Electrical Hyper Sensitivity – Dealing With The Root Causes

Sarah Myhill qualified as a general practitioner (medical doctor) in the early 1980s.

She went into general practice with the British National Health Service.

As a newly qualified doctor she went about her work with enthusiasm and felt a certain pride to be part of an institution that was focused on helping and healing people.

But within a very short time she became disenchanted.

She realized that her doctor colleagues were just not interested in looking for the root causes of illness.

It was all about symptom suppression with drugs.

Headaches became diagnoses like Paracetamol deficiency, high cholesterol became statin deficiency. High-blood pressure was blood pressure drug deficiency and so on”, she say’s.

Sarah found this a very boring way and unsatisfactory way to perceive medicine.

We should be detectives. We should be looking at the symptoms, looking at the clues, applying tests to identify the underlying mechanisms which result in disease.

Sarah came to realize that the group of patients who are probably the worst treated in the Western world are people with chronic fatigue syndrome – because there is no one single underlying cause.

There are a multiplicity of factors.

There are no good drugs to address the causes of fatigues because they’re not asking the right questions.

Her interest in causation became focused on patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

It was through this approach that got her interested in electro hypersensitivity, or EMF Intolerance Syndrome.

It became obvious to Sarah that some of her patients were suffering from this.

We don’t have a present good objective test”, she say’s, “we can’t clasp some machine or gadget on somebody and say, ‘yes, you’re suffering from electrical sensitivity'.

All her discoveries start with the clinical picture.

Observing. Listening to people.

A common give-away is being able to sense WiFi.

When I have patients who come to see me who say they know when they walk into a room, that the WiFi is switched on because they immediately get symptoms and as soon as the WiFi goes off, their symptoms go away. And they do know when of course the WiFi is being switched on or off. That is very, very good evidence of electrical sensitivity.

(In this interview hold on tight for a strong dose of truth: Dr. Myhill has faced 30 separate prosecutions by the General Medical Council – not because of any complaints from patients. All because of complaints from other doctors or health authorities or from the general medical profession itself who didn’t like her speaking her mind.)


Thursday, 12th July at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr. Sarah Myhill.

electrical hyper sensitivity root causeDr. Myhill is a veteran clinical physician based in U.K. and a leader in the treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. She’s focused her career by identifying and treating the underlying causes of health problems, especially the diseases of civilization with which we are beset in the West. She is the author of several books and her latest book is Sustainable Medicine: Whistle-blowing on 21st Century Medical Practice.

Listen to my fascinating interview with Dr. Myhill and learn:

  • her nutritional therapies, dietary therapies, herbal medicines and detox regimes – what she calls the tools of the trade
  • why sleep is important – how losing just an hour of sleep doubles up the potential damage
  • the 4 pillars to health – plus her two-pronged approach to EMF protection
  • 5 ways to remove heavy metals from the body – essential if you're dealing with EMF sensitivity
  • how it’s the electrical potential across cell membranes that drive many cell processes – when these are impacted energy delivery is affected which explains the extreme fatigue many people feel
  • how electrical hyper sensitivity and other similar sensitivity issues are mediated via the immune system – she learned this by observing Gulf war veterans and farmers subjected to chemical poisoning
  • how EMFs impact cell membranes – Sarah gives a simple explanation of the mechanisms at work
  • 4 aspects to understand with respect to the energy delivery mechanisms of our cells – these form the starting point in any treatment protocol
  • how our symptoms protect us from ourselves and we ignore those symptoms at our peril – which is why symptom suppression with drugs is dangerous
  • the basic package of supplements she recommends – a spectrum of vitamins and a spectrum of the minerals

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  • Buck Robbins said,

    One of the worst sources of EMI is solar power inverters. They are exempt from FCC regulations to encourage more solar at lower prices. I don’t hear much talk about this and how difficult if not impossible to cure some inverters. It not only puts EMI’s on the house wiring but radiates from the panels. People who install solar should be warned. I had to make several modifications to my solar and still not cured. The traditional capacitor filters do not work on the frequencies generated by solar inverters. What do you know about this?

  • Jena said,

    I’m opening this link from your newsletter within 24 hr and the actual link to the interview is missing….:(

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Jena, if you are subscribed to my newsletter (which you are) you will receive an email on the day of the interview with a link to the broadcast.