EMF Stories – A New High Voltage Society

One day a smart meter was placed in the basement of Susan's home.

She realized what it was and what it was doing some two and a half years later.

By which point she'd become hypersensitive to EMFs.

She sent me this thought provoking story:

“From the first second we awake, if even from a good night’s sleep, our brains are put on high alert. Our iPhones scream out the morning alarm, thrusting us into forward momentum. We amble to the shower, sometimes drying our hair with a screeching powerful dryer. Once coiffed, we stray to the kitchen to ignite the inner fire awake, by turning on a modern kitchen insta-coffee maker. So far, so lit. The house is already buzzing and awake, it never went to sleep. Wifi’s and wireless router’s surged through the dark of night. Many of us like to be accompanied by the music, whether an ipod or itunes, or in my case, Youtube. We just can’t get enough of this good stuff.

Finally, now juiced and amped up, bodies throbbing and heads buzzing, we enter the car, where you can now talk openly or mysteriously with the use of a Bluetooth or tempt texting while driving, for a little extra rush. Then, because we are not sure where we are going or how to get there, with ask “Siri-*” to get us there and further amp up the voltage. Just driving alone sends shivers of EMF’s down my spine, or into my head, as the tires rotate and send an electromagnetic impulse into our bodies. Some parents have taken to driving their babies around town to get them to sleep, over a radiating tire.

Next, we get into our cozy cubicles, surrounded, above, straight at us and from below with an extraordinary array of gadgets, computers, devices and lighting phenomenon. The children are no safer at schools and colleges. But we trek on, lighting us up all along the way. There must be a song for this out there somewhere.

We take our lunch breaks, without suspecting that the cell towers, behaving like silent works of art, are our enemies and not our friends, yet we don’t feel a thing. Actually, we feel nothing, and we hardly notice anything as well; airplanes streaking through the pretty blue skies, leaving trails of chemicals to float, listlessly down to earth, blanketing our animals as they run freely around. The air is thick with an ominous cloud, yet no one sees it or dares to make a sound. Quietly and obediently we head back to our places, hardly sanctity, hardly the safest.

By the time we are done, we are shot and exhausted, our bodies are fatigued and our brains are numb. We head into traffic for hours on end, and breath deadly gases from the tailpipe of trucks. We may get disgusted, we may even get a little sick, a cough and a gasp, and it’s all part of the trick.

Home to our spouses and cute little kids, whose heads are all down, their chests to their chins, eyes focused on their “devices.” We bend underneath to say our “hello’s” and we get a blank stare and heaven only knows, that we have taken our babies and created a place where they are no longer safe, nor is the whole human race. We better wake up, stop being so distracted; get back to the earth where our bodies want to be. Resonate on high with the mother of mothers, the Earth, that is she, and she is the healer.

At its very evolutionary core, from the beginning, the earth, in its shape and diabolical consistency, is a hot, molten mass of energy; a throbbing, pulsating ball of intense heat and electricity. You could say that “Mother Earth” is the mother ship from which all life extends through and out of in its interaction with the sun, the moon and all planets in its vicinity and the solar system that surrounds it, feeds it and energizes it.

It is the enormous cell from which all life has divided, split and sloughed off of to become their own individually printed cells with their own individual circuitry; hence, we the “earthlings” from our great “mother.” We need our mother to survive. She gives us and affords us life; the food, the air, the sun and the moon give us added protection, but she is the life force from which we survive internally. And without her, we begin to wither, suffocate, shrivel, wince, wine and cry. She is a silent protagonist, a good mother, wanting us all to fail and learn, pick up our bootstraps, dig in our naked heels and go back to her for her great sustenance. Will we? Or have we really gotten just a little too big for our own britches?

As the earth stands ready and waiting for us to return to her, she will be just fine, as she is injected around the metaphysical clock, 24/7, with a life-giving energy all her own. The sun thrusts its plasma-like tentacles, stretching far into her gullet, into the belly of the beast. Then our tenderhearted moon comes out to caress her with its moonbeams all night long, with a subtlety of energy, like love beams from above. And for fun and a rush of electrical impulses to remind her she truly is alive, bolts of lightening thrash out of the sky, thousands and thousands of them, they tickle her fancy, make her blush inside out, remind her of her boldness, her courage and strength. She is shy, tells no one, and waits patiently for her children to come back, while we are busying ourselves, constantly on the attack.

All of this power, this will to survive, keeps mother earth thriving, gyrating and alive. But we humans, her little darlings, are doing everything we can to upset her, break her and sabotage our own lives. We frustrate her and shake her to the core of her being. She is alerting us to our troubles, but we are off making our own. She is trying to remind us, wagging a finger in our direction at our naughty little selves. She wants us to know she is here for the taking, and that she is in charge, it is not us who will save us. We have no say, but we see trouble a brewing on each of our shores. I think we have pushed her over the edge, into blackness and sickness and rushing of waters, of purging and gushing and swift, wicked winds, of tyrants and blazes and spurting of fire, the “mother earth” ship is now raging, raging with anger. Her voice is on high, her emotions hardly stifled, but will we wake up, or will we lose our own battle? Will she cry herself to sleep at the loss of her children, whom she carried from birth, all the way to adulthood, only to have them turn their backs on the one who could feed them, nourish and love them, encourage and heal them.

So take off those rubberized, plasticized, lack of energized shoes, go back to our roots, put foot to the ground, the cold will not kill you, put on a warm coat, but do yourselves and your children a favor and touch our lovely mother earth ground. She is sensually charged and so are our feet, more nerve endings there then anywhere else, and it is for good reason that when we go to the beach, we come home all relaxed and feel so tingly and nice, it is cause we had a date with the water, the air, but most of all, we touched skin to the sand, we dug in our toes and we kicked up some dust, and the rest is all miracles, such as miracle dust.”

Thanks a lot Susan for sharing this.

If you have a story about EMFs and health you'd like to share, send it to me!

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  • Stuart Bass said,

    I would like to know if we should be worried about EMFs coming from other peoples WIFI devices close around us. For example, people walking in front of us with a cell phone to head sideways, or someone aiming a WIFI device/cell phone directly at us frontily, or other people aiming phones in our direction while we are stopped at a red light while driving.. Thank you.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    There are some EMF exposures (other peoples cell phones, wifi etc.) that cannot easily be avoided. The studies indicate we are subtle energy beings and affected by all these exposures whether we can feel them or not. Your primary concern should be to focus on the EMF exposures you can easily mitigate, particularly in your home, that will have the most impact on your health.

  • Stuart Bass said,

    Thank you very much.


  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Susan Burke: I’ve read your story several times since you first posted, and love the vivid descriptions and prose. At one point you suggest: “There must be a song for this out there somewhere.”

    For me, “Riders on the Storm” by the Doors comes to mind. We are the riders…

    I was once an electronics design engineer. My love was designing extreme quality analog amplifiers for musicians and persons who wanted to enjoy “natural” quality sound. This was before the cheap plastic Wall Mart trash that’s become the modern norm. Designing the best analog amplifiers in the world was like a religious experience for me. I designed out of soul passion, and my respect for the musicians and beautiful instruments they played. Money and profit was NOT my motive at all. So much for pure motives…

    The “digital age” and the decline of the music industry was directly due to piggish companies like Sony Corporation, who bought out all the private record labels and put the majority of the professional recording companies out of business. Since the mid to late 80’s Sony Corporation was also instrumental in destroying the musical careers of countless independent musicians, by inventing digital CD recorders and “services” like iTunes to exist. No one gives a damn about the total and complete monopoly of these large corporate interests over the music industry, because music has become a profit industry, rather than a mutually creative human endeavor.

    The dawn of the digital age, with all the digital hash dithering and white noise nightmares, is the death knell of all life natural. Digital square waves represent one of the most destructive energy forces ever released by man. The communications companies and utilities engineers are little more than ghouls and purveyors of death. I’m thinking Mother Nature’s last chance to tell it like it is, will cause billions of digital fools to perish… R.I.P.

  • Janice said,

    I read some of the story, and shared on FB at the Ontario Smart Meter Awareness Group, and to a few others.

    I’am not doing newsletters anymore, no interest in it since too much fighting with others, beyond crazy – it’s just too much fluoride and thyroid problems in ON really.

    But my focus is detox, detox and grounding that’s all right now, this has to be temporary and I’ll believe nothing else.

  • Avander said,

    take care when you touch feet to dust, connect with the earth, that you are not in an area that holds the Lyme borrelia pathogen – probably a man-made phenomenon – but a hidden epidemic, none the less. Anywhere migrating birds land you are now at risk. Frightening.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Avander: Yes indeed. I got lyme disease three years ago from hiking and staying in the forest to escape EM radiation. (Somewhat ironic) With all the previouis EM damage to my autoimmune system, the lyme disease damn near killed me. There are over 300,000 new cases of unreported lyme disease every year in the US alone. The newer strains of lyme/morgellon composite disease are becoming a world-wide epidemic, and are man-made biologicals. All part of the Agenda 21 mandate to rid the planet of 6 billion people. I digress… Thanks for posting.

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