EMF Safety Guidelines Tens of Thousands of Times Too High

Danger lies around every corner every minute of the day.

Tomorrow you could walk out your front door and get run over by a bus.

Fortunately the chances of this happening are limited.

Buses aren’t left to run free in the world they are only allowed to run on roads.

People that drive buses need a special license and have to undergo regular medical checks.

When driving on the roads they have to obey certain rules and regulations.

A bus could mount the pavement and very easily run down tens or hundreds of people in minutes in a busy town.

This doesn’t happen because our governments protect us.

The same goes with many other potential dangers, our governments protect us.

Presumably the same goes for EMFs right?


How wrong?

Very wrong.

The video below shows just how wrong.

It’s probably the most instructive 3 minutes you’ve spent this year.

Here’s the video.

“The so-called safety limit is literally tens of thousands of times higher than levels which are known to damage health according to peer reviewed published science.”

The 3D bar chart shown in the video makes things abundantly clear.

That’s how little our governments are doing to protect us.

A runaway bus you could see it and miss it.

EMFs are invisible.

They can’t be seen, felt or heard (by most people).

They are tasteless and odorless.

Deploying wireless technologies puts money into government coffers.

Governments think they can't afford to jeopardize these revenues by regulating these technologies.

How long before they realize the long term costs to peoples health far outweighs any short term revenue loss?

The video only talks about radio frequency (RF) radiation but the problem is the same with other forms of EMFs, electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity.

That’s why you need to take action to protect your own health.

Education is the key.

It’s the driving force which will enable you to take this action.

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  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Lloyd: Thanks once again for providing these video presentations on the EM radiation issue. It is obvious that all levels of world governance have waxed corrupt and insane for the last 75 years and the corporate/ghoul paradigm is now in full swing. Our global weather situation is only one element in how far this “profit” paradigm has eroded our humanity. There is currently NO sober realization of apparent facts.

    The link and information below is dated since the release of the data, yet our climate situation has become even more critical. People NEED to understand that personal protection will NOT save the planet from the incompetence of our industrial paradigm. My opinion is that ALL government and administrative personnel are mentally incompetent from EM radiation effects. Look at the situations that developed at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. Nuclear power is obviously the technology of greedy fools and functional idiots. Our incompetent corporate and governmental personnel need to be forcibly removed from power. There is no other option.

    “Welcome to a revolutionary perspective on climate change where we take a fresh look at how broadcast effects our environment and look at the facts with a clear mind and a new perspective. Within this website we consider how broadcast energy interacts electrically with the ionosphere, which translates to a chemical reaction resulting in the depletion of global and polar ozone. Broadcast Theory compiles scientific data going back over 30 years and traces the path of energy from the broadcast transmitter to its effects on ozone depletion through electron precipitation. It takes into consideration the most recent studies that different frequencies have on electron precipitation and combines the physics of this process with historic broadcast and weather records to show how broadcast frequencies may contribute to climate change though ozone depletion.”


  • keini said,

    Thank Lloyd. I will pass this info. far and wide.
    Happy New Year to you and wishing you good health.

  • Patti Zentara said,

    It shocks me, Lloyd, that people have an attitude I would best describe
    as..well, the poison is here and we love it. WIFI is like oxygen in the USA. Americans must have their toys ..even if they die from them!
    They cannot think of getting through a day without the Internet or a
    cell phone. They sneer and snicker at radiation and yes, despite the
    articles I send.
    Our government wants Wi FI and RFs everywhere. They are a greedy
    group who, apparently do not care if their own grandchildren will be
    damaged. I worry for my friends and family who live on cell phones.
    I worry for friends who live in rooms full of EMF’s 24 hours a day. They
    do not care they are injuring themselves. It is frustrating. But I trust our
    government to do only the worst for us. So far, that is all they do. We
    have foods loaded with GMOs. Drugs OKed by the FDA that are very
    harmful. We have to look out for our own backsides through knowledge
    and support groups. Our government is great at ruining lives not
    protecting them. I do not know how things fare in Europe. But in the USA, health is a week priority for us. And yes, we have groups who do
    their best to warn us of health hazards. Thank you again for your articles. You have made a difference in my life that I do share with others! The video should appall Canadians and Americans!

  • Noli said,

    Your website and newsletter are great. Thank you very much.

    I have a question regarding EMFs and want to ask if you know anything at all about digital hearing aids?
    I have poor hearing and wear a hearing aid at work, for watching tv and in social settings, but I am concerned about the safety aspect. I have a lot of ‘whining’ from my aids and have repeatedly had them adjusted or got advice in how to remedy this, with little success. I have the feeling that some of the whining could come from other electronic devices, such as tv etc.(I do not have cordless phones. Can this be the case and can digital hearing aids also give off radiation?

    I would love to hear your thoughts about digital hearing aids but perhaps this is outside your area of expertise?

    Thank you.

  • Mark Jackon said,

    Powerful video. Can you provide the references for the studies cited in the video?


  • Rosemarie said,

    Thanks Lloyd! I shared this on facebook. Using charts can be effective so I hope some of my friends will look at this.

  • James said,

    Thanks agaIN Lloyd. Happy new year and keep up the great work!

  • Dorothy said,

    I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years – I now call them my early warning system – when I turn them off they will buzz if I am near any emf emissions – our son’s home is blanketed with emfs so we spend little time there. Try it – just turn off your aids and walk around your home and they will let you know where the emfs are coming from. We turned off the power to our built in microwave as it emitted emfs even when not running. We have all electronics on power bars and when not in use the power is turned off – they keep emitting emfs even when turned off at the machine.
    You can do the same thing with a battery radio tuned in between bands.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Patti Zentara: I see you are from CA,USA. Please take note of the Smart Meter protest linked below.

    “Thomas E. Wheeler, recently appointed by President Obama as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be speaking in Mountain View and Oakland, CA on Thursday, January 9. Join planned protests and speak out against increasing wireless health damage.”

    “Fox in Charge of the Hen House: From 1992- 2004, Wheeler headed the wireless industry lobbying group, the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). During his stint at the CTIA, his own scientists told him that cell phones were causing brain tumors. He buried the data and fired the scientists.”

    “Tom Wheeler (FCC chairman) will be speaking in Silicon Valley at the Computer History Museum – 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View. Protest outside starts at 11am, event is from 12-1pm (it is a free Commonwealth Club event and is now open to the general public.) You must sign up in advance.”

    “Wheeler will also be speaking at the Preservation Park Niles Hall at 1233 Preservation Park Way in Oakland at 7 pm. We will hold a rally at the main entrance on 12th St. starting at 6pm. Tickets to this free event are sold out but the public is free to attend the rally.”

    Please take note and notify as many friends as possible. Thanks.

    Stop Smart Meters! http://stopsmartmeters.org/

  • Carol said,

    Hi Dorothy or Llloyd

    Thanks for your comments – its feels like there should be more we can do to raise awareness – LLoyd is doing a great job but from speaking to Friends the facts are not getting to the general public.

    Can I just ask – what is a power bar and what does it do?

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