Cell Phone Radiation And Belgian Beer

If you are like me, when you go into a store to buy a bottle of wine or a bottle of beer you like to know what you're buying.

Sure you are going to look at what's written on the label, it's nice to know if it's a French wine or a South African wine, if it's a Belgian beer or a German lager. But you will also want to know the alcohol content. In beers, more than wines, the alcohol content can vary wildly. One bottle of beer can have double the alcohol content of another, for the same quantity of beer. But that's okay because it's on the label. You can make your purchase in full knowledge of the facts.

Shouldn't we have this same level of disclosure with cell phones?

This short video is a testimony to the devastating effects of cell phone radiation

In San Francisco disclosure on the cell phone radiation issue has already made its way on to the statute books. In June of last year the city’s board of supervisors made the unprecedented step of passing a law (an ordinance actually) requiring that all stores display the specific absorption rates (SAR) of cell phones. The French government , quick to follow suit on this issue, passed a law requiring cell phone vendors to also display SAR levels shortly afterwards.

Cell Phone Radiation More Important Than Alcohol Content?

SAR is to cell phones what alcohol content is to beer bottles. Well, nearly anyway. It’s a measure of the rate at which radio frequency radiation penetrates your body. To me this is pretty important. Actually, personally if I had to choose between knowing the percentage of alcohol in a beer I was going drink and knowing the SAR of a cell phone I was going to use for one or two years, I know which I'd choose.

It has been proven by study after study that cell phones pose a major risk to public health and numerous scientists have now come out on this issue. So the San Francisco ruling is a godsend but only a short-term one it might seem.

Cell Phone Radiation Law Deadline Closes In

This new cell phone law, voted in June of 2010, was due to come into effect in May 2011. Its implementation was then postponed until June 2011 and now I learn that the San Francisco legislature is on the brink of doing an about turn on this issue, due to pressure from the cell phone industry.

I do feel it's my duty to speak out about this. I don't live in or anywhere near San Francisco and I have never had a brain tumor but there are people falling prey to brain tumors and worse just because they are not aware of the facts on cell phone radiation.

For the people of San Francisco this is about a “right to know” (this is what the legislation has been nicknamed) , it’s about empowering people to safeguard their own health. People should be allowed to know when they are buying a cell phone which exposes them to dangerously high levels of radiation.

For the world at large this legislation opens the floodgates on the cell phone radiation issue. It a massive victory, for the first time consumers will be alerted before the purchase of a cell phone on the potential radiation dangers.

Time To Stand Up Against Corporate Greed

This decision should not be allowed to be overturned. I am the first to admit that cell phones are a wonderful invention. They have transformed our lives. But they are also killers. The cell phone industry knows this. People in high places know this. I know this.

How much longer we can stand by and let ourselves be manipulated by corporate greed? There are things you can do.

Firstly, make sure you and your family have took the necessary steps to protect yourself from cell phone radiation. And secondly, sign this petition to enable the cell phone radiation issue to be brought to the publics awareness.

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