Cell Phones for Children at School: Learning Made Deadly

The subject of cell phones in schools is a subject of much debate.

Some people are saying that cell phones in schools are a good thing. That they should be used as a learning aid in the classroom. There are parents who are saying that they prefer their child to have a cell phone in school so they can stay in contact with them. They argue that in case of an emergency, their child has a readily available way to contact help or report an incident.

But aren't we forgetting something here? Cell phones in children’s hands and next to children’s heads are exceptionally dangerous in cell phones in schoolsterms of the health risk. Fact.

I firmly believe that cell phones pose a significant health threat to children. Numerous scientific studies show the link with brain cancer. Children should use cell phones only in extreme emergencies.

Having kids use cell phones at school would be great if we could give them a cell phone and be sure they would keep it turned off unless there was an absolute dire emergency. If they absolutely had to contact their parent immediately and there was no other way of contacting them. But how often is this the case?

Cell Phones: Tool or Toy?

We know that kids of all ages love tech gadgetry (and not just kids, I love gadgets too!). Of course, they want the newest toys on the market. There is no doubt that they face (sometimes intense) peer pressure to keep up with their friends. It is highly unrealistic to think that kids will keep their mobile phones in backpacks, turned off all day, until they need them for checking in or for emergencies.

Do you seriously think that while they’re home, they’ll refrain from texting and chatting away with their buddies. Think again, we all know what really happens.

Texting, web surfing, game playing and talking are irresistible cell phone activities for kids of all ages. Cell phones can be of great benefit for emergency use, as a communication and informational tool, and for getting messages through. But let there be no doubt in your mind at all, the risks far outweighs the benefits.**

Besides being a distraction, and besides being a way to practice detrimental social activities (e.g.: internet bullying), cell phones and communication devices are a danger to children specifically because young ones are more vulnerable to the electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) that continuous use subjects them to. Kids who use cell phones have up to a five-fold increased risk of brain cancer.

Alternatives to Cell Phones in Schools

There are other options for emergency communication that are available that do not put our youth at risk. The most obvious that comes to mind is the good old land line telephone. This can be a payphone in the school, in a corridor or communal area. Or it can be a system the school puts in place whereby the kids go to an office in the school when they need to contact a parent urgently and the they are allowed to use a phone.

My kids have this in their schools. This is easy to impliment. The school just has to be open to doing this. It needs some supervision but its a small price to pay to stop radiating our kids unnecessarily.

Cell phones in schools may sound like a good idea, but its not, long term they jeopardize our kids health.

Take action to safeguard your health today – see my 12 tips to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.


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