This Is The Most Important Aspect Of EMF Protection

EMFs are dangerous.


How dangerous?

That depends on lots of things.

Nature of the field, distance, frequency, duration of exposure, these are all important.

It also depends on something else.


To be more specific, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, biological package we call you.

We’ve all got roughly the same package, right?

Very roughly yes.

But, and it’s a BIG but, some are more vulnerable to these exposures than others.

A lot more vulnerable.

Who Am I Talking About?

I'm talking about the little people.


Kids are extremely vulnerable yes, much more than adults.

A 1996 study made this abundantly clear.

And this picture made it even clearer:

penetration of cell phone radiation

This visual representation (source: of how cell phone radiation penetrates an adults skull, compared to a 10 year old's skull, compared to a 5 year old's skull, speaks volumes.

But there's an important part of the sequence missing from this picture.

A HUGELY important part.

The beginning.

Fetuses to be precise.

How hugely important?

The best study to date we have on this concluded that women who use cell phones when pregnant are more likely to give birth to children with behavioral problems.

Doesn't sound too serious?

Behavioral problems are only the visible part of the iceberg.

Our kids getting cancer, brain tumors, cognitive impairment, DNA damage, and so on are the real concern.

Of course the studies will confirm this.

But when?

When its too late.

What Can Be Done?

Now that we know this, this knowledge should be distributed far and wide to as many moms, expectant moms, dads, people as possible, right?

This is the kind of information that spreads like wildfire around the web isn't it?


This study came out back in 2008.

Did you know about it?

How many pregnant moms know about it?

Not nearly enough.

Is this an isolated study?


These findings were backed up by a bigger study 2 years later.

Why Am I Talking About This Today?

It's my duty to do so.

Everyone should know about these dangers.

Do you feel comfortable having this knowledge and not doing anything about it?

Do something about it.

If you’re planning on having kids or you’ve got kids or you know someone who’s got kids spread this message. For my safe cell phone tips click here.

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  • Linda said,

    Thank you Llloyd. Please keep on doing what you do.

  • Pat said,

    Thank you Lloyd.

    Printed off, this sort of layout would do, for those who are resistant to information.

    I forgot to say, that the amplified router caused the acoustimeter to hit the top red without flickering! The acoustimeter seemed to scream! I did not record the reading because the response on the acoustimeter knocked my socks off…so to speak! Can I beg people not to amplify their routers!
    Just cable them instead please.

    Children entering such a house, will surely be damaged, and so I could try and copy your reply for these persons, if thats OK with you, with this aspect in mind?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    People need to know the truth about the adverse effects of EMFs – you are free to share this information as widely as possible.

  • Jack Kruse said,

    The reason this is huge in kids is because they have no myelination to protect them from EMF.

  • Agnes Ingvarsdottir said,

    Really Good Work Lloyd, keep it coming.
    Best regards.

  • Marie Winqvist said,

    Recently, we could read in a local swedish newspaper (Norrköpngs Tidningar) that “an unexpectedly large numbers of newborn children has had life threatening seizures, or attacks when they became lifeless, within 24 hours after birth” this happened when the mothers were talking in their ******* SMARTPHONES (excuse me but we are killing our children and destroying our world)
    Has anything similar to this happened any where else in the world ?

  • Aristedes Philip DuVal said,

    Thank You LLoyd, for these important facts. I pray that our “Society” will wake up to the promise of a better world. God Knows a lot of us are working to make that happen. Bless You. AD

  • Arun Mehrotra said,

    A very big Thank You Lloyd. On my part, I stop even strangers who come for morning walks with their cell phones, and tell them the dangers of cell phone radiation.
    But, ofcourse, I don’t know so much about EMF. Hence, am very grateful for all the enlightenment being spread by you. Please keep up the good work. God Bless you.

  • Barbara Lake said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    I have traced the cause of my emf sensitivity to the exposures I received as a developing fetus and as a developing child for the first 11 years of life from a transmitting/receiving antenna located on the rooftop of a commercial dairy, located just a few hundred from my home. The families who lived closest to the dairy were very dysfunctional with alcoholism, mental illness, behavioral problems and diseases like arthritis. I have been telling pregnant women and mothers of young children, the risks and dangers their children are exposed to from cell phone and wifi microwave/radio frequency radiation.
    Barbara Lake

  • Chris Hunt said,

    Thanks Lloyd, another great exposé of the ways spineless money grubbing attitudes prevail amongst our so called ‘leaders’- politicians, scientists and so called corporate executives, if they will not do their job, guess we’ll be doing it for them, blessings to you Lloyd!!

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