Cell Phones Cause Cancer

There I said it now, got it off my chest. This is just my personal view, as someone who has been electrosensitive for the best part of 10 years, because I'm no scientist and I'm no doctor, as I frequently like to remind you.

How can I be so sure? What you mean apart from the profound impact to my health that using a cell phone has had? I just know.

I've been submerged in this topic for such a long time. I've read about the DNA changes, I read about the tumors people are getting on the same side of the head where they put their cell phone. I have met and interacted with countless people who suffer the way I suffer, and worse. I know that the electromagnetic radiation given off by cell phones and WiFi and cell phone masts, and so on, is all creating a buildup of electrosmog which is absolutely detrimental to the well-being of the human race. I know this may well not be proved for a good while yet because there are too many people who don't want it to be proved who have too much money, namely the cell phone industry.

These people are driven by one thing, greed. These people are putting the lives of millions at risk through their greed.

This week Times Magazine published an article entitled, How safe is your cell phone? Yes you know Time magazine the one which has existed since 1923, the magazine that is considered to be historically one of the most important publications in print, and which today still has a paid circulation of around the 3 million mark.

So what was the gist of this article, well pretty much the gist of what I've been saying. Okay they didn't as much come out with it and say that cell phones do cause cancer, but Brian Walsh in his article does lay things out fairly clearly. He points out that the state legislature in Maine were sufficiently worried about the detrimental effects of the electromagnetic radiation generated by cell phones to consider passing a law to warn people about it. Mr Walsh in his concluding remarks makes an implicit reference to the dirty tricks campaign of the cellphone industry, for whilst there are independent studies showing “that a single two-hour exposure of Radio Frequency radiation at levels considered safe by U.S. standards produced the sort of genetic damage in rats' brain cells that can lead to cancer” the cell phone industry has carefully ensured that there are more studies produced showing the contrary.

So it's an uphill task. I suppose I will have to wait a while before I can read the headline in Time Magazine “ Cell phones cause cancer” but curiously I think it won't be that long a wait.

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