4 Best Apps For Detecting EMF’s

Unless you live in a cave with no modern appliances whatsoever, no electricity and no cell phone, you are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

What's more, your exposure to EMFs is probably many magnitudes higher than it would have been 50 years ago.

If you're like most people your EMF exposures are probably millions of times higher than you would naturally be exposed to in nature.

Let me explain.

Joe Bloggs EMF Exposures

Joe Bloggs is reading this now. He loves his wireless mouse because it doesn't have any untidy wires attached to it.

emf detector apps

But his cute wireless mouse is emitting a radio frequency microwave radiation signal somewhere in the region of 500 times a second to connect to his laptop.

The laptop itself is connected to the Internet via WiFi signal pulsing at some 2.4 billion times a second.

Next to his legs is a powerstrip and laptop charger emitting electric fields the minute they are plugged into the wall and magnetic fields when his laptop is being charged.

Joe is eco-conscious so his office and home is fully fitted out with Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), which do a great job of irradiating Joe and whoever else is nearby with dirty electricity.

Joe likes to eat organic, work-out and look after himself but unfortunately he's not very EMF aware.

He doesn't realize that exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields from every day appliances can pose a serious health risk.

He doesn't realize that thousands of studies link these EMF exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

  • DNA single and double strand breaks
  • increased blood brain barrier permeability
  • disruption of cell metabolism
  • disruption to brain glucose metabolism
  • generation of stress proteins

In truth he doesn't really understand all this or know what it means because it is a bit technical.

But lately he's been experiencing some vague symptoms and then he saw something on Facebook about EMFs.

It said EMFs could cause nausea, headaches and troubled vision , EMFs  disrupt the body’s natural biological processes which can lead to serious disease, even cancer.

Now Joe is wondering what to do.

If you're like Joe, wondering what to do. Then you can download my EMF protection Free Report to get a better understanding of what EMFs are and how to deal with them.

You can also read this guest post from Sadia Suhail which explains how you can download some free apps to detect EMFs:

You don’t need expensive electronic equipment to be able to detect electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) near you. Sounds ironic but you can use your smartphone. Tracking magnetic fields and radio frequency radiation in your environment has become much easier, thanks to the numerous power apps that offer EMF detector functionality alerting you when you are near these exposures. Many of these apps are FREE.

Let’s take a look at the best apps for detecting EMF’s.

1- Entity Sensor Pro-EMF Detector

Entity Sensor Pro EMF detectorRatings 4.3/5  This Android app will enable you turn your smartphone into a magnetic sensor which has the ability to detect local magnetic fields and alert you in due time. Additionally, you can even go ghost hunting with this app! Even better, not only can you view visual apparitions of ghosts but save them too!
This EMF detector app works similarly to the costly EMF detectors used by investigators on television who hunt for paranormal entities, the major advantage of the app over the costly electronic device indicator is that you can record and save the results.  What's more, it boasts the highest customer feedback and reviews.
Key features of the app include:
• Records and analyses EMF and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) data of nearby areas relatively accurately.
• Enables one audio recording related to EVP data analysis.
• The EMF readings that are saved can be demonstrated in a graph form on both mobile and PC’s.
• The strength of magnetic fields is measured precisely i.e. you will know which waves are strong and which ones are weak.
• App can be integrated to one's Google Drive to allow for upload of readings
• File size of 4.9 MBs
• A size of 46.9 MB
• Available in three different languages: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
• Free and premium versions are also available

The main disadvantage of this app is that according to the developer, it is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true metal detector functionality. The limited metal detector function is also dependent on and therefore limited to the internal hardware compass of an individual device.

For more information click here.

2- Electromagnetic Detector: EMF Scanner

emf detector appRatings 4.3/5 This Electromagnetic Detector EMF scanner app allows you to scan for electromagnetic fields where ever you go. It detects high risk wireless zones at home including those underground and behind walls. You can check if your household items such as a bed and electronic appliances such as a microwave oven are radiation free.
Your iPhone can be converted into an EMF meter via which you can detect the areas from which radiation is emitted such as wires, cellphones, wireless equipment etc.
The features included in the EMF scanner include:
• Time tracking of a magnetic field: You can save the date, location and time of the magnetic field detected by the app.
• A warning alert in form of a beep when you’re near a potential radiation source.
• Ability to gauge the strength of magnetic force fields from every axis i.e. (x,y,z)
• The ability to store 100 records.
• Measuring magnetic forces in Microtesla.
• You can send all measures via email.

For more information click here.

3- Ultimate EMF detector

Ultimate EMF detector appRating 4.1/5 This is a simple yet effective app for detecting electromagnetic fields and devices. And it's FREE. Surprise your friends and family with the amazing capabilities of your smartphone.
The app makes use of your phone’s magnetic sensor as a compass and reveals the measurements with the help of LEDS and classic needle meters.
The key features of this app include:
• Magnetic B fields are measured in microTesla, Gauss and miliGauss.
• The Auxiliary field H is measured in ampere per meter
• Availability of X,Y,Z graphs
• Data can be recorded and transferred to a computer as a text file (this requires permission to read and write on external storage)
• Recorder feature has a timer
• Sound notification on sudden EMF changes

With the Pro version you will get the following extra features:
• An Ad free experience
• Notifications via beep alerts on any EMF change
• Detector skins and backgrounds

For more information click here.

4- EMF Analyzer

Ghost Hunter (EMF, EVP, SCAN)Ratings 3.8/5 This app is designed for ghost hunters to detect and measure EMF emissions from paranormal activity to everyday objects. It measures the presence and strength of EMF emissions by using your device’s built in tri-axis magnetic sensor.
Detect and spot any kind of paranormal activity with and radioactive emissions with the EMF Analyzer tool available on the Google Play Store.
The app’s inbuilt tri-axis magnetic sensor which is measured in microTesla provides ample data which you can use to interpret the reading provided on the screen.
The key features of this app include:
• Real Time EMF readings
• Beeping notifications
• Strength bar
• Graph for interpretation
• Simple and user friendly design.
• Numerical display
• File size of 1.59 MBs

For more information click here.

Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

In conclusion, there is a lot you can do with the apps available on your smartphone from detecting paranormal activity to gauging the strength of radiation waves around you and even surviving the zombie apocalypse!
Author Bio:
Sadia Suhail is a serial content marketer, who is passionate about Inbound marketing, SEO, CRO, Email marketing and Ecommerce. She is a writer at Mobiwoz.com

My Thoughts

Cornet ED88Tplus EMF meterHere are my thoughts and observations on the above article:

There are good Apps and bad Apps but even a very good EMF detector App cannot replace an EMF meter.

So when do you use/buy an EMF detector App and when do you buy an EMF meter? That depends on your situation. Are you experiencing symptoms around WiFi and other EMF devices? (Click here to learn about EMF symptoms).

If the answer is no then downloading one of the EMF detector Apps on this page is an excellent first step in EMF protection. Prefer an App that has a paid upgrade, they tend to be better.

By the way I suspect that many of the features outlined for the different Apps in this article are only available with the paid version. But already you can get a good feel for the App using the free version. You can then upgrade to the paid version if you need more functionality.

If you are feeling symptoms around EMF devices buying an EMF meter is a no-brainer.

App To Measure Wireless Radiation

Another important point: all the Apps listed above are gauss meter Apps – they are only designed to measure magnetic fields. But most people are interested in measuring EMF emissions from WIFI, cordless phones and other wireless devices.

To read my review of a wireless radiation App click here.


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  • Carole said,

    That should keep those mobile phone freaks locked on for a little while longer…

  • EMF MAN said,

    This is the dumbest article i’ve seen on your website, how can you measure EMF’s when your cell phone is on. Every app is a gimmick that comes out. This article is discrediting your work and reputation.

  • ellie said,

    I agree with EMF MAN, this article is NOT worthy of all the years of work you’ve done building this site and your reputation. Exposing oneself to harmful EMFS while using a cell phone app to measure paranormal activity? Huh?

    There are many good sources for measuring EMFs, this one from Healthy Building Science, http://healthybuildingscience.com/2013/05/30/how-to-measure-emf/
    and this one from Oram Miller, http://www.createhealthyhomes.com/emf_meters.php

  • ellie said,

    Wow! It just gets more and more unbelievable! http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-telecoms-spectrum-idUSKCN0Z620H
    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says, “unlike some countries, we do not believe we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be, how it should operate and how to allocate spectrum, based on those assumptions.” Or how it impacts life on planet Earth!?!

  • ellie said,

    The vote is in. The U.S. Federal Communication Commission voted unanimously in favor of the new 5G spectrum network. Build it, get a competitive edge over the rest of the world, and worry about the biological and environmental affects later. *&?!


  • EMF XPERT said,

    I disagree with the past comments as I have done comprehensive testing of these apps. And while there are definitely junk apps done by amateur coders the apps that he has highlighted for Android in this article do indeed function quite accurately and measuring electromagnetic fields. It is quite typical for individuals to make comments without understanding what they are talking about and without even comments without understanding what they are talking about and without even testing and proving or disproving the data or comparing devices to see if it is legit or not. Making assumptions and not having a actual working knowledge of these devices and providing false information and supplying it as an opinion misleads understandings and further extends one’s ignorance into the realm of misinformation. There are with any application persons who fraudulently make claims to provide some sort of functionality regarding a full spectrum of services which do nothing and that is true with some of these EMF applications which can be easily verified using a variety of magnetic producing things that can be used to verify and test for emf fields as well as sensitivity. There is no self phone app that scans for electromagnetic fields that will replace a high-end detector however there are a few that were quite well good enough for an amateur and even an expert who wants a decent pocket sized detector. The best thing to do is try free apps that have paid upgrades they tend to be more legit then just paid ones and only free ones…. let’s put it this way if think could make the voice text as good as some of the EMF apps you’d never need to touch a virtual keyboard ever again even though that is comparing apples and oranges that is how much better some apps are then others in regards. Its important to not make assumptions or base and opinion when you do not have facts… Android I will agree overall is a pos os system but it’s because it is inundated with ad bloat spy and other ware which is more than likely interfering functionality as I am using and Android phone now to produce this comment and having one helluva time just having it typed the text your without having some sort of his you so keep that in mind. Until there is decent applications in general to handle all of this crap ware, it may be affected performance wise as a result. While every phone is different and hardware is crucial in the use of the magnetic receiving ability of the phone keep in mind that depending on the phone itself may depend on the actual ability of the app to have accurate results… if the phone has a lot of background crap going on it takes longer to crun check the numbers which also allows for more errors to occur which may create inaccuracy aND why a device that is designed for a specific purpose is always going to work better…. Keep in mind though if the ANDROID device is able within 1% to 10% as accurate as a $2000 device for the amateur this is fabulous since most of these apps are free to $5….

  • ellie said,

    PLEASE watch and share this 38 minute video to learn more about the new 5G Rollout in U.S:


  • Arshad said,

    I strongly support this research as there are many wonderful issues packed in here. Very easy to say we have this here and there but has one made efforts to highlight as done by this author. I totally agree with her efforts for humanity and recommend other to support and contribute not in total negativity or write off with jealousy

  • emfwatch said,

    the article does not make clear that the magnetic fields measured by phones/apps are dc, not ac. earths own magnetic field is 40-60 mikrotesla, which in vlf (e.g. 10 kHz) would be insane.

    the article makes not clear that those apps have no defined range for their antennas, and can only use the field strength measured by the builtin chip. this excludes tons of sources of radiation.

    you get a false sense of security.

    i must agree with others, that this article is far behind my expectations.

  • Ron said,

    Is signal strength seen on your cellphone is directly proportional to the electro magnetic radiation emitted from the nearby cell tower , if so then we are able to get a clue of radiation emitted from the nearby tower this way right ?

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