ElectroSmog: An Alarming Environmental Concern

The invisible threat of electro-pollution:

With the advent of modern technology, we have seen a rise in electromagnetic radiation that, although invisible, threatens our health and our environment in ways that we are only starting to discover. Because of civilization’s encroachment, our eco-systems have taken some serious blows in the last few decades. Electromagnetic Radio Frequency radiation (EMF or RF) is becoming electrosmog; and it is a clandestine threat that has the potential to rank among the highest dangers to the environment that we have yet seen.

The allure of amazing advances in mobile applications for wireless telecommunications devices has made us careless, blind or unaware of this potential danger. I am sounding a clarion call to raise awareness of this threat and to take action before damage from electrosmog produces unpredictable and disastrous results, not only to our health, but also to our biosphere.

We have seen vast increases in recent years of radio and television broadcasts, wireless internet, microwave energy, electrical power lines, cordless phones, and cellular transmissions. Because of this, all forms of life have been subjected to new, higher frequencies of EMFs that are estimated by scientists to be a hundred million times higher than 2 generations ago.

The well-being of all natural, living beings is threatened by electro-pollution.

If the quality of human health is being affected, as so many scientific studies have shown, and as I and others like me can feel, we must assume that the quality of the health of the natural living organisms around us is being affected as well. Animals, plants and the delicate balance of natural harmony are being disrupted because we are bombarding the airways with RF energy that disturbs life at the cellular level.

  • Drs. Alfred Gilman and Martin Rodbell, Nobel Prize winners in 1994, found that cells communicate with each other through low-level electromagnetic signals, these signals then conduct information throughout the body translating into biochemical and physiological processes. EMF radiation disrupts these signals, resulting in abnormal cell function and illness.
  • Dr. Singh, in 1995 produced research that showed damage to DNA from exposure to RF radiation. This damage could result in genetic mutation, illness, and cell death.
  • An Animal Study at Adelaide Hospital in Australia showed that animals exposed to EMF radiation developed tumors, and cancer cells.
  • There have been hundreds of statistically significant studies on the effects of radiation, all of them pointing to adverse health effects including: learning disorders, mood and behavior pattern alterations, nervous-system disorders and, of course, brain cancer, especially in children because of their vulnerable, thinner skulls. Without question, mobile phone and wireless transmissions negatively influence the brain’s activity.*

Now the only question remains, what are you and I going to do about it?

Well I am writing in this blog to get the word out, to educate and inform. People should at least know of the dangers.

But public action must be taken; politicians must be told and told again of these dangers. Legislative initiatives must be put in place to protect our environment –and it must happen soon.

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