Geopathic Stress – Problems And Solutions

“Nearly 20 years ago…..I was diagnosed with arthritis in my feet, after having many tests for continual feet problems and special orthotics made for my shoes for the constant pain I was in, and even having several cortisone injections in my toe joints.

I had a European Vega test done that recognized I was being affected by ‘geopathic stress’! And I was told I was like a ‘100 year old mushroom’! …

Great…at my young age, I really wanted to hear that, not!

Geopathic stress and EMFs The man told me I had to get a Geomancer/Dowser or someone who could detect geopathic stress to come and check my home…unfortunately that was before ‘Google’ and he had no one to recommend for me!

After much searching I found someone and he, as it turned out, was a healer as well and had been finding water and underground ‘energy’ for 30 years.

After inspecting my house, he quickly recognized that my side of the bed, ‘where my feet were’ ,had an ‘underground stream’ cutting across that end of our bed.

But the thing that made the immediate impact for me, was when he checked the rest of the house and found that in my daughter’s bedroom, where she had slept for 9 years, had a lot of ‘noxious energy’ crossing through it!

I never told him that she was 12yrs and still wet the bed, and had wet the bed ever since we had been in that house.

We moved her bed away from this energy and she stopped wetting her bed that very night, and NEVER wet it again.

Now he had my attention……

I look back at what a ‘messy sleeper’ my daughter was, and bed time was always a mission. Her brother on the other hand, in the next bedroom, was easy. Bedtimes were never a problem and he never wet his bed.

How many children are going through what my daughter went through?

How many parents are going through what I went through on a daily basis and I felt so helpless that I couldn’t help her!

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

You DO NOT want your life to be negatively affected by something as ‘simple’ as geopathic stress.

We all sleep at least three quarters of our life in bed, but what if we are sleeping in the wrong place…and didn’t realize it was a problem?…It might not be the bed that is making you toss and turn…it could be something you don’t even know about…an energy deep beneath the surface of the earth, that could be affecting you and your family.”

The above is Nicky Crocker's account of how she stumbled into geomancy.

I stumbled into Nicky when I interviewed best selling author Judy Hall and she mentioned Nicky’s work. Because, since discovering geomancy nearly 20 years ago, Nicky has become a full time geomancer/dowser herself.

In the intervening period she’s researched the issue of geopathic stress extensively and has now written a book devoted to this subject, entitled What If It Was That Easy – How To Heal You & Your Home.

What's In The Book

Not surprisingly, the main focus of the book is geopathic stress.

As Nicky explains,

geopathic stress is used to describe negative energies, also known as ‘Noxious Earth Energy’, which emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above it.

The term ‘geopathic’ is derived from the Greek words, geo, meaning earth, and pathos, meaning disease or suffering. So literally, diseased or suffering earth.

Electromagnetic Energies

What if it was that EASY? - Nicky CrockerThese earth energies are a form of electromagnetic energy emanating from the center of the earth:

  • The Hartmann Grid – Dr. Ernest Hartmann formulated that the electromagnetic energy lines of the earth flow in a wave pattern and form telluric lines in a grid running north to south and east to west in a checkerboard pattern.
  • The Curry Net – named after Dr. Manfred Curry, derives its energy from the cosmos. It runs at a diagonal to the Hartmann Grid from northwest to southeast and southwest to northeast. So, one grid will lie on top of the other.
  • Underground Streams – an underground water line can generate a weak electrical field. Although the electric field may only be weak this can cause significant health issues, particularly if your sleeping area is in proximity.

Living in proximity to any one of these energies can cause serious health issues. When two or more of these forces interact, along with prolonged exposure to man-made EMFs, the result can be lethal.

Research Suggests Geopathic Stress Can Cause Cancer

More than 4000 years ago the Chinese recognized destructive earth vibrations. They called them ‘dragon lines’ and warned against building houses on such stressful sites. European studies in Russia and Germany on geopathic stress have been very revealing.

A 1929 German study mapped the earth energy lines in Southern Bavaria and compared them to the records at the district hospital. All of the forty-eight recently recorded cancer deaths in the town had been sleeping above the underground streams. A year later the procedure was repeated in another town which had the lowest cancer incidence in the province. Again a 100% correlation was found. The Berlin Centre for Cancer Research accepted these findings and published the information, stating that earth radiation could be a causative factor in cancer.

Dr. Richard Gerber, in his book Vibrational Medicine, says that a geopathic field likely acts in concert with a variety of other factors, including diet, genetics, environmental carcinogens, viruses, and abnormal electromagnetic exposure, as well as subtle energy factors that affect vitality and immunity.

The 6 Stages Of Geopathic Stress

Nick Crocker has identified the 6 stages of geopathic stress as being:

  • Stage One – Negative sensations
  • Stage Two – Negative emotions and sleep disorders
  • Stage Three – Stress Hormone
  • Stage Four – Digestive system Disorder
  • Stage Five – Brain damage
  • Stage Six – Immune system damage and chronic ill health

In her book she also explains what to do about geopathic stress – how to deal with geopathic stress in your home and how to live a more healthy life.

What I like about this book is that it's an easy read and it's crammed full of practical advice. Nicky has adopted a very direct approach, a bit like if you were explaining something to a friend.

Nicky deals with geopathic stress and health from an energetic perspective, which is something that I can relate to strongly.

It's not a scientific book but there is a whole chapter on case studies and a list of the diseases that have been linked to geopathic stress. Perhaps the most sobering statistic she shares is that studies show that 85% of all chronic illnesses are linked to geopathic stress.

Order Nicky Crocker's book here.

Interview – Geopathic Stress

Nicky Crocker geomancerThursday, 2nd March at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Nicky Crocker.

She is the founder of Clear Energy Homes. The interview will last approximately one hour and it's FREE to listen to.

We will be discussing:

  • geopathic stress – what is it exactly?
  • how does geopathic stress combine with wireless and other forms of man-made EMFs
  • how to know if you are suffering from geopathic stress
  • how to effectively deal with geopathic stress
  • and much more

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

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  • Delbert Parkinson said,

    Lloyd, Nicky and you are correct about the Geopathic lines. I have been checking local home for problems and detected many problem areas in most homes. I would like to send to you and Nicky my long list of radiations that are coming into our home all day long. Del.

  • Jon Draw said,

    Question: Does anyone know why the radiation from cell phones & cell towers, etc., are measured in mW/M2(squared) while the radiation emitted from smart meters is determined apparently by the strength of its magnetic field in micro teslas? This definitely needs to be clarified so that we know what we are dealing with.

  • Heidi said,

    Questions: How harmful are solar panels and inverters, and hot water systems, in terms of EMF’s? How can you measure their radiation? Are there any ways to help reduce this type of radiation if you have these prodcuts installed?

  • JJ said,

    Hi very interested in this but still very skeptical. I have had my last 4 houses checked by dowser for geopathic stress and am very open to believing in it. However my last house I had 2 seperate dowser a check it unaware of each other doing so and they both came up with very different results. And this is where it falls down in scientific tests no 2 dowser a have been able to locate the same thing. There would need to be some consistency unless some one can explain this for me. I am completely inboard with emfs and wifi being detrimental to health etc and the natural progression from that is looking at where you sleep live etc. and surely fracking would affect this geopathic stress ? I guess I’m looking for definitive answers which dowsing simply can’t give.
    Geopathic stress consultants Generally now offer a ‘distance dowsing’ of your house and healing …basically dowsing a drawn layout of your house from where ever they may be meaning to don’t even have to visit your house… This for me is just a step too far as I tried it out on my last house (where I knew there were problems) with several ‘distance dowsing’ and all 4 people sent me completely different replys.
    So I do believe in it in some way but am very skeptical in others.
    Also geopathic healers go on about how dangerous metal springs in mattresses are not from emf problems but because they become magnetised (check with a compass) and lying on top of this magnetised spring to sleep apparently is what caused left sided breast cancer! So the websites would have us believe. Yet I thought dowsers claim it is a crossing if two streams under ground where you sleep (under your breast area) that’s causes it. Who knows maybe it does but the medical and scientific world appears to have dismissed these claims.
    Can anyone give an unbiased factual account of dowsing and health etc???

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Question for 11.12.15 guest, Nicky Crocker:
    Please address the problem of varying dowser skills, and if there are ways to get around that issue? Thank you.

    J.J., thank you for stimulating the above question, as well as for prompting me to give some thought to this issue. Dowser skills, of course, are founded on the body’s ability to detect subtle energetic fields. (For the attainment of such efforts, the skills and abilities of the human mind are so marvelous and even unfathomable, that its depths will likely never be fully plumbed.) There is sufficient anecdotal evidence to show that such detection is definitely possible. FYI, I grew up in the Midwest. In agricultural country (where reference to the quantum field would likely evoke raised eyebrows), there is nevertheless indirect reference to that quantum field by way of “folk wisdom.” Within that wisdom, in years past, it was not unheard of for a farmer to utilize a reliable dowser to discover where to sink a well.

    Even so as you noted, there is great variation in dowsing outcomes. A dowser must accurately take the inner signals of specific fields, and separate them from the diverse mass of other signals their body is simultaneously processing. Due to the difficulty of this task, a troubling range of variation exists among dowsers, as you have noted. It also occurs within the results of a specific dowser over the course of time (depending on whatever else is going on in the life of that dowser). Because I have children, this comparison (to the dowser’s challenge) came to mind: Consider a parent trying to detect and accurately identify the screams of their child, at a time when that child has “disappeared” into a throng of hundreds or thousands of active folks of every age, all jammed on to a broad, enormous beach, with music blaring, dogs barking, ocean waves crashing in the background, etc.

    No matter how trained the dowser, it seems inevitable that human imperfection (aka, the inability to function as a machine), will always somewhat muddy a dowsing outcome–sometimes slightly, sometimes egregiously.
    In light of this (and perhaps I am naïve here), but I would expect a credible dowser to readily acknowledge the potential for such variations as the norm (thus distinguishing themselves from say, many fortune tellers who promise the moon, while delivering nothing). Due to human variability, dowsing remains an art form, and is not yet a science. But surely, research models could be formulated which would factor in human subjectivity, assuming sufficient interest and funding came together for such an endeavor.

    As for your mention of “remote dowsing,” I’d not heard of that. But I had heard of “remote viewing,” due to research of it having been funded by the military. I’m also aware of (& have dabbled in) remote healing efforts, such as remote EFT (the emotional freedom technique), and remote Tong Ren (a system of tapping acupuncture points).

    All “remote” efforts utilize the “quantum field,” where the term “quantum field” amounts to a vague label for that which is known to connect all things. (But how that connection occurs remains unknown). As objective methods of utilizing that field for dowsing get developed (including the use of perceptions and intentions which are framed with objectivity), then increasing levels of consistent outcomes may emerge.

    All in all, if Lloyd gets a chance to ask Nicky Crocker about the innate problem of dowser subjectivity, I’ll be most interested in the grounding and thoroughness of her response (or the lack thereof). This interview has the potential to be quite intriguing.

  • JJ said,

    Lee, great reply.
    Also just thought.. with the magnetic field of the earth growing weaker just now ( due an expected pole reversal within the next 100-200 years) surely that will affect geomatic stress and the ‘earthing’ conundrum. And does geomatic stress in any particular house not change depending on location and movement of earths plates below it especially in an active area like sanfrancisco?
    There seems to be a lot of variables.
    I have found that majority of people simply aren’t interested in emf problems or dangers of wifi or they look at you like you’re mad unless they developed problems. No one wants to give up their mobiles, convenience of wifi or iPads /computers. Yet that is something you can scientifically measure and even the WHO on to the dangers and mobile phone firms state in the small print not to keep you mobile phone next to the body. So for something like dowsing to be taken seriously when there is no scientific evidence for it is very difficult…..esp with some websites making outrageous claims preying on vulnerable people telling them this is what has caused their serious illness and that it can be sorted by paying for expensive ‘healing’ remotely or in person. Don’t get me wrong I have Tried dowsing with great success and am very open to it,….just getting a bit disillusioned by lack of consistency from ‘experts’ and lack of evidence. All the websites on dowsing refer to only one experiment last century by Van pohl (not sure of spelling), yet as far as I know no other dowser has been able to replicate the same successful experiment. Just looking for answers. Thanks

  • John said,

    I recently attended a conference related to emf radiation etc in Bolney, West Sussex, UK. Roy Riggs gave a very good talk on geopathic stress. He demonstrated a solid background and success in dowsing homes. It appears that underground water/streams, for example, under where you sleep can give problems to some. (Metal beds and spring mattresses show unusual readings with a compass. I have changed my bed to a wooden one with a futon mattress) Dowsing has been associated with finding water and probably has proven success. I read that dowsing is intuitive and subjective, many people are able to show something happening with rods etc. I had a waterboard employee attend my house at one time to find where the water supply was and find where the stopcock was, He marked a place using divining rods after some digging he found he had the wrong place and put the rods back in the van. Lots of dowsing related items on youtube.

  • Min said,

    Is there any digital device which can detect the Geopathic stress.
    I asked one local dowser, he told me the test result depends on dowser’s experience and age. Thanks

  • Patricia Ormsby said,

    Geopathic stress is a big issue in the area in which I reside. The volcanic deposits from Mt. Fuji contain so much iron that compasses don’t work in the forests. There are subterranean lava tubes all over the place, with water gushing out from the rocks themselves in various places, including our town. I know of several “haunted houses” in which the inhabitants suffer tremendous misfortunes: lots of suicides, a few murders. People don’t talk about their diseases here. I’ve often wondered if the dysfunctionality of the town is the prduct of geopathic stress.
    In a couple of the haunted houses, I noted nightmares when I stayed over. The worst one had a suicide, followed by a disappearance/presumed dead, followed by stock market disaster for the owner, followed by death of the subsequent owner’s 40-year-old wife as she slept there. There is a form of shrub known to the shamanists (basically Shinto in Japan) to help such houses, and when we planted it by the door (westward facing–also considered to produce negative energies), the owner’s misfortunes ceased.

    I wish I knew how the shrub works!

    Our house has never produced nightmares for me, despite the blasted powerlines overhead(!) that limit the area within the house where I can spend time safely. We planted a nanten (Nandina domestica, “heavenly bamboo,” or literally “southern heaven”) by the southwest-facing door just in case.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    The Secret Space program just concluded. It can be rented or purchased on Vimeo. I’d like to offer some remarks from one of the presenters, Dr. Joseph Farrell, as reprinted in the newsletter of economist Catherine Austin Fitts.

    Because Lloyd’s 11.12.15 interview concerns geopathic stress, these comments are relevant in the very big picture. In this excerpt, Dr. Farrell discusses CERN (the Large Hadron Collider) in the closing panel on Sunday evening:

    “You’re looking at a military budget for this machine to find smaller and smaller building blocks in the standard model of physics. And I’m looking at the machine and I’m seeing something very, very different.

    If you look at the magnetic field strength of the LHC — I think it’s somewhere between 8 and 10 Tesla’s — you’re dealing with a magnetic field that is several times more powerful than the local magnetic field of the planet earth. And this is where my problems begin. Because, it’s the magneto sphere of the earth that protects us from solar radiation — it’s part of our environment, it’s part of what maintains life on this planet and that drives the weather systems. And that magneto-sphere, in turn, is coupled with that of the sun.

    So, when you look at this the way I’m looking at it, I’m seeing a planetary machine which — by the very nature of the strength of the magnetic fields in rotation — is creating a massive magnetic tortion machine. And that machine is embedded in piezoelectric rock in Europe. And this is going to have a magnetic effect on the planetary magnetic system.

    That was my thought all along.

    So I’m looking at this as a story where they’re really putting out a public consumption story for us with blizzards of equations that will confuse us all. And we’ll just throw up our hands and say, “Well, they’re doing particle physics.”

    But I think the real physics they’re doing is creating a planetary machine that is manipulating the magneto-sphere of the earth…which, through various electro-magnetic effects, can even influence the sun.”

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