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Do Laptop Radiation Shields Offer Effective EMF Protection?

Laptop computers emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Typically they emit magnetic fields, electric fields and radio frequency radiation.

computer pad laptop radiation shieldIs this dangerous?

That depends.

Depends on what?

It depends on what laptop you’re using.

I’ve found radiation emission levels to vary enormously between different brands of laptop.

Even laptops of the same brand but different models, can emit significantly different levels of radiation.

But more than anything it depends on how you use your laptop.

This is what I want to share with you, how you can safely use your laptop computer.

So watch this video:

Are you surprised?

It’s always surprising when you start measuring your exposures with an EMF meter.

Making Wrong Assumptions

You see we’re always making assumptions.

Not just about EMFs but about everything.

That’s how our brains process information and make decisions.

But EMFs are invisible and fairly unpredictable so its very easy to make the wrong assumptions.

Wrong assumption number 1: the wood in your desk somehow protects you from the magnetic fields emitted by your computer.

It doesn’t. The magnetic fields travel straight through the wood into your legs.

Wrong assumption number 2: ‘using a laptop with a computer pad, in this case a Harapad [1], makes it safe’.

It can make it safer, yes.

But not necessarily safe.

As my video shows, even with the computer pad radiation emissions are still 25 times higher than safe levels – as recommended by the BioInitiative Report.

Is it because the computer pad I’ve used here is defective and not doing its job?


The computer pad does shield.

But shielding only ever goes so far.

This is one of the most important lessons to be learned from this video.

Important Lessons To Be Retained From This Video

What other important lessons should you retain from this video?

This video demonstrates radiation exposures from a laptop but what I show here doesn’t apply just to laptops. The same principles apply if you’re using a computer pad to shield you from radiation from an iPad or other computer tablet.

If you do decide to buy a laptop shield I recommend buying one that is designed to shield magnetic fields AND radio frequency radiation like the one used in this video (some models only shield RF radiation) – click here for details [1].

The EMF meter I use in this video is a Trifield meter, click here [2] to see my review.

For more tips on how to reduce your exposure to computer radiation click here [3].