Electromagnetic radiation – The Threat Is Real!

You won’t believe how your innocuous mobile phone or your BlueTooth headset could potentially harm your health, catching you completely unawares.

The whole world is up to an insane craze to go wireless.

Mobile phones, BlueTooth devices, wireless computing applications – you name it, they are there, be it in your home or in your workplace or in schools and more importantly on your person.

True, they have made our lives a lot more convenient than what they used to be even a few years ago, with those messy wired applications.

But they pose a threat, which often goes unnoticed.

It’s a very potent threat and it directly concerns you.

All these wireless devices and their supporting infrastructures carry a serious health risk, which can be lethal.

Young people who are not prepared to live a single minute of their lives without these hi-fi gadgets may scoff at this.

But this is true and indeed very startling, something that everyone on this planet has to come to terms with very seriously.

All these wireless gadgets and their supporting infrastructure such as mobile phone base stations and masts are potential sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Though such radio-frequency radiations have a long history, dating back to the 20th century when man-made radio-frequency radiations were used by the military in radars and sometimes as weaponry, their health-related risks largely remained unnoticed until they were first documented in 1974.

That was the time when the term “microwave sickness” was first coined.

Military personnel exposed to electromagnetic radiation from various sources started reporting many symptoms such as headache, fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, skin irritations, impotence and altered blood pressure etc.

Subsequently, many interesting articles were also published documenting the harmful effects that these wireless devices pose to human health.

It was reported that different parts of the body absorb electromagnetic radiation differently.
In fact, those parts, which contain more water such as blood, skin, muscles, brain and peripheral nerves, are more vulnerable than bones and fat.

So you have those symptoms of feeling hot on the skin, fatigue, nausea, and disorders of the peripheral nerves leading to numbness, tingling sensations and even paralysis in the fingers and toes, when you are exposed to radio-frequency radiation over long stretches.

The alarm bells have already started ringing, more so since published reports show that there is no known cure for such electricity sickness; restoration to full health is extremely difficult and unsure after long-term exposure to electromagnetic radio-frequency radiation.

Moreover, there are also strong indications that this radiation can also cause cancer, particularly malignant tumors in the central nervous system.

So that’s it, folks!

Your everyday wireless companion may not be as friendly as you thought them to be.

Many Governments are imposing safety zones around masts and transmission infrastructure. Russia has 2000 meters and New Zealand has 500 meters of sterile area surrounding such transmitters.

Your awareness is your best remedy. You need to know the truth. Maybe those messy wired applications weren't so bad. Stay tuned here for the next post.


Electromagnetic radio-frequency devices such as mobile phones, BlueTooth appliances, wireless computing etc. pose serious health risks to users and others. Stay informed, this is the best way to avert significant health problems. More…

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