How To Heal Electrical Sensitivity With Naturopathy

Emma trained as a teacher.

She loved here work but she began to feel unwell.

She suffered from headaches, confusion, racing of the heart and anxiety.

She also felt very low in energy.

So low that it literally stopped her in her tracks.

She could no longer do the job she loved.

Even being in a room with a television on or using a hands-free phone was really affecting her brain and her clarity.

Very quickly her symptoms became severe and she was literally fainting in all kinds of situations.

She decided the only thing to do was, “remove myself from this situation and live quite simply for a while”.

She started practicing yoga and she learnt massage and reflexology.

heal Electrical Sensitivity With Naturopathy
Emma Jones

This helped her to come back to a level where she was functioning reasonably well.

But she was still unable to work.

One day a friend recommended that she try naturopathy.

She attended a session not far from her home in South Wales and came away truly inspired.

I was lucky enough to have been recommended Barbara Wren, a leading naturopath… she set me on the path of getting well and inspired me so much that I decided to train with her and learn her methods.'

Emma made changes in many areas of her life.

She stopped eating animal products.

She switched to eating organic produce and in the process she corrected lifelong mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

After just 6 months she was fully functioning again.

She had a new lease of life and was considering different career choices.

She decided to train with Barbara Wren and learn her methods, Emma then went on to found the College of Naturopathic Nutrition in Dublin.

But she found herself flying a lot back and forth, between Ireland where her college was based and her home in South Wales.

She started to feel unwell again.

At the time she was also using her cell phone quite heavily.

Initially she thought it was her old symptoms kicking in again but, putting two and two together, she realized that this was more linked to electromagnetic field (EMF) overload than anything else.

So she started working on herself again, focusing on two areas of the body, the adrenals and the thyroid.

Since 2010, Emma is healthy and symptom free.

She works to help others that are suffering similar symptoms.

heal Electrical Sensitivity With Naturopathy
Steve Phillips

Which is how she met her (now) husband Steve Phillips.

When I met Steve he was seriously depleted and affected with EHS syndrome.

With Steve, it started when he was living in London.

He first noticed it when he was using the sat-nav in his car.

He would experience throbbing in his head.

It was like a magnetic field going on inside my head’.

When he switched the sat-nav off the feeling went away.

This left him perplexed but he carried on.

Unfortunately his health deteriorated.

He consulted various doctors but they all drew a blank.

Eventually he had to leave London and take some rest at his mum’s house in South Wales.

The rest did him good, he healed and really quite forgot about it.

Years later, Steve joined the Hare Krishna temple as a monk.

He lived there for a couple of years, ‘it was glorious. It was amazing.’

However the temple was situated next to a cell phone tower.

The very early starts and late services started to take their toll.

A lot of the work he did was in city centers, outside often, in high streets where there is WiFi galore and lots of cell towers.

He became so sensitive he could tell the difference between frequencies.

Friends thought he was, ‘losing the plot’.

To convince them he’d ask his friends to switch on cell phones on/or WiFi and/or their Bluetooth on.

Then he would tell them what they’d switched.

One day, a friend of his at the temple said, ‘you need to go and see Emma.

He took her advice – within three months he started to feel better.

Within two years he was fully recovered.

For my next interview I’m delighted to welcome naturopathic practitioners Emma Jones and Steve Phillips.


Thursday, 12th October at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Emma Jones and Steve Phillips.

Emma has been working as a Naturopath for 18 years and co runs the School of Naturopathic Nutrition with her husband Steve. Her current area of expertise is to help others overcome EHS.

Steve Phillips writes on various subjects related to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Besides the School of Naturopathic Nutrition he runs a naturopathic Coaching business.

Emma admits, ‘to seeing at least 1 person a week with EHS and most of them successfully recover’.

Listen to my interview with Emma Jones and Steve Phillips and learn:

  • the top 3 things to focus on to deal with electrical hyper sensitivity (EHS) – besides reducing your EMF exposures
  • the 4 other things most people overlook when dealing with dehydration – its not just about drinking enough water
  • the number one mineral you don’t want to be lacking if you are EHS – Emma still takes this when taking long-haul flights
  • a simple and safe detox technique you can use – it doesn’t involve ingesting any herb or supplement or any uncomfortable procedures
  • and much more

This interview has now been broadcast.

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