Non-Native EMFs: Problems And Solutions With EMF Expert James Lech

For James it started when he was a boy.

In those days computer monitors were big bulky things that housed cathode ray tubes (CRT).

He noticed he was getting blurry vision and was seeing a spot in one part of his eye.

Invariably this lead to a headache.

The general consensus was that he’d got CRT syndrome.

His parents took him to an eye specialist who informed him, “you’ve got a stye at the back of your retina from a parasite.

This was disproved years later when he went to the Eye Institute in Pretoria in South Africa and they put him through a whole batch of tests and found no such scarring or damage or anything like that.

When he was at school in Math class, whenever the teacher would put on the fluorescent light – this would normally be in winter or when it was raining – he noticed would go into this hazy state.

Twenty minutes of the class would go by and, “the teacher would do all these things that I don’t remember much or I’m not responsive”.

She would ask him a question and he was just in a zombie daydream state.

This was not like James at all.

He got very high grades in math. He enjoyed it. Loved it. Relished it even.

When he was in high school, James’s mother bought him his first mobile phone, a Nokia 5110.

He had it with him in case she had to contact him during school hours.

One time during science class, the phone rang and the science teacher was shouting at James and again, he was in a dazed state and his nose was bleeding.

His friend was going, “Dude, what’s up? Your phone is ringing.

He eventually snapped out of it and realized what was happening.

Like all his friends James got a Bluetooth headset, except within five minutes, “ I had head pain from it”.

He started to get more focused on putting two and two together.

But when he explained to doctors and other medical professionals what he was experiencing he felt he was being brushed away.

In 2011 James's health took a turn for the worst.

He went to see another neurologist specialist.

He gave him all the literature and again he felt the neurologist was being dismissive with him.

He’d had an initial MRI and he then sent James for a second follow-up MRI scan.

He suffered a stroke – during the MRI scan. As a result of the MRI.

At the beginning of this year James survived another stroke.

Showing wisdom beyond his years James says, “these things happen in life. I’m more functional now and I’m learning. It’s a process.”

He later learned from another neurologist (the one currently treating him) how the MRI is different and why he had the stroke.

He say’s, “CT scan I’m fine, x-ray I’m fine, but MRI had that knock-over effect for me”.

But it’s through these trial and tribulations that James has been able to refine his research into quantum biology and understanding things a lot better.

This is now to be the subject of James’s PhD.

In South Africa, James was the first person to be officially diagnosed by the state with electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome (EMF-IS).

He say's, “I’ve gone through the whole process. I’ve been to courts. I’ve got a whole a bunch of things behind me on that experience.

His focus is to find EMF mitigation options for the country.


Thursday, 28th June at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing EMF expert James Lech.

EMF Expert James LechJames Lech completed his master’s thesis at Rhodes University, South Africa. His research domain centered on investigating and examining the incidents of technological systems and social systems, particularly to model the effects of non-native electromagnetic fields on the population.

Several regulatory and legislative body have requested and been presented his research findings, which may eventually be used in the development of new EMF radiation protection regulations in the interest of public awareness and public health.

He’s a winner of numerous awards, including the Golden Key Honour Society Academy Achievement Award in 2018 and the Brightest Young Minds South Africa Award in 2005.

Listen to my fascinating interview with James Lech and learn:

  • why using terms like electrical hyper sensitivity and electrical hyper sensitivity is playing into the hands of the telecom companies
  • how EMFs (what he calls non-native EMFs) are the strongest contributors for obesity and diabetes in the world, among the other mitochondrial diseases
  • how blue light affects the power grid in your body and your ability to produce melatonin and use it
  • why the most efficient means for regulators and government to determine EMF levels is not with an EMF meter – software now exists that you can plug into the 3D environment and uses a whole bunch of complicated math automatically that shows the path of propagation of radiation in the environment
  • how 4G and 5G enables jump conduction – radiation can bounce onto materials like wiring and such like in the home to create radiation hotspots in areas you would not expect them
  • how cell phone towers creat a visual scare factor – but James’s research shows another form of EMF in the home to be far more of a biological concern
  • how children and people under the height of 1.3m (just over 4 feet) the whole body radiation absorption in the 1 – 4 GHz range can be up to 40% higher than an adult male
  • James's recommendations on EMF meters
  • how James now sleeps on a static magnet mattress – it helps increase your body’s magnetism and electron absorption charge which enables a higher redox potential so you can better regenerate and recuperate while sleeping.
  • and much more

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  • Jay said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Thankyou so much for your hard work and dedication to this most insidious of threats to human health.
    I would be interested in your and James Lech’s opinion of a guy called Dr. Gorski. ( I just read this article of his slamming EMF-sensitivity etc.and was more than slightly horrified! He is an MD but has no training or qualification in in EMF/EMR (that I can find) so how he can so arrogantly make his claims, I do not know!. IMO he is a danger to all forms of science – even the “kind” that he advocates!

    Thank you.