EMFs And Tinnitus

Cathy was bit by a tick when she was 12 years old.

For years she went from doctor to doctor.

“Everybody just told me that it was in my head, all of my labs looked great, and they sent me home with an antidepressant.”

But she knew there was something physiological going on.

Then in 2012, Cathy got a Lyme disease diagnosis from a doctor.

“That sent me on a healing journey because I had answers and things that I could, you know, actually address.”

Because she had learned so much about food, health and healing, she decided to become a holistic nutritionist.

“I knew so much, I figured that now I want to share my results with other people.”

But despite following the best diet, exercising, managing her stress etc. she was still experiencing severe insomnias, tinnitus, anxiety issues.

In her research, this topic of EMFs kept coming up, but it was just so obscure for Cathy.

In 2015, she became so desperate she said to herself, “Okay, I know enough about this topic to put my phone away and turn off my WiFi for a week and just see what happens.”

Within 3 days her tinnitus was completely gone, and her sleep was much better.

I knew from that experience, which was really life-changing, that I had to know everything there was to know about this EMF topicand she enrolled in the Building Biology Institute training program.

Cathy Cooke is now a certified building biologist. “I feel very blessed that I am where I’m at now and will always continue to make progress.”

Interview – EMFs and Tinnitus

headshot Cathy cooke Thursday, 11 March at 12 noon ET (9 AM PT or 5 PM GMT) I'm interviewing Cathy Cooke

Cathy Cooke is a board-certified holistic nutritionist and uses a functional medicine approach to help people identify imbalances in the body.

She’s also a certified building biology environmental consultant and certified electromagnetic radiation specialist with the Building Biology Institute. She assesses buildings for anything that may be causing health problems, including indoor air quality, mold, chemical off-gassing, ventilation, and of course, EMF exposure.

Combining holistic nutrition and building biology, Cathy addresses both body and environment to help her clients achieve optimum health. She is also the founder of Idahoans For Safe Technology, an advocacy and awareness group for safer use of modern-day communication.

Listen to my interview with Cathy Cooke and discover:

  • the major concerns about the implementation of 5 G in our neighborhoods and how to protect yourself
  • 2 key ways to deal with EMF exposures, and the importance of identifying your underlying issues
  • how the biggest EMF danger are nearly always inside your home, and why the antenna on your computer or cell phone are misleading
  • the 2 critical places for electric fields – where you need to reduce your exposure and how you can do that
  • why Cathy is so concerned about our children being exposed to EMFs, and how it affects their development
  • how your diet impacts your EMF sensitivity – 3 factors to take into account to enable you to create the optimum diet
  • why detox is important and how best to detox (if done wrongly it can make your symptoms worse)
  • Cathy’s top EMF meter picks taking into account: cost, accuracy, user-friendliness
  • how to earth safely – and with reduced risk of being affected by the dirty electricity generated by your devices
  • how to ground your personal appliances to significantly reduce your exposures to electric fields
  • 2 ways to create better cell phone hygiene – important not just from an EMF perspective but also for your mental health

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