How To Use Kinesiology To Improve Your Electromagnetic Hygiene

Living a healthy life in our electromagnetic world encompasses many things. On the one hand there are the devices you can use and on the other there are the strategies you can use for healing.

Firstly, a word about the devices. By devices I don't mean ‘gadgets'. Gadgets are great, I love them but there are few that actually work. There are a whole load of gadgets out there which have zero effectiveness, I'm talking about all sorts and harmonizers and chips and so forth. You need to be wary of these, there are many companies selling these kinds of devices.

By devices, I mean essentially EMF meters and various shielding solutions, GS filters for dirty electricity etc. These can be effective.

So devices are important but you can’t rely just on these devices, because electrosmog is all around us. No device can protect you from the rising levels of ambient electromagnetic pollution. You also need to take the necessary steps to live a healthy life. And this is what I wanted to talk to you about today.

One of the most important findings for me on my road to good health was a form of holistic medicine called kinesiology. It was a friend of mine that first introduced me to this. I was skeptical at first, I did not know what it was or what it involved. I did some research and learned that it was a perfectly credible form of alternative medicine which was actually taught in medical school in some countries, such as Australia.

For me, kinesiology is not just an important tool in achieving electromagnetic hygiene it can boost your health in ways you could never have believed. Here is a presentation by Dr Kuykendall who practices applied kinesiology with the transcript below.

Dr Kuykendall: “Hello my name is Dr Kuykendall. Welcome to the Applied Kinesiology Center. It is often that patients ask me, “so what is it exactly that you do over there at the applied kinesiology center?” To tell you the whole story I have to go back to when I was 18. Then I had chronic fatigue, my body hurt, I had such a horrible bone pain I didn’t really want to get out of bed. I was hurting so much in the mornings I couldn't lift my head, had a lot of serious anxieties and phobias about what was going to happen to me. I went to every medical doctor I could find and actually had a little bit of caring heart to help and nobody really was able to find anything out. Lot of times I would sit there in front of a hospital and wait till I couldn’t gasp for breath anymore with such a severe anxiety attack and then I would just crawl into the hospital, they would give me oxygen they'd say “here is this anti anxiety pill, go home there is nothing wrong with you, your blood is fine.” All the while, my good friends were saying “you got to go see this chiropractor, you've have got to go see this chiropractor.” I am thinking why on earth am I going to see a chiropractor for anxiety, for pain, for chronic fatigue, and it was just that I didn’t know it was a huge beginning to a new life for me. Within 3 weeks of seeing this fellow, he had me feeling better than I had ever in my life actually and what the secret is is a technique called applied kinesiology.

What is Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is a form of muscle testing where we are actually able to go through and actually determine what is going on inside the body. You don't know, I don’t know but with muscle testing the body can actually speak to us in a way and give us a lot of highlights of where we need to focus our attention first.


So one of the big things that an applied kinesiologist and really good chiropractors do is they look at nutrition. Nutrition is a huge aspect, if you don’t have the building blocks to build strong body we can’t build and go on with our lives.

Functional testing

The other thing is functional testing. Looking at how the hormones in the body are functioning, what is the blood chemistry? How does the endocrine system looking like? How much heavy metal toxicity burden do we have? What is the gastro intestinal system doing? Are you able to eliminate your bowels and move on with your life or are you holding onto a lot of toxicity?

Fragmentation of medicine

The problem is that medicine has become extremely fragmented, they’re really good at finding their individual issues, we've got a podiatrist for your foot, we’ve got osteopaths out there trying to do their thing, we've got gastroneurologists, we've got endocrinologists trying look at your endocrine system. Unfortunately none of these doctors are actually communicating and we are trying to look at the whole body as an individual part and really it is a whole big system. The way that I like to explain this is kind of like Johnny Cash's ring of fire. You have the ring of fire, you got a gastrointestinal problem, you got a chiropractic issue you know oh my neck is really really hurting, you got a problem with your foot, you've got a problem with blood sugar, you got issues with anxiety and depression. The problem is that if you are going and seeing all these different doctors, you've got all these different fires around the circle here and if one of them puts out the problem, with the chiropractor the neck pain and one works with the gastroneourologist and get care of the pales and the inflammation gastritis whatever, but we've got all these little fires burning still with anxiety, blood sugar and anemia. If we don't address all of these together you are not going to get fully well because all those little fires are just going to smolder and reignite. That is really the huge thing and the big difference here is that we approach all of these things at once. This breaks my heart when I see patients come in. They have been struggling 5, 10, 30 years with some of these complaints on and on and on and nothing has really been able to be done and what we really need to do is to look at it from a different approach. I see myself in a lot of these people and wonder what really would my life had been had I not gone and found this good applied kinesiology doctor in San Antonio and I am grateful to be able to help people like you guys every day.

Treatment and testing

So basically my goal is to really set a plan of what we are going to do for you individually, really customize our treatment plan; every patient is different. One drug, one botanical, one homeopathic does not fit every patient, everybody is separate. This care is all about you, it is about lighting one fire everyday in the hearts and then you’ll be able to go out and be a better husband or wife to your loved one. You are better at being a teacher, you are better at being a parent and we can really do a lot to change the world as we go along with that. So what I really want to talk about is some of basics of what we are doing in here. First off is the testing, first of all blood testing. Blood testing for people that are not insured is very expensive and it costs thousands of dollars a lot of times. If you got loved ones that don't have insurance and you are saying I really need to get some good blood testing done, this is the place to be because I can run typical blood testing for a very affordable price, around 100, 200 dollars versus a couple of thousand. We also do comprehensive testing where we look at the gastrointestinal system, heavy metals and hormones through the saliva. I find this a better way of looking at these things than just trying to look at blood chemistry and get somebody well; it is not working, we need something different.

Chiropractic Treatment

The next basic thing that I do in here is chiropractic and what chiropractic basically is is, you've got the brain, you've got the spinal cord and then you have the spine and as you have the nerves coming out of the spine and the nerves actually innovate or actually attach to your heart, your lungs, and your digestive system. If one of these nerves is not functioning properly and you have a bone that is actually out of place it kind of like a circuit breaker in the house. If the lights go off in the bathroom you are going to trip on the tub and fall and hurt yourself. What we need to do is turn that light essentially back on. We can adjust the bone in a very gentle sort of manner, get that nerve now functioning better, so the pain goes away, function is restored and the patient generally starts to heal better. It is amazing for the people that come in here and by just doing the chiropractic end of it they can have a completely different life experience because depression often times starts to lift and we are not treating the actual problem or symptom we are just treating the basics. Neurology runs the body and when you restore the neurological balance people can really start to heal. To some of you more squeamish people out there and you are wondering how are we going to go about adjusting, there are some different simple ways with manual type adjusting where we can actually work on the spine, work on the feet.

Types of Chiropractic Adjustments


For you more squeamish people there is very gentle form of technique called the probe. Basically this is an adjuster, it is really a gentle little device, you can use very little pressure to a lot more pressure and the more pressure you actually apply the stronger effect we can get on the bone, the knee, whatever we are working on. Very gentle, very safe just as chiropractic itself is but it is a really nice technique that works for children anywhere up to geriatrics, you know, older people.

2. Precursor

Then we also have a little device in here that you are going to see me talk about. It is called the precursor and the precursor is a little device, it feels much like a vibrator or something but the precursor will actually release visceral and facial issues, it relaxes muscle tissue and allows the body to restore proper movement. Remember movement is life. It kind of like if you have cerian wrap over your whole body that is basically what this precursor is, it lines between the muscles and allows the muscles to move smoothly. If these get restricted and we get them released with the precursor or these other techniques we can restore better motion, the patient gets better we get a lot more improvement.

3. Electromagnetic Tri-field Meter

One of the other big things that medicine is missing and even your alternative doctors are missing is a technique where we actually look at electromagnetic frequency. It is everywhere, it is in our cell phones, it is in our wireless internet, we are sleeping with it, walking, going to work in it, as you walk in and out of the grocery store you are getting exposed to it. So the first thing is to show a patient that it actually exists, we do this using a tri-field meter .When you turn on a tri-field meter next to a cell phone you can actually see it spikes, those spikes are a really really high frequency of electromagnetic radiation and you don’t want going into your body because they cause what is called a teratogenic effect and this teratogenic effect has a huge effect on how you are able to sleep at night and how you are able to feel in the day. So we really need to address the electromagnetic radiation, it's a really big missing link.

4. Eye-lights

The next big step is that we are going to look at are eye-lights. Brain balance is huge. In my office I do a really thorough neurological examination especially when working with children or adults when they have maybe dizziness or balance issues, there's these wonderful eye-lights and you have the patient put them on they put out a really cool, really high tech but what it is is a series of lights that actually brink, when the blinking occurs we can actually stimulate the temporal region of the brain or the parietal robe of the brain. What this does is bring much more balance; again balance is key to the brain. So it is amazing when we start using all of these techniques together to actually balance; it is pretty miraculous what a patient can do and overcome.

5. Cold Laser

The next big thing that we have over here is a technique or device I should say called the cold laser. It is an Erchonia medical device, it is a little $15000 toy. what they found out with Erchonia devices that when they first started out, when they were using these, they found out that people that were using these for burns actually healed much much faster and the doctor’s basic response was wow: that is really impressive. So you'll see me running around with this little device, it is an Erchonia laser and basically what its whole job is to restore function faster. It is a cold laser device, so you won’t feel it, but it actually increases mitochondria and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) function so that the restorative power to the body is much much faster…..”

Can Kinesiology Be Used To Combat To Electromagnetic Pollution?

Much depends on finding a competent practitioner. The best is to find someone through the personal recommendation of a friend, or maybe you can ask around in your organic health shop or in your circle of friends. Different practitioners will apply different techniques but the basis of applied kinesiology is muscle testing, which is a very powerful technique. For me kinesiology has been perhaps the most important tool I have been able to use to combat the effects of electrosmog.


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