Electromagnetic fields – EMFs – Free Teleseminar

At 9 am Eastern Standard Time on Thursday December 1st 2011 I will be holding a free teleseminar on “Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Your Health”.

The teleseminar will cover the following subjects:

– EMFs and you, how to protect
– Understanding EMFs
– EMFs and children
– WIFI and your health
– Smart meter radiation
– Cell phone tower radiation

And any other questions you may have.

To register for this call click here.

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  • Trish said,

    I love your website and it’s great to see so much information on this condition! I am electrosensitive, and had almost completely overcome my condition, but was exposed to very high levels at a country home (stayed overnight) – and now I’m back to square one again! Very frustrating!! It’s so good to give people with this condition HOPE – that it can be overcome. Keep up the great work. I will link your website to mine. Best Wishes, Trish

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