4G: Exponential Increase in Electro-Pollution?

Stop the EMF Madness

Fourth Generation Wireless Technology (4G) is about to take our airways by storm. Great, Im all for technology and progress but what I am not all for is an exponential increase in electromagnetic radiation into our environment, more electro-pollution. We’ve clamored for newer and more technologically advanced ways to readily access more and more kinds of information through wireless connectivity. More is better right?

There’s nothing wrong with progress or higher forms of technology. But immoderate, thoughtless technological expansion has wrought havoc in our environment before, and it is happening again.

We want to have super hi-tech mobile communication devices so we can instantly place a video call, watch a streamed television broadcast in high definition and use multi-media messaging to send elaborate communications. We want to do this anywhere and anytime. What’s wrong with that?

The 4G Communications System: Can Our Health Survive It?

It’s not until you get sick from electromagnetic radiation that you really understand why some thought needs to be put into just exactly how transmissions get delivered to our mobile devices. When you first noticed the phenomenon of “cell head”, didn’t you feel something was very wrong with the way the cellular signal was transmitting into your brain? You placed a call and put the mobile phone to your head, then talked for thirty minutes to an hour, and the phone got hot and your head got hot and tingly, you felt funny on the side where you were holding the phone, even slightly dizzy. Remember?

Maybe you don’t remember, I hope you never have to. But I do remember. Its horrible. And this was only the first time, it got much worse afterwards.

That’s why you started using the speakerphone function and hands-free ear pieces, so you wouldn’t get “cell head” and maybe, you hoped, you wouldn’t get cancer because you’re not holding the cell phone to your head anymore…at least not for very long. But what about the cumulative damage that happens from constant radio frequency energy, “electro-pollution”, whizzing around all over the place? These are EMFs from all kinds of sources: cell masts, Wi-Fi, other people’s wireless devices, computers, television, cordless phones, microwaves, power lines, antennas, and more.

4G Infrastructure Expansion Means More RF’s

During a panel discussion, the CEO of WFI (a telecom infrastructure development company) commented: “4G is about applications.” Yes, we are enticed by an increasing array of “apps” to use with our newer, more powerful mobile phones/devices. What 4G means in terms of the expansion of the existing infrastructure is new cell tower sites, new antennas, and more base stations (up to 70 thousand new base stations for Verizon alone). We can only assume this means more unchecked radiation. This may spell disaster in terms of health and safety. **

Do we really need more towers, more base stations, antennas and faster connection speeds? And if the answer is yes, do we need to install and operate them in such a manner that we create epidemic illnesses?

We have apparently given very little thought to the cost to our health that ever-increasing cellular technology may accrue. Perhaps some earnest research into effective ways to increase connectivity without compromising human health should be conducted and implemented before 4G (or worse-5G) runs rampant through the atmosphere.

Costly though it may be to the telecommunications industry to produce safer transmissions, it will be much more costly in terms of human health and quality of life to blindly barrel ahead with 4G infrastructure installation without careful consideration of alternatives.

There are people who can walk into a building or an area that has a high density of electromagnetic radio frequency and we immediately start to feel unwell. I am one of those people.

We are cursed, or blessed depending upon how you look on it, with ES or electric sensitivity, or electric sense as I like to call it. If the density of EMF radiation increases everywhere, as the advocates for proliferating 4G Wireless Communications are now planning, more people will become sensitized to electrical frequency radiation because the effects of radiation are cumulative, as any x-ray technician will tell you.

Even though we can’t see EMF’s,electrosmogis there, and it is a real threat to human health. Imagine an exponential (4G) increase in electro-pollution. Now imagine having “cell head” all the time, all through your whole body.

I know what this feels like, and please dont misunderstand me, Im not complaining, because I do feel blessed. I never got cancer. But I can tell you something is wrong, very wrong. I’m all for technological progress but lets be clear on the pro’s and cons. Am I the only one that can see whats really happening?

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  • deni said,

    i am agree with you, usually in wifi tech more speed is more gain or more power, i’d love technology that no harm to the health.

  • Morgan said,

    I was just gifted a 4g phone for my birthday. I fel that 4g is a way to force people to consume more – think in a wasteful fashion – not be concerned about health because the alternative is just too mind-numbingly entertaining. When i confront people i love about how we live our lives i just get ‘oh well’ and ‘i don’t want to live forever anyways’… this is accepted defeat. Why do we need all this crap? We’ve never had it before and now it’s absolutely unavoidable. I feel that all we are doing with this junk is making fat cats fatter and ourselves sicker. Glad you wrote this.

  • R.H. Thom said,

    To: Lloyd

    From what I can tell, it’s been over 4 years since you last said anything about 4G.
    Two weeks ago the city council allowed one of the cell providers that rent space on the city water tower here to reduce the number of transmitters/antennas and install 4G.
    Since then I have gone from a world I could almost tolerate to a world of how much longer can I endure this. My faraday cage that I relied on to sleep in has become less effective. I feel now like there is a low voltage current going through my body most of the time and the surface of my skin starts to feels warm and intensity of headaches have increased. My question on 4G is: 1. Can 4G more readily penetrate metal & stone sided buildings. My previous knowledge of cell transmissions is that they would travel in a straight line until they hit a dense obstruction like a big tree, hill or metal building and bounce off. 2.Is the 4G transmission from the tower sent at a higher wattage or amperage than say 3G. 4. Also, I have read that the electricity sent to the cell tower inverter must be converted and this converted electricity cannot be sent back to the substation. So, the cell provider just sends the converted electricity to ground, which can cause health effects 500 meters from the tower. With 4G would the effect of this converter stray voltage extend beyond 500 meters? 5. Finally, if 4G can go right through steel is the water in the cities tower(s) being MicroWaved. How about the ponds in the parks within the city, is that water and aquatic life being MicroWaved changing the very structure of the water itself rendering it less than assimilatable to all living things?

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