Cell Phone Radiation and Nuclear Radiation Have This In Common

Cell phones and brain cancer are no laughing matter. But I did want to share with you this slightly humorous piece.

It’s by the people at TYT network who talk about what can best be called the cell phone cover-up; the fact that our governments know that cell phone radiation poses a serious threat to the public’s health. Just in the same way that the Japanese government knows full well that the radiation emitted from the damaged nuclear reactors pose a major threat to public health.

I’m not going to try and compare the radiation at Fukoshima with that of your cell phone. The point is, in both instances its extremely harmful, long term and in both instances its being totally played down.


Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

Ben Mankiewicz: For years everybody said, many people still say, “you are talking on your cell phone – you are going to get brain cancer,” right? But you know that is an urban legend, except maybe not. There is a really good piece, an AOL original health piece by a guy named Andrew Schneider. He is their senior public health correspondent and I want to give him full credit. 200 million people in the US talk on their cell phones a total of at least 12 hrs a month. It is remarkable that we have that many cell phones, 200 million people. Just about everybody.

FCC recommendations on Cell Phone radiation.

This is what Andrew says: almost everyone admits cell phones emit radiation when they link to the closest tower, so the issue is how much radiation. Amid this confusion of reports by health and safety activists, government cell phone watchdog, that is the FCC, is putting industry desires before public will. Investigators for a group called the Environmental Working Group filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents showing that last year FCC officials met 3 times; January, June and July, with representatives of industry groups and corporations including Nokia, AT&T and Motorola. So the FCC is having these meetings and interestingly then in September, things changed. The FCC used to have this warning, since November 5th of 2009, on its website warning people about their cell phone use. First of all, so it said:

“consider texting rather than talking but don’t text while you are driving”


“buy a wireless device with a lower SAR.” SAR is the value of the specific absorption rate from a cell phone: the amount of radiation you take in.

So that is what they had since November 5th 2009, but then it changed on September 20th. Remember they had those meetings in June and July, now it says, the FCC RF exposure guidelines :

“some parties recommend taking measures to further reduce exposures to RF energy. The FCC does not endorse the need for these recommendations.”

So they have already, after meeting with these guys, they back off and it appears, some would say, it is the beginning part of a campaign to say don’t worry about it – let us stop this story about the dangers of cell phone use before it even gets going.

The Erosion of the Faith in FCC and the Government

It relates too to what is happening in Japan a little bit, because beside the obvious radiation issues, the one thing I learn't from the George Bush presidency from 2001 to 2009 was that it destroyed my faith in government. Maybe I should not have had it before, but I did to some extent and now I just flat out don’t and it didn’t return in any way when Bush left office. So, when the Japanese say that things are ok at their nuclear sites, which by the way to their credit they are now not, they've told 140,000 people to lock their doors and windows and not to go outside. They do not know what is happening in the plants; things are on fire, the water maybe boiling and all of a sudden you have melting fuel rods and it is a catastrophe. The containers that protect the fuel rods might be damaged, they don’t have an idea and they say it might be a big deal. But before the Bush administration, I would have thought – stop your alarmist nonsense talk about cell phone use and brain cancer the FCC is looking into it, they have got experts on it and they are taking care of it. And now I am not, they might, but I do not believe that. That is a terrible thing to have totally eroded. »

The real point is we just cannot trust what our governments are telling us on the issue of cell phone radiation. You need to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

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  • Bernd Walther said,

    Alex Jones had the scientist Chris Busby on lately and he reported that the cytotoxic effect of incorporated radioactive particles inside cell tissues is greatly amplified in the presence of cell phone radiation. The free electrons produced by radioactive decay get accelerated in microwave fields.

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