Rheumatoid Arthritis And EMF Exposures – My Healing Journey

I got a message through from one of my readers, Kariann, a few days ago.

She'd been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for over 4 years.

emfs and rheumatoid arthritisTrying everything.

Then a big piece of the puzzle fell into place.

That big piece was called EMF exposures.

Who'd have thought it?

A few observations from reading her story:

– dealing with chronic illness is never (ever) easy

– if you try you can succeed, if you don't try you can't

– EMF protection can help even in the most unlikely circumstances

– having a positive mental attitude is very important

– the importance of energy work in her healing

Here's Kariann's inspiring story:

“In 2009, I was actively playing tennis, dancing, and able to extend one foot above my head while remaining balanced as family looked on at my kookiness. I was no ballet dancer or yoga instructor, just loved that my body allowed me so much flexibility and strength. I had just turned 50 and was enjoying not only a very active lifestyle, but a thriving business as owner and jewelry designer in a quaint New England town.

I hope my story reaches those of you who are going through a similar journey of not knowing why you have been stricken with an autoimmune disorder. For no matter the cause, we are in a world surrounded by an invisible enemy, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that either causes or can further make autoimmune issues worse. You have the power to do something about that! Just allow yourself time, patience and a plan and you too can be in a better and healthier place!

I want to thank Lloyd Burrell for being there for us and educating us to the dangers of EMFs. Be sure to check out his website to be enlightened about EMF’s and remedies!

In hindsight, had I been educated about Electrohypersensitivity, I might have avoided a three year journey that includes trials of DMARDs, NSAIDs, prednisone; and I might have known that what I was feeling were symptoms of EMF’s rather than herxing.

My rheumatoid arthritis story began with persistent cold/ allergy symptoms in January 2010. In March 2010 I visited an ENT for what turned out to be mold allergies remedied by air purifiers in home & store. He also prescribed Xyzal for allergies. Soon after taking this, I began to feel lots of pain in my wrists.

I must also share that I was constantly on my laptop writing blogs and adding to my business website. I also kept my cell phone within reach at all times since it served as my business phone.

In May 2010 I visited my PCP for a routine check up & complaint of hands & wrists that felt broken. Xrays proved negative. Advil helped but caused stomach issues. He referred me to a Rheumatologist.

The Rheumatologist's Bag of Tricks

My first visit to my Rheumy, Dr. M., was in July 2010. Both he & my PCP suspected Sjogrens — “Suspected” being the key word to what I would hear over the next two years. No definitive diagnosis as yet, and the treatment plan consisted of encouraging words as Dr. M advised me to not worry. He truly believed there was something in his “Bag of Tricks that would work. His cheery attitude bode well, and so I hoped he would be able to end or at least improve my ailments. Dr. M. advised 1 tab qd Aleve which did nothing to help. At this time I had general aching w/ some position changes when bending at knees, but mostly in hands when gripping the steering wheel. I also felt this during fine manipulation of jewelry design work with hand tools. Overall energy was ok. . . .

On 7/28/10 my LABS: RF = 18, ANA screen = positive, Lyme = neg,

I took an ibuprofen product for a while, but knew that that was not a long term solution. My hands, wrists and arms continued to worsen with numbness, stabbing pain and major stiffness.

The Chiropracter

One day I walked past a sign that advertised that a Chiropractor could remedy joint pain, so I walked in. This was April 25, 2011. After xrays and 6 months of manipulation, I only saw my symptoms worsening. At the six month check point, I let him know that I needed to check back with my Rheumy to see what was happening to me. During this time my pain had progressed to all joints except for my hips. Where I started with hand & arm pain, I ended the six months with a multitude of issues such as trouble getting out of cars, walking up & down stairs and gripping anything smaller than a ping pong ball. My Chiro said that this was a typical response to his treatment at this time — and that it was a “good” sign” — OMG ! I walked out & never turned back.

The Allergist

Back to my rheumy I went on 10/31/11. Dr. M referred me to an allergist (per my request) to see if that was the cause of my ailments, but that turned out to be negative as the tests showed that I had no allergies. Dr. M. started me on PLAQUENIL 200 mg bid which I took for three weeks. I experienced worsened aches, stiffness, decreased appetite, 5 lb wt loss, difficulty chewing. I was back to advil 400 mg 4-5 x/d which still did not help. Next stop PREDNISONE 20 mg with a taper down of 5 mg each week. Dr. M said that he had seen 50% of his pts have their RA symptoms end with a round of low dose Pred. Again, I was hopeful. This time, I loved how all pain went away, energy increased and I was temporarily back to normal. Boy did I cram in lots of intense home improvement projects and a lot of dancing at a wedding in November. But, of course, I could not remain on Prednisone. I tried to see how I'd do on a maintenance dose of 2.5 mg.

My LABs on 10/30/12: RF higher at 41, Sjogren's AB (SS-A) = 6.3 positive, ANA screen = positive, C-reactive protein high at 1.40 (<.80), Alpha-1Globulins high at 0.4 (0.1 – 0.3), Beta Globulins high at 1.7 (0.8 – 0.4). Interpretation: Decreased albumin & elevated acute phase reactants suggest acute inflammation — duh!!!

On 3/26/12 I was back to see what was next up in Dr. M's Bag-of-Tricks, since I was still not doing well at all. It was to be Sulfasalazine 1000 mg BID. Between then & June 1, I required Prednisone and eventually tapered off completely by May 31.

From May 2012 until February 2013, I trialed Dr. Brown’s Antibiotic Protocol, which is low dose Minocycline. Testimonials number in the thousands from folks with varied rheumatic disorders who were able to eventually reach remission. I was able to bring my rheumatoid factor down to normal, but my stiffness and pain in joints and muscles continued.

Earthing – Relief At Last

In August 2013, I read about Earthing and this eventually lead to my education about Electrohypersensitivity. Since Earthing and following Lloyd Burell’s Epsom Salt scrub protocols, and mitigation of any EMF’s in my home and boutique, I have been on the mend.

In October 2013, I wrote the following blog post:

I have made an amazing discovery within the past month and one thing has lead to another. One of my fellow posters on the Roadback.org forum wrote about Earthing and its ability to heal by simply connecting with the Earth’s energy. It’s free, too. All one need do is walk barefoot on the earth’s surface. Walking on grass or a sandy beach are best. Or one can walk with conductive shoes (leather only) since most soles with synthetic materials stop the healing negative electrons from the Earth’s surface from reaching us.

Think of how great you felt or slept after walking barefoot on a sandy beach or in shallow lake or ocean water. Well, those electrons enter our bodies and seek out any positive electrons and sort of negate their oxidative properties. In other words, any inflammation is zapped and healing begins. Check out Earthing.com for more information. I’ve since purchased the products that allow you to Earth/ Ground anywhere. Like most, I don’t have the luxury of sitting in a park or on a beach (though I live across the street from one!) So I earth on sheets while sleeping, with bands on my wrists and ankles when working or watching TV, and with a universal mat beneath my laptop.

How do I know Earthing works, you ask???? Well, I feel immediate relief when a painful joint or aching muscle touches any of the products above that are attached to a ground port outlet. Another way I know this works is by seeing my nodules in my ankles, feet and knees go down to zero! No more soft bumps, either! And the last and most astonishing revelation is seeing the voltage in my body go from 10 volts when near a fluorescent bulb and not Earthed, down to Zero Volts the moment I Earth. That was the big reveal for me!!!!

So go and google Earthing. I love the products and have recently purchased the pillow case, throw and more wire hookups to have in each room.

I used to feel my fingers stiffen up as I wrote my blog on my laptop (a major source of EMFs). Now they are loose & nimble while earthing with the orange bands wrapped around my hand.

But the greatest reveal of all was the realization that I have been one of the rare few who are Electrohypersensitive or EHS. Check out Lloyd Burrell’s website: https://www.electricsense.com/1138/my-9-tips-to-cut-down-on-exposure-to- computer-radiation/ for more info on this. I truly believe that this was what brought on my RA.

The Trifield Meter

I measured the EMF in my boutique and saw that it was off the charts. I used a Trifield meter which I purchased on Amazon for around $140. It showed that the fluorescent bulbs were the major culprits. I hadn’t switched them out yet so that day, when I was swamped with customers and couldn’t attach myself to my earthing bands via wires, I was exhausted and feeling joint & muscle aches and pain everywhere. Also my appetite was back to zero. As soon as I got home and began earthing I could feel my body relax and the pain ebb away. And I now sleep like a baby because I lay on an Earthing sheet & pillow case. I also use the earthing throw, so when I sleep I feel like Mother Earth is hugging me.

After using my Trifield meter around the house & my boutique, the MAJOR bad guys were the Digital TV, Smart meter, digital clocks, and microwave when on. I quickly began mitigation to rid my home & workplace of these EMF monsters.

I still use Nyloxin ES spray 5 sprays every three hours, Magnesium Taurate 125 mg every 5 – 6 hrs and drink tons of water or juice. I also benefit from low dose Naltraxone (4.5 mg per night), which is known to fool the immune system into boosting endorphins. I now am back to eating what I want with little consequence — just cannot drink beer or margheritas I am using the Nyloxin gel, but not as often as before earthing extensively. Max-freeze gel offers temporary cooling relief when I can’t Earth in time. I also self administer Reiki and work to balance my Chakras — an amazing journey in and of itself!

I know that with time I will be able to play tennis again, but for now am content to walk without a limp and even dance.

I wish you health, happiness and a love and light-filled life. Kariann Price”

More Information

Here's an explanation of some of the terms Kariann uses:

ENT = ears, nose and throat doctor

Herxing = an inflammatory response to antibiotic treatment

PCP = Primary Care Physician

The Epsom Salt protocol Kariann refers to is that laid out in my eBook, see https://www.electricsense.com/beating-electrical-sensitivity-ebook/ as is information on Chakra balancing and other energy work.

For review of the Trifield meter, see https://www.electricsense.com/13622/emf-meter-trifield-tf2/

A huge huge thank you to Kariann, I feel sure this information will help others facing similar challenges. If you've an EMF health story to tell, send it to me. I'd be happy to share it here.

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  • Kelly said,

    Thanks Lloyd, I found this story very inspiring and encouraging.

    However, both Kariann and Susan used ‘earthing’ mats and sheets, which you have said elsewhere don’t work or aren’t helpful. At least that’s my recollection of what you wrote.

    Could you please clarify? This is getting so confusing for me.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There are companies promoting earthing as a sort of panacea for all ills….this is clearly not the case….a truer representation would be to say ‘earthing works for some people some of the time’… I recommend it in certain circumstances, see https://www.electricsense.com/1861/using-earthing-to-combat-electromagnetic-pollution-my-review/

  • Kelly said,

    Thanks Lloyd for your reply. I was just listening to an interview last night with Sam Milham M.D. — the author of “Dirty Electricity’, and was surprised that he actually finds these earthing mats and sheets to be harmful. He recommends the setzer filters and metering device, and says one can clear ‘dirty electricity’ from one’s body by standing on aluminum foil for 30 seconds or so. Very surprising interview:

    The whole interview is interesting, but his comments on the mats/pads, etc., come about at the 45-50 minute mark.


  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    For readers that happen upon this article: You may wish to do serious research on Lyme disease and it’s relationship to exacerbating EM sensitivity symptoms. Often times advanced lyme disease emulates rheumatoid arthritis. Lyme disease testing by a competent laboratory such as Igenex of California is the only way to confirm a proper diagnosis. Lyme disease is NOT understood by most AMA trained doctors, so don’t bother. Lyme disease is a multi-bacterial infection typically caused by a wood tick bite, yet can also be caused by other disease vectors. Pay attention to this, please!

    I highly recommend Barley grass juice powder for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and EM emissions symptoms. Please check this out. >

    [“Barley grass is considered an excellent source of nutrients, including vitamins C and E, active enzymes, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, proteins, amino acids and essential trace minerals. Given regularly to your dog, it promotes healthy skin and coat, fresher breath and improved digestion. In senior dogs, it restores energy levels and has been found to improve mobility caused by canine arthritis. Barley grass contains a substance called P4D1, which has strong anti-inflammatory qualities and has been shown to repair DNA in the body’s cell, preventing cancer, aging and cell death. Yasuo Hotta, a biologist from the University of California La Jolla, discovered that P4D1 also suppresses pancreatitis, dermatitis and other conditions. Since the grass has tiny barbs on the blades that irritate a dog’s stomach, dry, powdered barley grass is safer and can be added to wet or dry dog food.”]

    Read more: http://www.ehow.com/info_8295697_barley-grass-alfalfa-supplements-dogs.html#ixzz2x1K3UnLC

    Woof, woof! Don’t laugh. It works…

    I do not recommend any form of body grounding in urban environments. Body grounding is dangerous in high EM field environments or where “dirty electricity” is present in the wiring system. Body grounding turns the human body into an excellent monopole antenna, and can severely damage your neurological system. Just DON’T do it…

  • George said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    I was inspired by Kariann’s testimony of her fortitude and persistency with her arthritis, and most sufferers of microwave illness (EHS) know that the evidence available in pre-1980, that exposure to microwave non-ionised radiation over long-term and prolonged period of time is a causation factor of heart, neuro, blood disorders and neurasthenic symptoms. It’s no doubt that some of those neurasthenic symptoms would lead a person to further health problems, such as arthritis

    These disorders and symptoms are also well-known in medical practitioner’s acceptance of many so-called non-diagnosable illnesses, such as ME, CFS, FMS, SBS, IBS and many more; lumping them all under a statement “Don’t know what causes it, but it could be genetic, viral, bacterial, chemicals, or some environmental factor!” But, no mention of electrical fields (ELF) or radio frequency radiation (RFR), which is both classified by the World Health Organisation as “2B Carcinogenic”, yet they are able pluck out of the air or out of the bunny rabbit hat a new formulated medical fob-off diagnosis, and the latest rabbit is the worldwide plaque of Lyme Disease (LD). I guess all the sufferers of LD in Australia must have contracted LD via some mix up in vaccinations or the specific bacteria was transported in the winds from America.

    We are aware that the causation factor of microwave illness was known as far back as the 1960s, but by the 1980s it disappeared off the medical screen. And of course we have known all those years of the dangers of power lines, but nobody warned anyone in the late 1970s of the analogue cordless phone, and all the luxury electrical appliances, devices of comfort that emitted extreme ELF, such as the electric blanket, electric clock radio, the built-in bedhead lights and that famous electrically heated water bed. They weren’t warned about the Ham & CB operator, or the Amateur operators from next door who radiated everyone within a 2KM range, with 100W or more, and many still do it today.

    I’ve always known that arthritis was RFR related, because of the amount of suffering of me and our soldiers who served with me, pre-1980. They reported sick, were given a handful of pills and told if they are not better in a month, then come back and see them. After this many years of ill-treatment our soldiers avoided the Dr Death’s, as we knew many of them by, who were more of a veterinarian that a doctor and they tried to suffer in silence, including me.

    I am amazed with Kariann’s testimony and recovery from arthritis, as during the time that she suffered, her trusty Trifield did the trick and led her to the causes of her illness, but no mention about Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR), microwave non-ionised radiation, as the majority of EHS sufferers suffer from wireless radiation inflammation, which is seen by most medical practitioners as arthritis. I guess Kariann didn’t suffer from wireless technology, such as DECT phones, mobile phones and towers, wireless computers and modems, Wi Fi hotspots, and Wi Fi and Wi Max transmitters that have been around during the time of her arthritis, and only electrical fields were the offender—strange.

    She saw a chiropractor, ingested pharmaceuticals, earthed herself, and then discovered this life-saving metre—the Trifield. I am very interested to know what she did about all the wireless she used.

    Earthing is great for some, but most have no success as the whole world earth is all out of whack and there are much shoddy electrical contractors around these days.

    Lloyd arthritis is another one of those medical fob offs, the same as ME, CFS, FMS and LD, to take the attention away from the real causation factor—RFR.

    I don’t know if Kariann is the same person who shares a similar testimony and sells Shungite?

  • Jodie chacon said,

    I need help I don’t know what to do the levels of EMF IN MY BODY IS AT DANDEROUS LEVELS AND STAYS HIGH. I have to ground my body and it helps some but honestly I hear popping in my head joints hurts so bad my blood pressure was threw the roof and I don’t have HB I need to know what to do where to go for help the dr at ER didn’t even know what EMF was. It’s been this way months I’m scared. Please what do I do? I’m in a a lot of pain I’m feeling electricity on my body every where I clings to me I can’t hold the phone iPad nothing at all i feel like it’s snapping on my head. Where do I go for help

  • Kelly said,


    How do you know you have dangerous levels of EMF in your body?

    There could be a many other reasons for your joint popping, and your head pain, as well as your other symptoms. I would examine what you’re eating or not eating first…

  • Damon said,

    This is a message in ref to the ex soldier (veteran) George who queries why RFR (radio frequency radiation) is not highlighted/mentioned more specifically in Kirian’s initial post…….I too, am querying this, as I understand it, Lloyds of London will not underwrite claims due to damage caused from said harmful frequencies, which to me ‘speaks volumes’ as presumably they (LofL) are privy to info that we (general public) are not.

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