Electrical Forensics – The Link Between EMF Exposures And Unusual Behaviors

You press a button it lights your home.

You press another it cooks your food.

Other buttons and devices, wash your clothes, brush your teeth, open your garage door and entertain you.

It’s marvelous.

What am I talking about?

Electricity of course.

It’s in our homes, our offices, in our cars it pervades nearly every aspect of our lives.

Electricity might be marvelous but there's two sides to the coin.

We know so little about the other side of the coin.

When Nikola Tesla invented the modern electrical system back in the 19th century his invention was seen as a gigantic technological leap forward.

Towns, cities and entire countries clamored to implement his invention. Few people stopped to consider how electricity worked or if it could be harmful to our health.

People were ignorant.

Today people are still ignorant.

When cell phones first came on the scene 20 years ago there was the same clamor, the same ignorance as when Tesla brought electricity into peoples homes 100 years before.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Tesla experienced mental health problems in the second half of his life subsequent to his work on electricity and the EMF exposures that came with it.

Marie Curie suffered early symptoms of radiation sickness following her work on radioactivity.

More recent pioneers of cell phone technology have suffered the same fate. Most people are ignorant of these facts also. Steven Magee is not.

Steven Magee is one of the leading radiation and human health experts in the world. Working in a hospital biomedical team he became fascinated in human illness and disease. His work as a Chartered electrical engineer took him to the worlds leading astronomical facility in Hawaii. In 2008 he commissioned the largest thin film photovoltaic installation in the world. He has travelled extensively and authored books on subjects as diverse as solar power, architecture and EMFs and human health.

Human Health And Electricity

electrical forensicsHis latest book, ‘Electrical Forensics’ deals with the latter two subjects.

When you talk about electricity things can soon get technical but Steven Magee goes to great pains to explain concepts in layman’s terms.

In his introduction he offers easy to understand definitions of some common electrical terms. He compares electrical current to the speed of a flowing river, voltage as the width, watts as the surface area and impedance as the slope of the river. He talks about electricity in the broadest sense of the term and gives some unique insights on wireless radiation, satellites, earthing, dirty electricity, harmonics, Faraday cages and shielding.

Earthing and stray voltage are subjects few people understand very well. Steven Magee explains these concepts very simply and uses a multitude of diagrams to show how utility and consumer grounding and stray voltage works.

Electrical Sensitivity

On electrical sensitivity (ES) Steven Magee says, “Radio wave sickness and electromagnetic hypersensitivity are easily preventable and one can only wonder how much longer the insanity of modern governments is going to be allowed to continue in this area”. He talks about shielding as a solution for ES, addresses the many misconceptions surrounding the subject and gives some solid and original ways of alleviating the symptoms of ES.

I found this book a fascinating and slightly eclectic read. I guarantee you will learn things. I learn't things.

Steven Magee doesn't mince his words he says, “electrical systems have been shown time and time again to increase the risk of illness and disease.” He explains complex issues relating to EMFs and health in simple, easy to understand terms.

EMFs, Plants And Trees

The biological effects of EMFs in plants and trees was extensively researched by Dr. John Nash Ott in the 1950s. This was not done just out of curiosity. We can learn a lot from plants. If an EMF can affect growth patterns in plants then it can probably affect human cellular development.

Steven Magee carries on where Dr Ott left off. Observing certain plants and trees can tell us a lot about our electromagnetic environment. There are lots of pictures of plants. We learn that the Dieffenbachia plant soon shows significant problems of leaf growth, leaf patterning and stem branching when placed near a common EMF source such as an LED TV.

There's a good section on cell towers and antennas with pictures of different types of antennas and how they transmit.

It’s a fascinating and enlightening read. This book is information dense and there's plenty of pictures and diagrams to bring clarity.

Where To Buy This Book?

The book exists in a paperback and you can buy it through Amazon, click here for details.

If you're interested in learning more about the health effects of EMFs with practical tips on mitigation I recommend reading Electrical Forensics.

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  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Regarding Nikola Tesla: Nikola Tesla was likely EHS

    From Chapter One of Electromagnetic Man by Cyril Smith:

    “Always an indefatigable worker, always using up his available energy with the greatest number of activities he could crowd into a day, always rebelling because the days had too few hours in them and the hours too few minutes, and the seconds that composed them were of too short duration, and always holding himself down to a five-hour period of rest with only two hours of that were devoted to sleep, he continually used up his vital reserves and eventually had to balance his accounts with Nature. He was forced finally to discontinue his work.”

    O’Neill then describes in detail Tesla’s illness, which has many of the features of environmental hypersensitivity disorders:

    “The peculiar malady that now affected him was never diagnosed by the doctors who attended him. It was, however, an experience that nearly cost him his life. To doctors he appeared to at death’s door. The strange manifestations he exhibited attracted the attention of a renowned physician, who declared that medical science could do nothing to aid him. One of the symptoms of the illness was an acute sensitivity of all the sense-organs. His senses had always been extremely keen, but this sensitivity was now so tremendously exaggerated that the effects were a form of torture. The ticking of a watch three rooms away sounded like the beat of hammers on an anvil. The vibration of ordinary city traffic, when transmitted through a chair or bench, pounded through his body. It was necessary to place the legs of his bed on rubber pads to eliminate the vibrations. Ordinary speech sounded like thunderous pandemonium. The slightest touch had the mental effect of a tremendous blow. A beam of sunlight shining on him produced the effect of an internal explosion. In the dark he could sense an object at a distance of a dozen feet by a peculiar creepy sensation in his forehead. His whole body was constantly wracked by twitches and tremors. His pulse, he said, would vary from a few feeble throbs per minute to more than one hundred and fifty. Throughout this mysterious illness he was fighting with a powerful desire to recover his normal condition. He had before him a task he must accomplish – he must attain the solution of the alternating-current motor problem.”

    Complete page: http://www.emfanalysis.com/tesla.html

    Radio wave sensitivity was already being documented as far back as 1933, yet no persons came forward in any robust way for nearly 50 years. In those same 50 years, thousands of department of defense investigations into radar and radio wave caused illness were hushed behind closed doors. The idea that disseminating information is the way forward is a falsehood. The acute and immediate reality of what needs to take place revolves around the fact that ALL high frequency communications devices need to be BANNED until further notice. There will be no takers here, because people have been indoctrinated into thinking they need these destructive technologies in order to live “normally”.

    Whilst books like ‘Electrical Forensics’ are fine for academic study, the situation upon humanity will require actual physical action and 50 years of massive remediation efforts. The safe disposal of virtually all current electronics technology is the imperative, yet how many persons will actually give up their cell phones? How many will permanently turn off their “high definition televisions? How many will be willing to physically tear down the EM radiation infrastructures? Waiting for our administrative class to make appropriate decisions (for us) is an experiment in folly and futility. Refuse to purchase, participate, condone, or financially support all pulsed electromagnetic technologies. NOW! It’s the only way out of the rabbit hole.

  • Pat said,

    I believe until people really – REEEEALLY – begin to question on a deep level why they are sick with strange illnesses and diseases and are made uncomfortable by them will people be willing to give up their comforts and live as our parents and grandparents did. Not a single thing wrong with going back to basics.

    Few people are willing to do so. Giving up a microwave oven; handy cell phone; numerous I-gadgets is not easy for this younger generation and spoiled adults.

    Many have never had to really sacrifice. Or choose to live with less. To use wind up clocks instead of cell phones at their heads. Or use a land-line phone; cooking whole and healthy foods instead of packaged, chemical laden, cardboard tasting mixes; grown, picked and eaten their own food right from a garden for each meal instead of relying on months old foods that is store bought and refrigerated; or lived by candle light or a lantern; or cooked a delicious breakfast or dinner over a wood burning stove.

    One day that might have to be, and how angry, displaced and confused the masses will be. When people take a stand and refuse to cater to the money hungry utilities and government alphabet entities they are in bed with…well, maybe we might just become a better, wiser nation instead of the stupefied masses of today!!

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Pat: My sentiments exactly. I have a dear friend who was born and raised on a (former) farm in Illinois. Large agribusiness finally forced his family off the land, along with nearly every other private farmer in Illinois. There are almost no privately owned and operated farms left in America.
    I was having a conversation with him about technology one day years ago, when he came up with this brilliant and sarcastic idea: “Hey! Let’s learn how to grow really good food. Then make sure everyone has some of it to eat!” Thanks for being here, Pat. We need more like you…

  • Pat said,

    Hi Paul – I am reading this very excellent book by Steven McGee. It is a stunner.

    In this book there are several graphic comparisons of plants and leaves that have been exposed to EMI/RFI/smart meters alongside plants or leaves that have not been exposed or have been removed from the EMF fields and growing naturally.

    Being a long time Master Gardener and dealing with the many challenges of planting and growing in the High Desert of California I have also noticed plant changes in my garden due to EMF and smart meter installations. This becomes just another challenge to get plants, even food crops, to grow. Purposefully planned, I truly believe. Or just another way for greedy, self-serving politicians to line their wallets.

    On the north side of my home there are 6 Lilac bushes. each about 7 feet tall growing in a north to south line.

    Always…always….the last 2 bushes that grow at the end of the row closest to the next door neighbor’s home (northward) begin to leaf out the earliest, well before the others, since these 2 bushes receive the morning sunlight first.

    The other 4 plants in this line-up start to receive their leaves a little later, by about a few weeks as the sun moves in a more northerly direction this time of the year. These are in the shade before the sunlight hits them. This has been going on for about the last 12-13 years when they were first planted.

    Since the next door (north side) neighbor’s smart meter is facing this line up of Lilac plants and about 12 or so feet away the last 2 plants that always leafed out first are just now barely starting to grow their very small leaves.

    The rest of the bunch, farthest away from the smart meter, have all leafed out and have Lilac buds ready to blossom.

    I first noticed this about a week ago and to me this was proof of smart meter debilitation to living tissue. I knew right away what caused these plants to grow slower when they never have before.

    The neighbor’s smart had been installed last summer (2013) so these plants have gone through their seasons of summer blossoms then into winter dormancy and now facing spring growth.

  • Paul Vonharnish said,

    Hello Pat: Your observations are quite correct. I began to notice plant degradation around a triad of radio and television towers near where I lived in 1990. Foliage colors were not the proper deep green, with yellowing and die-off quite obvious upon close examination. Also blighting and parasitic bacteria became more and more prevalent as Summer progressed. I also began noticing these effects along high tension power line corridors in the mid 80’s. I’ve been attempting to get people to realize that if this is how plant life (an elemental life form) is affected, than how about agricultural crops, prairie grasses and feed live stock, wild animal health etc.

    I’ve been on this mission since first notice in 1984. All these years later, there are hundreds of scientific studies relating what is easily observable with a healthy and normal human sensory system. My days of commenting on this issue are coming to a rapid close. It has become pointless to discuss or disseminate information to sub-specie human slaves, as recently evolved on this planet.

    My advice is to invest in large commercially available aluminum bug screening, and place screening between you and the most obvious origins of EM radiation. In my own opinion, the party in the northern hemisphere will be over by late Summer of 2014. People get the governance they deserve.

  • bill brennan said,

    Steve Magee is doing experiments showing plants deformed from living in Faraday cages. I wanted to build a faraday cage for sleeping and now am scared of that. What can be done?

  • Andrea said,

    I agree Paul. I haven’t been at it nearly as long as you, but I get ridiculed by some of my neighbors and they are just so dam stubborn and just want to live in their clueless worlds. It is so hard to get them to listen. Just today I took a bunch of timers around to my neighbors to try and get them to put their routers on timers to benefit everyone in the neighborhood some were just down right mean and can’t even begin to see or even want to understand the benefits. I did have a few that were open to it so I am hoping the few that do may be able to convince the more stubborn ones of the benefits. I must say I am tired of being ridiculed for well being different too smart or whatever.

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