InPower Movement – A Unique Solution To Smart Meter Radiation

Josh got a call from a friend saying that her health had suddenly taken a severe turn for the worse.

She really didn’t know what had hit her but she eventually traced the start of her symptoms to the installation of a smart meter on her home.

Could radio frequency (RF) microwave radiation from smart meters really affect your health?

Josh del Sol
Josh del Sol

Josh started to do some research. He soon realized that there were others that were suffering.

He learned how the utility companies were in fact using the smart meter network to harvest personal data and how the utility companies were trampling over peoples rights. Not to mention the privacy issues.

He felt frustrated at the situation.

Josh explains “it became personal for me. Somebody I care about is being harmed, now I need to get to the bottom of this”.

His initial idea was just to interview a handful of electrosensitives people and make a 15 minute YouTube video.

But things snowballed and Josh ended up making a feature length film documentary “Take Back Your Power” that went on to win a string of awards and to date has been publicly screened in more than 300 venues.

That was back in 2014.

Today Josh del Sol is undertaking an even bolder project and he needs your help.

The InPower Movement

Josh del Sol has co-founded a new movement, the InPower Movement, that is dedicated to helping people truly take back their power and hold accountable those involved in agendas causing harm.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect for many will prove to be that the InPower Movement offers a free solution for dealing with the smart meter issue.

Yes 100% free.

It offers a unique strategy to hold liable and accountable the people behind the smart meter roll-out.

InPower Movement – Giving You Back Your Power

InPower movementIt is possible to stop a smart meter being installed on your home, but it’s incredibly difficult.

The law is so complex, few people can find their way through the legal system to find a solution.

The utility companies take advantage of this.

They have significant funding, a team of lawyers and a powerful PR department. Few homeowners have the knowledge and experience to take them on successfully.

And this is where the InPower Movement comes in. They have both the knowledge and the experience to give you back your power. At the moment they're just lacking one thing.

Waging A Revolution Of Love And Action

The more time goes by, the more I’m drawn to the virtues of pacifism.

But that doesn’t mean standing by and not doing anything when injustices are being committed and perpetuated.

And that’s what drew me to Josh’s latest project. Which is not about waging war on the utility companies, but about “waging a revolution of love and action”.

How I Am Helping

If you're seeking help in preventing your utility company from introducing a smart meter on your home, the resources of the InPower Movement are 100% free.

Step by step, from start to finish they are there to walk you through the process.

But they do need funds to set up and run this resource.

I’ve already put my money where my mouth is.

I’ve made a donation.

This video explains more about the project:

How You Can Help

There are two ways you can help.

The most important way is to make a donation.

It can be a large or a small donation of just a few dollars.

Indigogo, a global crowdfunding platform which help’s bring creative projects to life, is the place to go.

It’s very transparent. You can see exactly how much funding they’ve got and how much they need.

I’m asking you to dig deep.

Besides giving money the other thing you can do is share this message widely.

Share it with your friends.

*****For information on the Indiegogo project click here*****


Thursday, 24th August at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I'm interviewing Josh del Sol and Cal Washington.

Josh del Sol Beaulieu is a documentary filmmaker and rights advocate, passionate about restoring safe technology. His documentary “Take Back Your Power: Investigating the Smart Grid” has won numerous awards and has been screened publicly in more than 300 venues worldwide.

Cal Washington is an empowerment advocate and contractor who, “has stumbled into knowledge leading to an extraordinary experience within the systems of commerce and justice”. As co-founder of the, InPower Movement he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help people truly take back their power, and hold accountable those involved in agendas causing harm.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

Listen to my interview with Josh del Sol Beaulieu and Cal Washington and learn:

    • the truth behind the smart meter roll-out
    • how simple it is to turn the tables on your utility company
    • exactly what you can do to prevent a smart meter from being installed on your home
    • and much more

Here's the replay of the interview:

***** Here’s the link to make your donation

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  • Marene Mayer said,

    I’ve been supporting Josh….I think since he first started – Stop Smart Meters. I’ve experienced my own problems with EMF’s…but had to move out of my house. I also used Meters to know how dangerous it was, and luckily had helped from a couple of Experts about these high readings. Now in a new house – no problems…and being a skilled Kinesiologist …..knowing what supplements to take WHEN…..helped me survive. I sure wish I could help Everyone – I continue to try educating.

  • Wasabi said,

    I look forward to this interview. The State of WI codes protect the utility companies and if we want power our only recourse seems to be to cave and allow a smart meter that transmits even more frequently than the current one on our house….(we can pay someone to move the meter off our house to another location on our property if we can find those funds–but then it is still on our property). The new meter will transmit every 50 seconds or more frequently (and you can bet it will be more). We have been served a disconnection notice that will be enforced if we do not allow them to change the meter. The State codes permit them to require they must own the meter, they can choose the meter they want to use, and they do not have to honor a request for a different meter; numerous requests have been denied. Protection for consumers has been stuck in committee since 2013. Any insight to how anyone has won the battle in Wisconsin is appreciated.

  • smartmetereducationnetwork said,

    I am surprised that you would publish Josh del Sol’s scam, Lloyd. As one of the original smart meter activists in California says, Josh del Sol promotes a method that “gives people false hope that they don’t actually need to get out in the streets to solve this issue.” Says David Sheldon of Michigan Stop Smart Meters in a recent post on his website: “The process is inherently flawed because it is based on the assumption that officials can be forced become individually liable just because we assert in letters that they are individually liable. The process also assumes that one can form a binding contract with officials by making an offer which they refuse or neglect to answer. Contract law does not work that way. A valid contract requires an offer and an acceptance. Ignoring an offer does not constitute acceptance.” That’s pretty simple. If I send you a letter stating you will do X or owe me 1000s of dollars, and you fail to answer it, do you thereby owe me 1000s? The answer is no.

    Josh del Sol’s letters have not stopped anyone from having their power shut off. People who have sent his liability letters have had their power shut off.

    I know that this will be crushing to many of you who respect and admire the work Josh has done on Take Back Your Power, a movie that has enlightened many about smart meters.

    Josh has a larger agenda of power and control—not so dissimilar from the power and control he fights against.

    Says one activist: “Great op-ed by David Sheldon about Josh del Sol’s latest efforts. Certainly more than one eyebrow was raised when, in TBYP’s recent email, JdS claimed to be the only one who can “bring empowerment to the world”

    “We agree that this approach is ineffective and a distraction from the real grassroots work that needs to be done. What we need is a broad based direct action movement that threatens the business profitability and viability of large scale draconian utilities.

    “These childish fantasies of being able to instantly “make someone liable” — led by self-serving charlatans– will do nothing but take us backward and give people false hope that they don’t actually need to get out in the streets to solve this issue. Please let people know this approach is not effective and not endorsed by the majority of the original grassroots anti-smart meter movement.”

    I have been forbidden 3 times by your site from this comment being published. Amazing censorship!

  • David Sheldon said,

    Mr. del Sol claims Michigan as one of the 3 “seed projects” that he used to validate the process. I am familiar with how he sold the process in Michigan and know many of the people who tried it here. I have not heard anyone say that they had found any proof that the process works. The process claims that a new contract can be created by making the utility an offer, even though they neglect to accept or otherwise respond to such offer. It is legal nonsense. Please see this article for details:

  • Communications Director said,

    Wow Josh! … this is amazing work! We have found that in high and mid-level on the pyramid scale, that there is actually remedy as well. So long as we do not operate in war-mongering, fighting, or in any fear. We LOVE you! We LOVE the relief that new information has been giving us in these past weeks.

    We commend you for your work, and have kept close eyes on the “world at large” as well as the areas you have touched upon.

    It has been very informative, when it comes to the potential harms, on our bodies, pockets and privacy!

    We encourage you to keep up your Heart based work, alongside to commendations to all the supporters of a better world, and a happier and peaceful place to live in, for the good of all…..

    The Management Team and far beyond,
    The Sovereign Squamish Government

  • Josh del Sol said,

    Thanks everyone for your amazing support! I’ll take a moment to address the couple of commenters who seem to not want to see our work succeed. While I will not use this page as a debate forum, I’ll address these claims at this time, so readers can make up their own mind.

    David Sheldon and Linda Kurtz:

    1) 13 of the 14 original MI claimants (those who are doing the liability action) who started with an analog meter, have kept their analog meter, since sending their Notice of Liability in Dec 2014. The one exception received threatening letters from the utility, and in the end accepted an opt-out meter.

    David, your article (and Linda, your quote) currently contains patently false and libelous information, and I would ask that it be updated and or removed.

    TO THE READER: While we are receiving pushback from the utilities who are not in every case honoring the Notice of Liability just yet — and from about 3 activists who seem highly motivated to discredit us — we are most certainly seeing many signs that holding people in so-called positions of power accountable is definitely on the right track. See below:

    2) Those on the ‘inside’ have dropped us (and Cal) encouraging signals. One of the MI claimants received a letter back from the former Warren City Attorney David Griem, who resigned a month later (along with quite a few others who are being held liable by the seed group claimants – see here for the string of ‘coincidences’: ). At the bottom of the letter he dropped a strong hint by saying, “DTE currently gives state elected office holders over $20M in campaign contributions and is also a member of one of the state’s largest lobbying groups.” So it would seem that, as it’s obvious that we now live in a corporatocracy where legislators are bribed, if we can indeed balance the scales with liability, it would be a very wise thing to do, and we would have a chance to get to the root level.

    3) The CEO of Corix Utilities (who installed 1M+ meters in British Columbia) resigned without any warning, 4 days after receiving over 100 liability notices, and on the same day he received a separate Notice of Default from Cal Washington. This is aligned with Cal’s previous experience of officials — who are caught in corruption — resigning.

    4) In January of this year, between 50 and 75 active people on Maui sent the utility CEO a modified Notice of Liability and Notice of Non-Consent. They used a combination of the previous Notice, written by lawyer Andrew Petterson and Jerry Day’s documents at Since then, the PUC rejected Hawaiian Electric’s proposal for blanketing w/ “opt out”, and Hawaiian Electric’s new proposal is for an “opt in” — requiring the homeowner’s explicit consent to install. While this doesn’t guarantee that they will keep this position, it is a development that’s the first of its kind — a state’s major utility changing position to “opt in”. Another ‘coincidence…’

    5) About a year after being “defaulted” by the MI group, it appears to be the case that 4 of the 8 officials who worked at the MPSC (the Michigan PUC) are no longer working there. This is based on emails, calls to them, and them being removed from the online staff directory.

    6) After being defaulted, three of eight Seattle City Councilors announce they would not seeking re-election and quit politics, including one who quit before her term was up. This is another statistical anomaly which indicates that people in so-called positions of power fear commercial liability.

    7) At no time was any claim ever made that either the liability action or myself can exclusively “bring empowerment to the world”. This, again, is patently false; and your quotation of Josh Hart’s falsehoods comprise libel. (Josh Hart has already demonstrated he does not wish things to be taken to the next level of awareness, when he filed a YouTube copyright infringement on a viral ‘smart’ meter fires video created by Brian Thiesen & posted by us; because he apparently felt the annotations crediting him for several still images were not enough credit.) But in any case, it does seem to reason that if we are seeing early results as outlined above, it makes sense to continue.

    A final note the reader:
    For 5 years, the method of petitions, appeals, even in some cases begging for our rights… simply has not worked. Cal, myself and the growing team at InPower are committed to address the root level of the problem: how money has been used to influence decisions that are now causing levels of harm which we must not accept.

    Consider whether we either want a new paradigm based on accountability, or we are fine with the old. If you are feeling change is required, we invite you to be part of InPower, and take a stand for truth, our rights and our future.

    Josh del Sol Beaulieu

  • Nathan Stephenson said,

    As a Seed Group Member in Detroit Area: I can understand the frustration of those NOT using the NoL (Notice of Liability) process. As to the process, it is now becoming available for others to use. It is a difficult process if you do not understand the principles involved. InPower is working to develop an automated process; however, that programming task has taken a long time and is still not finished. So the manual process (access to the documents with instructions) is being made available.

    The last thing the “movement” needs is for the folks trying to fix the system to point fingers, fight, or attack each other! Now those who haven’t been able to trust in the NoL process, can access the document formats and instructions as they are posted at:
    To contribute financial support:

    Nathan Stephenson

  • Ruso L said,

    Amazing … I think this is a first !!!! Finally some changes are finally happening!! Real changes! Way to go InPowerMovement …..

    Time to move away what harms ALL of us! YeeeeHawwww!

  • Cal said,

    I normally don’t engage in these type of things as I operate in truth, no matter what that truth is, and others’ ‘opinions’ although they are completely entitled to them, are irrelevant if the opinions don’t align with the truth of the matter.
    1. I did not create ‘Commerce’, Law Merchant, nor any other jurisdictions of jurisprudence. I merely discovered something ‘hidden in plain view’ after many years of trying to find lawful remedy in the ‘traditional’ (programed) way. I have opinions about what I discovered, but again even my opinions about it are meaningless, as what I discovered was the ‘TRUTH’ about how things really worked, not how I thought they worked, nor how I thought the ‘should’ work. But how it ACTUALLY worked.
    2. Although it seems repugnant, IN COMMERCE, one can actually say “you owe me $1oo,ooo,” and make it stick if the receiving party does not answer in the correct manner. In pure commerce, if everyone knew the rules, that type of thing would not work, because the recipient would then write ” I CONDITIONALLY ACCEPT that I owe you $100,000 subject to you PROVING that I owe you, and if you can’t PROVE it then you will owe me $200,000. The problem is most of us are not aware of the ‘rules’ (the TRUTH of how it works)If you thought about it, it is done all the time, by those ‘perceived to be in power. A perfect example, and one that people on this site are familiar with is the smart meter issue. NO ONE had a smart meter installed without first being given a NOTICE. Due to the meter implementation being COMMERCIAL in essence, the NOTICE is a commercial OFFER, which as one comment pointed out is essential to establish a contract.
    4. The smart meter ‘offer’ is based on tacit agreement, so it is the TRUTH that the contract that is being ‘forced on someone else’ is actually commenced by the utilities et al., not by the men and women doing the ‘process’
    5. In the rules of commerce, there is a proper way to respond to an offer, and taking to the streets, and class action ‘lawsuits’ is not it. Hence the results thereof.
    6. An offer such as this must be CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED, with negotiating terms, which constitutes the MEETING OF THE MINDS which is another essential element to establishing a contract.
    7. The Notice of Liability ‘process’ does such a thing, and answers according to the rules (that I DID NOT MAKE UP,but only discovered that they TRULY exist) of commerce and establishes a meeting of the minds and conditionally accepts the TACIT AGREEMENT offer from the utility et al
    8. The TERMS of the CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE of ‘THEIR’ TACIT AGREEMENT OFFER are that IF ‘they’ put a meter on, or do not remove an existing smart meter (as the case may be), then a daily FEE (commerce) will be charged.
    9. The final element to bind a contract is CONSIDERATION or PERFORMANCE, so once the meter is installed, or left on (as the case may be), ‘they’ have PERFORMED and ratified THE CONTRACT that ‘they’ INITIATED (and there are rules about that).
    10. The ‘liability’ is this contractual agreement FEE that starts to accrue when the smart meter is installed or not removed (as the case may be)
    11. When I discovered this TRUTH regarding commerce, I went through a myriad of emotions and thoughts, all of which now looking back were irrelevant, and the TRUTH of the matter “is what it is” and ‘playing the game’ by the proper rules is what garnered me different ‘results’ which, at the risk of sounding immodest, were ‘monumentally’ in my favor, but again, THAT’S THE TRUTH.
    12. The game of chess and the game of checkers are played on the same board, and the rules of the game cannot be determined by what the board ‘looks like’. It is determined by how the pieces actually move (the TRUTH)
    12. In the game of chess if one doesn’t like how the rook and bishop and queen move, and decides not to move them, then it will be difficult to ‘win’ many games of chess.

    I did not choose to ‘learn’ this TRUTH about commerce, and I learned it ‘the hard way’, and I cannot judge those who don’t learn, but nor can I help them…


  • Jennifer said,

    I am fed up with the infighting within Michigan anti-smart meter groups. Grow up!

    All Michigan groups have done great work to try to stop, stall or make hell for these people who are pushing eventual suffering, death and loss of privacy on everyone. Not all strategies have worked but we keep moving forward.

    I have 1 question:

    Have either David Sheldon or Linda Kurtz ever talked with Josh del Sol or Cal Washington personally to go over details or discuss the strategy like professionals?

    NO, not 1 phone call, not 1 email not 1 bit of effort to try to reach out and get a more serious discussion.

    So, at this point, I have zero respect for either of them because they seem to enjoy destroying other people with libel and slander more than working together to accomplish 1 major goal with many fronts, whether it works or not.

    Failure as a team starts with 1 person sabotaging everything because “they don’t FEEL like it”.


    And most of all leaders of Michigan, lead with honor and integrity not childish behavior, it is an ugly uniform to wear.

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