Electromagnetic Radiation Will Kill Our Children

An alarming trend has now begun to emerge in the mobile phone community.

A huge proportion of cell or mobile users are turning out to be children. In fact, if you go by statistics, nearly half of 5-9 year olds in developed countries now own personal mobile phones.

Though there are guidelines issued in many countries that no one under 16 should use mobile phones, they are clearly being flouted. Even shops are selling mobile phones to kids as young as 10.

Are Mobiles Phones Necessary For Children?

Parents argue that when a child has a mobile phone, it is easier for them to stay in touch with their child.

They do not mind giving them cell phones or paying their bills, even though they are hefty at times due to excessive downloads of games and ringtones, which the children are often up to on their handsets.

But the problem lies elsewhere.

The Chilling Revelation

There is one serious risk.

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation. These radiations are harmful for human cells and can cause tumors in the brain. There are reports that many of these tumors later turn into malignant ones.

Children are more vulnerable because they have thinner skulls and their brains are still developing. It is easier for the radiation to penetrate their tender skulls and cause tumors in the brain.

In fact, research shows that the risk of developing brain tumors is almost five times more for people who start using phones before 20.

The Alarm Bells Are Ringing

Even though we cannot see it, electromagnetic radiation is slowly killing our children. If we do not wake up to this chilling truth today, then tomorrow will be too late.

I think there are different ways to address this critical issue. Your child’s age is a critical parameter, for children under the age of 12 for me the only answer is an out and out mobile phone ban. But for older children, those aged 12 to 18 years old this is not necessarily the answer. You can think about allowing your children to use mobile phones only during emergency. Then you can buy them low-radiation handsets or get them text-only handsets. BlueTooth earpieces are sometimes better, but they too have some amount radiation. So you have to be careful.

I am sure, mobile phone use among children is definitely going to be a major health issue in the days ahead. How you will protect your little ones will depend entirely on how you deal with them on this issue. But you have to be informed to do justice to your task. I have 2 children and so again this is an issue I have had to deal with personally. But my kids have seen the effects cell phones have had on my health, I don’t have to do too much explaining. What are you doing for your kids? Or even your friends kids or other children you regularly come into contact with. Get wise, act now before its too late.

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