Technological and Natural Solutions for EMFs

As a young doctor as Howard’s family was growing, they decided to buy a house.

One of the houses they were looking at was across some high-voltage power lines.

So before purchasing the house, Howard called the government to come over and measure the EMFs.

The guy turned up with a gaussmeter (aka EMF meter for measuring magnetic fields) and went under the powerlines.

He got a reading of 1110 milligauss (a uber high reading).

As they started walking from the power lines, to about 75 feet, there was a sudden drop-off to 1.1 milligauss.

Howard had done some research.

He’d read the (landmark) 1979 study that showed a doubling in the incidents of leukemia and brain cancer within 141 feet of a transformer box and things of this nature.

But this was 1.1 milligauss.

“They say 2 milligauss can penetrate the body”, say’s Dr Howard.

So they drove a mile away.

Weird—it seemed like there was 1.1 milligauss of radiation everywhere.

He realized the house they were wanting to buy was ‘okay’ despite the fact that he could see the powerlines, because the EMFs dropped off.

And this is how Howard became interested in EMFs.

Really from very early on Howard was looking at every aspect of health and trying to consider every aspect of health in anti-aging medicine.

Interview – Technological and Natural Solutions for EMFs

howard fisherThursday, 27 August at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 4 PM GMT)  I'm interviewing Dr. Howard Fisher.

Dr. Fisher is a natural physician who’s on a mission to educate and enlighten the world about the toxic factors that exist in our environment and their direct relationship to health, functional metabolism, and disease.

He is a researching author who also acts as a consultant and educator for several multinational nutritional companies and he’s Senior Associate Dean at the Health Optimization Coaching Academy and has advised our governments on electromagnetic radiation effects.

Dr. Fisher has written many articles for trade publications and he’s a featured guest on many radio and television broadcasts in addition to authoring 19 health-oriented books. His research has also been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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