Electrification The Silent Killer

Can you even wildly imagine that power lines in your home or in your workplace can be a cause of cancer? If we are to accept what is coming out of research, then this is a dangerous reality.

Power Lines And EMFs

Lines that carry electricity, powerlines, have electric and magnetic fields around them. Together these fields form what we call electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

Studies have revealed that there is a very strong link between exposure to electromagnetic radiation of power lines and incidence of both childhood and adult leukemia.

Electricity Sickness

So wherever you are living in close proximity to an electric line, be it your bedroom, or your workstation, or when you are traveling in transport run on electricity, you are increasing your risk of cancer.

Electricity consumption is galloping at an incredible pace, all over the world. We have become totally dependent on electricity. Most people could not think of living without it.

But I honestly believe, electrification has caused us more harm than good when it comes to our health.

There is evidence of increasing incidences of conditions such as diabetes, depression, cardiac disorders, circulation problems and suicides, not to mention cancer, which clearly correlate with the intensification of electrification, over the years. I believe these illnesses are not due to lifestyle changes, as is generally argued, but are quite simply different manifestations of electricity sickness.

Is Electricity Safe?

Given this situation, two fundamental questions obviously come to mind :

  1. How safe are our homes where we have so much electricity and electric lines around us?
  1. What amount of exposure can be considered as safe?

Our homes have low-voltage supplies. There are indications that these supplies account for around 77% of our exposure of moderate levels. On the other hand, supplies that run along the overhead power lines, which are usually high-voltage supplies, account for around 23% of exposure.

There are no clear-cut indications on what could possibly be safe exposure. But one thing is clear – the higher the flow of current, the higher the electromagnetic radiation, and hence, the higher are your chances of being affected.

Electricity Friend Or Foe?

Electricity is indispensable, yet it can be detrimental to our health.

This is a strange dichotomy that we have to accept.

The key to this problem is, finding some way utilizing it whilst minimizing the health risk.

Many Governments have already made laws about safe zones surrounding high-voltage electricity transmission and distribution lines. These laws are meant to regulate setting up of homes and establishments in the proximity of power lines. Why so often have these laws been flouted?

Similarly, in homes, the layout of electricity wiring and furniture plans needs to be made in such a way so as to ensure that exposure over long periods of time while sleeping, reading, working or simply relaxing are brought down to bare minimum.

Gradually there are people who are now waking up to this new threat. I’m one of them. I had to wake up about it, my body saw to that. What about you? Have you woken up to the dangers of electricity sickness?

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