How To Use Frequency To Create More Harmony In Your Life

Andrew Michrowski was studying Architecture and Urbanism at the Politecnico in Milan (Italy) in the 1950s.

Picture the scene – post war Italy.

A-mazing pasta, pizzas and risottos, yes, but great changes were underway.

People were moving into town’s and cities in their droves looking for work and looking for somewhere to live.

The authorities were keen to provide proper housing.

The Italian government soon realized that people didn’t feel comfortable in these new homes.

They started to research the causes of their dis-ease.

Planetary Association for Clean Energy

A big factor was that many people found it hard to be separated from their families.

But their research revealed something else.

A humongous EMF issue.

People had moved from homes with few electrical appliances, perhaps just a lamp and a stove and minimalist wiring.

Their new homes had far more appliances and more wiring – people were now living in high levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Andrew say’s, “we’re talking about people who used to be farmers, living outdoors, fishing or whatever. They were coming to a more industrial environment. It wasn’t the industry that was the problem, it was the houses they were in.

Andrew’s professors were saying to him “whatever you design, you must take into consideration electromagnetic pollution.

So Italy became the country that developed a whole new electrical system with better wiring and better contacts and so on.

And less EMF pollution.

In the 1970s Andrew moved to Canada.

He was working on town and urban planning for the Canadian government.

He came into contact with senators from the standing committee’s on science policy and health and welfare.

They were saying, ‘among the three most important issues in the long term for Canada were EMFs‘.

He found this strange.

But with these senators, an association for clean energy was developed, firstly as a network of having the most outstanding scientists.

And Andrew continued to explore EMF issues and look for solutions.

Today, nearly 40 years later, as head of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Andrew Michrowski continues to do the same.


Thursday, 28th December at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr. Andrew Michrowski.

Dr. Andrew Michrowski - EMFsDr. Andrew Michrowski is President of The Planetary Association for Clean Energy. He served with Indian & Northern Affairs as Chief Planner, and with Secretary of State as forecaster, policy analyst and program evaluator, including EMF issues. He is the author of numerous publications including EM dimension of indoor environments (Indoor Air conference). He headed a multi-year Canadian EMF in housing study for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation team and has written consumer reports, EMF shielding, electric & hybrid car, and protective testing, safe housing guideline development. He is winner of the Galileo Galilei 2017 International Award.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Andrew Michrowski and learn:

  • the 3 main areas of concern for how EMFs affect the body – these effects are well documented but little known
  • the particular dangers of ultrasound and infrasound – worse, there is a device being installed in people's homes around the world which emits infrasound but most people are ignorant about this
  • the most effective means for shielding from magnetic fields – much cheaper than previous shielding materials (an Italian invention!)
  • how to easily and inexpensively reduce EMF exposures by up to four times in your home – you can absorb up to 50 times ambient levels of radio-frequency radiation
  • how to use mesh commonly found in your local hardware store to effectively shield from RF radiation – certain shapes and sizes of mesh are particularly effective at shielding from these frequencies
  • an innovative device based on Stealth technology that has the ability to molecularly restructure materials – sounds amazing (because it is) but it also has the ability to slow down our brain waves and induce a ‘feel good' sensation
  • and much more

This interview really is crammed packed with information and insights on creating more harmony in your life.

Although The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) was created by government, it currently receives no funding.

So that PACE can continue it's important work I urge you to make a donation here, or by sending a cheque / money order to: PACE, Inc., 100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8, Canada

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  • Loren said,

    Many thanks for all your hard work. Would you know of any groups getting together here in the UK or in Tenerife? I hope to locate/move into a wifi free village/house in the not too distant future so need to make plans asap. blessings, Loren

  • Mary said,

    During the interview, Dr. Michrowski spoke at length about “purple plates” as a way to harmonize the environment, food, water etc. Do you have any experience with these or talked with others who have? Do you know of any reputable site(s), etc. who sell these or can give more info on? I reviewed his website and there was no info on this there either. Many thanks Llloyd.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Mary, I recall one of my previous guests mentioning this technology… but I’ve never tried it personally. I suggest you send Dr. Michrowski a message to ask which website he recommends you should buy them from.