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EMF Safety Guidelines Tens of Thousands of Times Too High

Danger lies around every corner every minute of the day.

Tomorrow you could walk out your front door and get run over by a bus.

Fortunately the chances of this happening are limited.

Buses aren’t left to run free in the world they are only allowed to run on roads.

People that drive buses need a special license and have to undergo regular medical checks.

When driving on the roads they have to obey certain rules and regulations.

A bus could mount the pavement and very easily run down tens or hundreds of people in minutes in a busy town.

This doesn’t happen because our governments protect us.

The same goes with many other potential dangers, our governments protect us.

Presumably the same goes for EMFs right?


How wrong?

Very wrong.

The video below shows just how wrong.

It’s probably the most instructive 3 minutes you’ve spent this year.

Here’s the video.

“The so-called safety limit is literally tens of thousands of times higher than levels which are known to damage health according to peer reviewed published science.”

The 3D bar chart shown in the video makes things abundantly clear.

That’s how little our governments are doing to protect us.

A runaway bus you could see it and miss it.

EMFs are invisible.

They can’t be seen, felt or heard (by most people).

They are tasteless and odorless.

Deploying wireless technologies puts money into government coffers.

Governments think they can’t afford to jeopardize these revenues by regulating these technologies.

How long before they realize the long term costs to peoples health far outweighs any short term revenue loss?

The video only talks about radio frequency (RF) radiation but the problem is the same with other forms of EMFs, electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity.

That’s why you need to take action to protect your own health.

Education is the key.

It’s the driving force which will enable you to take this action.

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