Is Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields The Real Cause Of Autism?

There are so many unpleasant diseases in the world who can say that cancer is worse than motor neurone disease, or that Parkinson's is worse than Alzheimer's, or that a brain tumor is worse than a defective pancreas? One thing I do know , in my book anyway, is that child diseases are worse than so-called adult diseases. Seeing kids being cheated of a normal life is always heart breaking. Autism is one of these child diseases.

Autism And Electromagnetic Radiation

Autism, a neural developmental disorder, may be apparent soon after birth but usually appears within the first three years. It is characterized by impaired communication and social skills.

What is alarming is the rate at which this disease is developing. There has been nearly 60 fold increase since the late 1970s, but the most significant increases in the past decade.

All sorts of explanations have been put forward. Genetics, mercury, vaccines, the psychological state of the mother and even an inability to breakdown a certain protein in milk are all said to be possible triggers. But another less talked about cause is electromagnetic fields.

Autism And Studies On Electromagnetic Radiation

Several studies have pinpointed this risk. Robert Kane in 2004 and a 2007 study published in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine identified electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) from cell phones and similar wireless technologies as an accelerating factor in autism.

Delbert Parkinson who has 54 years of experience in the electronics field and has worked for a number of years for the US Department of Defense, like me, firmly believes that EMFs have a lot to answer.

His particular bone to pick is with EMFs and autism. Below I would like to share with you a few short videos where Delbert gives rather a good explanation of the link between EMFs and autism.

Delbert Parkinson: “Good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Delbert Parkinson. I live Lacey Washington and my endeavor is to explain to you what cause autism. I have worked for 54 years in the electronics field. For most of my career I have provided technical and logistic support to the US Department of Defense on terrestrial and tactical satellites systems around the world. I have also worked on atmospheric and seismographic detection systems for measuring above ground nuclear detonations levels and checking for intercontinental ballistic missile lift off locations.

Electromagnetic Radiation and the Link to Autism

I will try to explain to you what I believe is the cause of the current epidemic in autism, in autism spectrum disorders including Asperger syndrome. I'm sorry to say but I can't cure autism or Asperger syndrome, because I believe in my heart and mind that it is an electromagnetic radiation problem. In my estimation most children spend most of their first 2 -3 years in and around their homes. For this very reason we must take a closer look at the conditions of our homes to determine if there is something there that is hurting our children’s' health.

More Electromagnetic Gadgets In The Home – More Autism

I don't think that it is a coincidence that the number of children suffering from Autism spectrum disorders has increased as typical households acquire more and more gadgets that emit stronger and stronger electromagnetic radiations. You cannot see these electromagnetic radiations, EMR, but I will show you where you can find them in your homes by using my electromagnetic field meter. The FCC does not oversee the EMF or EMR exposures to common household appliances including microwave ovens, television sets computer monitors and cordless phones.”

Delbert Parkinson: “We've talked about the electromagnetic emissions that are in my house from different appliances and equipment, but now I want to go into a basic course on how the brain works. The brain consists of typical nerve cells which at one end have 4 to 5 synaptic gaps where the communication occurs. The brain also contains Glial cells, there's only about 1 to 50 trillion of these cells in the brain. The brain has approximately 100 billion cells.

The important thing about this whole presentation is talking about the Limbic system of the brain. The Limbic system communicates through the hypothalamus and goes out to the frontal cortex of the brain. This is where the entire decision making process takes place. The Limbic system starts in the middle of the brain. The brain, as you know, is the world’s greatest computer, it is just unbelievable when you study this. But I am going to show you what the Limbic system controls: happiness, smelling, sensory input, pleasure and addiction and it’s required for decision making.

EMFs From Your TV Damage Your Limbic System

Now the reason that the Limbic system controls all those and that autism children cannot do few or any of those is because they’ve sat for 2 to 4 hours for half of their lives in front of a television that radiates electromagnetic radiation and gives their frontal robe, the front of their brain, an electronic lobotomy and it is terrible. Let me explain the electronics of the action potentials in the nerve cell. We start at -70mV, when we get a stimulus what happens is the Sodium channel opens, Potassium channel closes and we trigger and we go up to a plus 30mV level.

All these are very very low voltage and that’s the whole endeavor of my research here is to show you that the 100 billion neuron cells in the brain are operating at -70mV to 30 mV, a thousand of a Volt. The action potential comes down the neuron and it is perpetuated through the centre of the cell and out to the end, to the synapses. And at this time the voltage fires a chemical reaction and it is the chemical reaction that goes across this opening to enable the next neuron.”

The US frequency Allocation Chart Of Electromagnetic Radiation

Delbert Parkinson: “This is a United States Frequency allocation chart that is put out by the government; Department of Commerce. There are 420 channels of electromagnetic radiation put out around and in America. This radio spectrum goes from basically 3 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz and they fit into the radio spectrum which is a frequency spectrum around the world. There’s infra red, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, but these 420 channels fit into this radio spectrum. 150 years ago the radio spectrum was zero: there were no radiations put out. There were very very few radio stations, no TVs, it was a blank slate.

My endeavor is to show you how many radiations are between me and the camera. This is a little 15 band, RadioShack radio and when I turn it on and as I go down the dial, each one of these radio stations you hear are electromagnetic radiations from all over. We can go on for an hour listening to them because there is approximately 350 different radiations coming into my house 150, according to my estimation and my 54 years of electronics, 150 of these are strong enough to overcome your corona field: they are very dangerous. But the levels of these radio signals are basically down, around -70 to -80 DBM.

The radiation coming off the TV is very high. The TV spectrum in channel 6 is 78 megahertz and according to my friend doctor Henry Lai, he stipulates that man-on average a 6 foot man-the absorption of the maximum power for man is 78 megahertz. That's man's resident frequency. If you are in the TV area on Channel 6 you will absorb a majority of that electromagnetic radiation.”

Can Electromagnetic Radiation Be The Real Cause Of Autism And What Can You Do About It

I do think that EMFs go some way to explaining the spike in autism rates we are currently experiencing. I think the degree to which EMFs are causal varies from case to case.

The point is EMFs impact our health and those of our children in ways in which we are only just beginning to discover. If you are concerned on this issue my advice is to limit your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

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  • Alicia khalek said,

    It seems too that dads who work in sciences with computers also have more autism in their offspring…,wondering about sperm issues from emf exposure

  • Danny Botfield said,

    Thank you for the imformation, I have a 20yo son with servere Autism. He can be very voilent. He is at his most voilent when near a strong electromagnetic source.
    He is at his second most voilent when there is a drop of 3 hPa with in an hour in the atmsopheric pressure. He is next most voilent when he has consumed 1/12 L of milk or more in 24 hours. There are other triggers as well. David has cunsumed many heavy metals during his life, mercury from fluro lights, lead from batteries as well as glass, cement powder, engine oil, fertilizer, dirt and sand. Hes voilence has increased with age. I really do believe that the electro waves do play a part in Autism. I am just a Joe blow with no science back ground, but as soon as i can, i would like to purchase an Electromagnetic Field detector so i can measure and record my observations. What brand and model do you recomend in the less than $300. range.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Danny
    EMF meters generally measure electrical fields, magnetic fields, RF radiation and intermediary frequencies (dirty electricity). Some meters measure a combination of these but unfortunately there is no one meter that can measure everything. I suggest you read the reviews I’ve written… for price the Trifield 100XE is difficult to beat (under $150), but if RF radiation (cell phones, wifi etc) is your main concern you will need something more accurate.

  • Itay said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    A few months ago I’ve decided to start training with a bluetooth heart rate sensor (The Polar H7), meaning every two days or so I have it strapped to my chest and my iPhone strapped to my arm for around 30 minutes.

    Reading your articles, I figured it might not be a healthy thing to do.
    So, before investing around $300, I would like to know whether training with a sport watch and a heart rate belt which uses ANT+ technology (no bluetooth, no iPhone) is a better option?

    Thank you,


  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Itay
    Rather than have a heart rate belt and watch which are communicating with each other via Bluetooth or an iPhone (also exposes you to cell phone radiation) better to have just a watch which picks up your pulse via contact with your skin through the back of the watch.

  • Itay said,

    Thanks Llyod,

    So, Using a a watch with an ANT+ transmitter and a chest belt(instead of using an iPhone and a Bluetooth transmitter), is not going to reduce the radiation?

    Thank you again,


  • Lloyd said,

    You would need to measure with an RF meter to determine your EMF exposures in each case….my own preference would be for an ANT watch which measures your pulse via contact with your skin….this avoids the need for a transmitter.

  • Danny Botfield said,

    Thanks Lloyd
    Thanks for your response

  • Itay said,

    Thank you

  • Wai said,

    Hi Danny, I also have a son with Autism and noticed your reference to milk and aggression. Have search around the Internet on BCM7, a milk protein created from poor digestion and its histamine / opiate response, this may give you a massive clue to reducing many aggression issues. Basically switch to goats milk and cheese or avoid dairy if in doubt, hope that helps, good luck.

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