EMF Home Inspection Guide

For Brian, it started about 8 years ago.

He got really sick, literally overnight. He went to the doctor and they said nothing was wrong with him and that he just had a high-stress lifestyle.

So he took some time off, went on vacation. But as soon as he was back home, his symptoms were back.

He was experiencing memory loss, headaches, vibrations throughout his body, severe nose bleeds, an inability to regulate his body temperature.

“I couldn’t sweat. I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t sleeping. It was pretty bad.”

He went to another doctor and they said the same thing, that it was stress. He was actually diagnosed with extreme stress disorder.

And yet he didn't actually feel stressed, so he began to research.

He discovered that the symptoms he was experiencing were very close to mold illness and Lyme disease.

After running different tests with several doctors and specialists, and receiving the treatments for his mold infection and Lyme disease, he still wasn't better.

What he discovered is ‘that Lyme disease, mold illness, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity all have the exact same or similar symptoms.'

That's when he got really serious about learning about EMF. He bought EMF meters, and eliminated as much as possible the frequencies that he could feel.

But the more he was doing this, the more sensitive he became. And everyone around him thought he was going crazy.

I started having a specific symptom, like whenever I would feel vibrations in my body, I knew the body voltage was too high.

As long as he wasn't around EMFs, he felt normal. So he created an EMF sanctuary in his home.

Today, he is in the process of building an EMF-free community,”completely free of radio frequencies, magnetic fields, electric fields, everything will be at zero.

Brian's wife is a doctor who treats people with EHS, and Brian's is now an EMF Home inspection specialist.

Interview – EMF Home Inspection Guide

Brian Humrich headshotThursday, 27 May at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I'm interviewing Brian Humrich Ph.D.

Brian Humrich is a recognized EMF expert with five years of experience, performing life-changing home EMF inspections.

His knowledge and insights on the subject of EMFs stems from his personal experience with electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

He’s the author of the new book entitled DIY Home Inspection Guide. Brian currently performs EMF home inspections in Arizona. He’s in the process of building an EMF-free community.

Listen to my interview with Brian Humrich and discover:

  • The best 3 EMF meters to measure each of the 4 categories of radiation, and get reliable readings on your smart devices, 5G, electricity, etc. 
  • How your body is an antenna, and how you can measure the quantity of electricity your body is attracting and is surging, and reduce this vibration in your body 
  • The typical worst 3 offenders in your home, which can raise EMF levels thousands of times higher than they would otherwise be
  • How to ground your home and your appliances to reduce dangerous electric field exposures
  • 2 ways to create a safe EMF sanctuary (one is FREE), and why you should always get baseline measurements before doing anything 
  • A little known way to reduce the magnetic fields coming from the power lines surrounding your home 
  • 3 ways to deal with wireless (RF radiation) exposures in your neighborhood 
  • How Brian uses special clothing to limit his body’s exposure to radiation when going into a high EMF environment 


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