way to earth
  • the success stories
  • the dangers – stay electricity/dirty electricity
  • places not to earth
  • and much more

If you’re looking for answers to deal with your own health challenges or you’re just curious about the science behind earthing, then make sure you tune into this interview.

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  • Nancy said,

    Talked with a German scientist and he says that we have the grounding situation all wrong in the US. Says we are picking up the energy from other cables, etc. In the ground and that we have to do it differently.

  • Bill said,

    Remember though….
    in USA, we ground our neutrals and grounds to EARTH, so direct contact to dirt, or even concrete creates a path of current up one leg, and down the other. Near high tension lines, where there is stronger ground currents, lots of men get testicular cancer as this is the path the current takes, and it has been measured by Dave Steitzer. So, like all these issue, there is variables..sometimes wearing insulating shoes is beneficial.

  • Lee said,

    Hello everyone,
    After I read Bill’s comment above, I posted what follows to “The Truth About Cancer” website (a non-profit site which offers a free annual video series reporting on the latest in non-invasive, holistic cancer treatment remedies–remedies that not only work, but which do not harm or damage like the traditional “cut, poison, burn” approach that more or less tortured me). This post to the TTAC site is relevant to the issue of “earthing” and its safety.

    “I am writing to ask you to consider investigating electromagnetic radiation as a prompt for cancer. I am EMF sensitive, and am also in cancer recovery (having gone the traditional treatment route, due to ignorance and foolishness). But I’m now using the information from TTAC to sustain the state of cancer-free.

    “Unfortunately, for several years prior to my cancer diagnosis, I used to do “earthing” religiously–and I mean religiously! I sat daily on my concrete back patio to be exposed to earth energies, being so committed to the practice, that even in winter, when it was bitterly cold and blustery, I’d bundle up and be there. Under my layers, I’d make sure my rear end sat directly on the concrete, so as to continue to “benefit” from earth energies.

    “After several years of this, I developed a worrisome EMF sensitivity to my laptop (but didn’t connect it to my foolish form of earthing). A year thereafter, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I do not wish to be impolite, but it’s important to note that the cancer (like a sickly white ice-sickle) ended up growing directly out of my rectum. Even then, I didn’t connect it to earthing. However, after the laptop situation developed, I did become a follower of the best site I could find to learn more about EMF sensitivity:

    “Currently, at that site (on a page promoting a Jan. 7 free interview with an earthing expert), a reader named Bill posted this: “…Remember though….in USA, we ground our neutrals and grounds to EARTH, so direct contact to dirt, or even concrete creates a path of current up one leg, and down the other. Near high tension lines, where there is stronger ground currents, lots of men get testicular cancer as this is the path the current takes, and it has been measured by Dave Stetzer.”

    “Due to this comment, plus similar things I’ve read, I now figure that I contributed to my cancer–which grew in the same physical area as the post above references–by “religiously” exposing myself to years of stray ground current. I live in a townhouse complex. One needn’t be a rocket scientist to presume that there must be a significant amount of ground current from the concentration of units here.

    “I think I may have heard the practice of earthing mentioned in passing on the last TTAC series (but I could be wrong). I do know that many, many alternative health practitioners enthusiastically promote earthing for health (with David Wolff being among them). However, rarely are there necessary and responsible warnings made to first be sure to use a body voltage meter to test the level of ground current to which one is being exposed. As I now ruefully know, there is nothing “healthful” about being a channel for the excess electricity that the utilities so carelessly dump into the ground. (As you may know, utilities could return excess electricity via wires, but it would cost them more to add such wires. So to save money, they instead recklessly dump such excess into the ground.)

    Because TTAC tends to focus on remedies, this suggested exploration may not seem like a “remedy.” Yet, for someone like me, who aims to stay cancer free, it is definitely a remedy to never again do earthing unless I can measure how much ground current I may be running through myself. Beyond the issue of earthing, an entire TTAC series could ostensibly some day be devoted to protecting one’s self from the electromagnetic fields in which we all must reside. It’s an extremely troublesome issue which just keeps getting more serious, and in no small part because the factual dangers of such fields fly under most people’s radar.”

    Wishing Lloyd and his staff, as well as all readers here, a fine new year of promise and progress.

  • Yvonne said,

    The way I understand it, grounding is a 2 way path and electricity flows through like water in a pipe. What happens when you are sitting on a grounding mat and an EMP burst is close by? Wouldn’t the higher ‘pressure ‘ make the electrical pulse flow through the mat… through you… and electrocute you?

  • Bill said,

    Hi lee, incredible post, thank u 4 sharing your story. I wish u luck in your intelligent approach to continuing restoration and maintaining excellent health.

    While my post was short, it was just a “heads-up” type of post, as I have been reading so much lately about “earthing” specially on Mercola’s website where he is promoting. The earthing premise does appeal to most peoples common sense, so it’s alluring. I am sure 200 years ago, its very possible there is some good merit to the premise. And even today, in some locations on earth, maybe so, as there is many countries that do NOT use the earth as a conductor of human generated AC power… the UK uses conductors for their grounds and neutrals. So earthing, is another case of, “buyer beware.”

    I am an energy engineer, and did study these issues extensively years ago. I also assisted many people who were sick and suspected their living environment as the culprit. Lots of field testing…quite often, they were right, but not always. I have been silent on these issues for many years, as the gen population doesn’t care, and often refer to subject matter beyond their comprehension, as “quackery”.

    The issue of earthing seems to ignore the premise of ground currents. This seems to prevalent in so much data and or products being pushed these days… an incomplete representation of the big pictures often creates over confidence in something, as they have no means to find counter positions. Thanks to the internet, this is now becoming easier to accomplish. I am not suggesting the promoters are hiding this information, its possible they simply don’t know.

    As for the issue of ground currents… there is sooo many variables, its a complex issue. Even measuring ground currents is a very complex science. However, there is a lot of simple ways to detect them, with a good electric multimeter.

    All electrical current (electrons in motion) can be detected through their magnetic field. With a standard electric cable, a clamp-on am meter performs this task. Electricians use these tools every day. You simply take one leg of the conductor and put the recording doughnut shaped sensor around the conductor. Based on the strength of the field, the meter reads the amount of amperage running through the conductor.

    Unfortunately, when trying to read the current going through the earth, we can not wrap a meter around the huge earth area the sub station travels. Although utility companies do know how much power is being supplied by generators, and how much is being returned via the conductors. With known transmission losses that come with distance, most kwh’s can be accounted for,and large ground leaks can be determined by this method. However, we are not talking about large electrical faults (shorts to earth), instead, we are dealing with the normal AC current traveling through the earth, as the system was designed for.

    A false premise is the old adage
    electricity follows the path of least resistance.
    While this statement is somewhat accurate, its not 100% accurate. A more accurate representation, would be…

    electricty follows ALL paths, with its preference favoring the paths of least resistance.

    This is why current travels through the earth, even though the neutral conductors are often fully capable of handling the entire load.

    In USA, all AC current is generated at 60Hz. In the UK, 50Hz. Using a good meter, we can read the frequency of a circuit by simply placing the probes near a hot line (even with no current, as electric fields come as a result of voltage, AND voltage potential) Place the probes by an duplex outlet or a light switch, and you will see the meter move to 60hz. This is demonstrates the premise which u can use to detect the presence of ground currents…

    Now, dangle the probes in the grass in your yard… if the current in the earth is strong enough, and your meter is sensitive enough, you will see the meter move to 60hz. I have witnessed some ground currents so strong, I can hold the probes 3ft above the grass and the meter will still read 60hz…in remote areas, not close to a sub station, the meter will not detect any frequency in the dirt. Anyway, with a good meter, this is a very simple test to determine how much ground current your property is being subjected to. You can use the light switch test to convince yourself the meter is sensitive enough to detect the frequency…and at what distance.

    Then, it gets worse… as many concrete pads have a lot of rebar in them… electricity prefers a metal conductor as it has less resistance than dirt. Therefore, quite often, the concrete pad is “rounding up” much of the ground current to ease the path back to the sub station. The closer you live to a sub station, the more current.

    Then, if your house / townhouse is of metal construction, it will then travel throughout the structure, potentially creating a Faraday cage.

    Back to grounding…. this is a case of, understand your surroundings. Just because dirt is natural, does not mean its safe in todays modern electrified world… same true with underground water supplies, many are toxic and can lead to very shortened lives…many case studies on this.

    As for the previous post… yes, current can travel the water lines, which include your shower, assuming all metal plumbing, this is why I only plumb my houses with pex plastic piping. Taking a shower…. u can complete the electrical circuit between the shower head at one voltage, and the drain at a different potential…. as current travels where there is a difference in voltage potential. Unfortunately, you serve as the conductor. I had this situation 20+ years ago… every shower made me feel depleted till I detected this. I replaced the water feed lines with plastic, it helped…but the water itself still carries current very well.

    Hope this helps

  • Lee said,

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks so much for your good wishes. I appreciate your important & detailed follow-up information, as you have an amazing wealth of background with this issue. I’m definitely saving your post! I’m not sure I understand all of it, but if I can talk to an electrician (who brings his tools along), likely I’ll grasp what I need. Really, thank you.

    As finding earth free of ground current, it likely matters how much. In an interview I heard, Dr. Samuel Milham (author: Dirty Electricity & the Diseases of Civilization) remarked that he’d taken ground measurements all over the planet, and never found a place free of current–not even the North Pole. Hearing that felt daunting. At that time, I just starting my learning curve about ground current, and had a (previously purchased) $200 “earthing” kit, which included indoor earthing apparati, along the book being featured on Thursday’s interview. When I heard what Milham reported, I elected to discard the kit. I didn’t try to re-sell it, as I didn’t want to merchandise something that would likely put an unaware buyer (i.e., most of the people who use those things!) into deadly fields. The notion of being able to “earth” indoors had been so-o-o tempting, but as I now see it, likely completely unrealistic. As you note, field strength measurement is the way to go.

    One thing you didn’t mention was the use of a body voltage meter (to see how much of that ground current is running through you). I don’t own one yet, but I’m interested in acquiring one, because Lloyd said (on this site), that this is one way to determine if it’s safe to earth in a particular location. Might you have a comment on the use of body voltage meters? Thanks!

  • Bill said,

    Hi Lee, thx for the kind words…

    I am curious about the testing in the Northpole.. wha current was detected? 60hz?

    As for body voltage testing…
    I assume you refer to the use of a Volt meter with the person acts as a conductor between a grounding rod and the meter. There is many terms used in this field, so, not sure u refer to the same testing.

    This is a VERY complex subject which has soooo many variables, I could never cover all the variables in a post. And much of this has never been studied, at least that I am aware of.

    However, here is a few issues I will mention…

    Using a grounding rod, such as a ground in your electrical outlet, or a user installed metal rod in the ground, provides a excellent contact point to the source (dirt). All electricians understand, voltage is dependent on solid connections…by simply loosening a connection point, such as a screw terminal for a conductor, will reduce the voltage.

    A grounding rod, specially if the dirt is moist, is providing an excellent pathway (connection point) for ground current to travel. So by placing yourself between the rod and the meter…with your feet completing the circuit to ground will surely carry current. Where there is current, u can measure voltage.

    Even this simple test has a lot of variables… such as, how strong is the connection between u and the grounding rod, what footwear if any, how insulating is it, what are you standing on (dirt, concrete, etc), is there electric or magnetic fields around u? A common source of strong magnetic fields around homes is the electrical lines running underground, usually under the sidewalk, (assuming not overhead lines), when the loads on these legs become unbalanced, they produce very high magnetic fields which I have witnessed traveling 20ft, often into the house. So these strong aerial fields, will also influence the reading if you are standing in their presence.

    Also, consider most multi meters are designed to read voltage at given current levels…all meters are designed to work within certain set of specifications…it does not MEAN the meter will not read outside these ranges, but the readings are not accurate. Like all testing, fully understanding the test, will dictate the type of meters required to get accurate readings, and often they are NOT the $50 meters u can buy at Home Depot.

    More importantly… when you do read voltage going through your body, I am not sure how to interpret the readings. If walking around and holding a grounding rod was the norm in our lives, sure it makes sense, assuming the right meter is used producing reliable data. But we are setting up a scenario that does not represent our daily living. IMO, what this clearly demonstrates is, the human body is an electrical conductor. But we all know that, we are mostly water, and water conducts current well. Its the reason we get electrocuted very easily and can die quickly.

    A more significant test that I have never performed, but read about years ago, IIRC by Steitzer. Is using a more sophisticated meter than a standard multimeter (such as a good oscilloscope) and measure the current traveling up one foot your other foot. This IMO represents what we are truly being subjected to in the real world, in our real environments, without introducing artificial and highly conductive pathways for the ground current to travel. This testing was initiated by the loss of thousands of cattle in the Northern States (WI, I think). When ground currents would increase, cattle would start dying by the hundreds and in some cases, thousands. As it turns out, cattle are the “canary in the coal mine” for ground currents. Their bodies are extremely sensitive to ground currents. Not only were cattle dying, the people working on the farms were getting cancers related to these currents…for the men, testicular cancer was the result of current running up one leg and down the other leg, as two legs are unfortunately another path of courrent to travel. And even with insulating shoes, current often will still find its way, albeit, less. It made perfect sense, with the direction of travel, this male cancer was the result of the ground currents.

    After 15+ years of court battles, finally in the early 2000’s IIRC, the farm owners finally produced sufficient evidence to convince a court, the cattle was dying as a result of excess ground current from the utilities. They were duly compensated. Proving the same for humans is way more complicated… and if it took us 80 years to prove such with cigarettes, I would think it would take 3x this long for an issue as complex as the effects of ground current on human health.

    Anyway, hope this sheds some light on the subject. If u have any links or data that u are curious about, I will try to review them…

  • Lee said,

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks again for your detailed response. As for the North Pole readings, I am sorry that I don’t recall the specifics of Milham’s remarks. (Also, just did a search for “stray ground current & North Pole” but nothing came of it.)

    Regarding body voltage testing, I barely know what I’m talking about–but had in mind a site which sells body voltage meters. I see from your explanation that testing body voltage might not be as simple it may seem.

    The effects of ground current on dairy cattle have been covered in at least one of Lloyd’s interviews–likely one with Dave Stetzer. But you added the very important piece here about how the men on those farms became more subject to testicular cancer.

    In this regard, at the Consumer Health Organization of Canada site, is a discussion of the Hartmann Grid and the Curry Lines, which chart the earth currents of electromagnetic energies. The Hartmann lines are said to lie under every home, but not the Curry. The author calls the Curry line the cancer line (but I would assume he meant that it’s the cancer line when it crosses a Hartmann line). Apparently, electricity traveling back to its source seems to follow these lines. The article author, a dowser, investigated cows which which suffered depressed immune systems, and found them to be standing on Hartmann lines. Here is an explanatory paragraph from that site (and I like what he said about “no placebo effect”):

    “The dairy cow is tied in the same stall for 24 hours a day, so any adverse effects will be more predominant. These animals have taught me more than people because there is absolutely no placebo effect, which means that they don’t know that I have made any changes in the earth’s energies of their environment. But they change their behaviour from being an irritable, kicking animal to one that is calm, and that is a considerable change. Cows are tied up in two rows in barns, generally down the barn, and where the grid lines cross, I would ask the farmer, “Does that cow have a problem?” and he would say yes. Another 12 feet down I would ask, “Does that cow have a problem?” and he would answer yes, and he was quite surprised. Since cow stalls are four feet wide, the grid lines were under every third stall, all the way down the barn. I was able to identify the cows that had mastitis and different diseases, and who would not respond to medication. So we made the corrections, and things improved on that farm.”

    It would seem from this article that, due to electricity’s apparently orderly flow, in lieu of checking body voltage, perhaps someone with good dowsing skills might be able to determine more or less “safe” locations for earthing.

    As for your kind offer to review links or data, thank you! Generally, once the interview and its replay are concluded, Lloyd will close the comments on a page. I don’t have anything to ask you about at the moment, but should something come up, I might find you still around tracking discussions here (but only if that suits your purposes, of course). I always tend to sign up to receive article comments, whether I make a comment or not, because I learn from the discussions. So perhaps I’ll see your input on these pages again. Thanks again, Bill, and take good care.

  • Zal said,

    Thanks Lee for your comment and an eye opening experience you went thru.
    It’s amazing how recklessly “grounding” is being promoted, without thinking what happening in the ground, how much billions tons…amps..volts.. of electricity is there. Never thought about it.
    Most of the cancer people get is not related to grounding and earthing and electrical currents underground, but from factors that are above the ground, like food, EMF, plastics(BPA), aluminum, arsenic in food(rice for example), all the poisonous chemical crap farmers put in the ground to make vegetables and fruits grow faster, for the same reason lack of minerals in the soil, cellphone towers and phones..etc.
    Earthing is a non-sense, very least important issue. Humans first need to understand the crimes that pharmaceuticals and chemical cartels commit civilization, they need to see the truth about food and change their diets.
    Because Food is one single most factor for a good health.

  • A. Non said,

    Bill, Regarding your comment of: “I am not suggesting the promoters are hiding this information, its possible they simply don’t know.”,

    Be it known that Clint Ober himself has been told of the danger covered here by Lee and/or yourself.

    Some USA based EMF experts advised Mr. Ober of this problem a few years ago.

    Therefore, is there any excuse for the literally sickening fact that, at last check, there remains no disclosure of this danger included in the “earthing” sales literature or buyers usage guide?

    Sadly, it may have to take a court case to prompt such disclosure, brought on by an injured party or class action against the promoters named in these early comments.

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