Electrical Sensitivity: Interview With World Renowned Expert

“As we boarded the plane I started upchucking [violently convulsing] again and I was trying to be quiet about it – thinking that if these people only knew what I was going through.

That was horrible.

How could any scientist deny this? And what about the power companies?

The plane got ready to take off. We were airborne and I continued to have a massive upchucking episode.

When the plane got high enough up in the air, I settled down. I sat real quite and remained positive.

I couldn’t help but wonder why EMF/ES was so secretive and silenced. It’s very real and happening because I was suffering from being exposed unknowingly. I knew that if I was suffering, then there must be many others all over the world suffering as well.

I had to find a remedy.

Something just had to be done about this sickness.

I understand that society could not handle an epidemic of fear so finding remedies had to be found. I knew my body could heal. I just had to find the right ingredients.

It was time to land in Dallas, and as we descended I started to upchuck.

I was thinking the whole way, I can do this, and we are almost there.

We landed and hurried to get our luggage; then caught a taxi to take us to where we were staying. We checked into our room……..we unpacked and went to the Environmental Health Center, Dallas to see Dr. Rea.”

The above is an extract from Beth Sturdivant’s book ‘Backyard secret Exposed – A Journal of My Healing Path Back To Life’. I wrote a review of Beth's book a couple of weeks ago which generated a lot of interest.

There’s a reason I’m sharing this extract with you.

Two reasons actually.

Why I'm Sharing This

The first one is that next Thursday I’m interviewing Beth live on air as part of my interviews series.

Dr. William J. Rea
Dr. William J. Rea

The second reason is that I’m also interviewing world renowned expert on electrical sensitivity Dr. William J. Rea.

I'm very happy to interview Beth and Dr. Rea. Beth has a fantastic story to tell and she attributes her recovery, in part, to the treatments she received from Dr. Rea.

Beth's symptoms were extreme and yet she was able to get her life back on track, to succeed where others are still faltering.

Why was that? Was it all down to Dr. Rea? What treatment did Dr. Rea give her?

Perhaps there's a more fundamental question; what does Beth have that other sufferers don't?

There's a clue in this testimonial written by Dr. Rea, published in Beth's book:

“After receiving good environmental treatment, this patient got dramatically better. She was able to resume function in society. Her saga shows that an individual who was very sick can recover with environmental manipulation if the individual persists like Beth Sturdivant did.”

There's a very important word in this statement. Persists.

Persistence is something I can strongly relate to.

Electrical sensitivity is tough. It's tough on the person who has it and it's tough on immediate family and friends.

Most people have absolutely no idea how much strength, stamina, determination and persistence you need to ‘beat electrical sensitivity'.

Interview Double

Next Thursday, October 2nd, at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr. Rea and Beth Sturdivant. The interview will last approximately one hour.

Dr. William J. Rea, M.D. is something of a living legend.

He’s a true pioneer and currently the leading researcher and clinician in the field of environmental medicine and electrical and chemical sensitivity.

He’s director of the Environmental Health Center (EHCD) in Dallas, TX, has published nearly 200 papers and abstracts over the past 50 years and has lectured and had teaching appointments worldwide. He’s received a string of medical awards including the Special Achievement Award by Otterbein College in 1991 and the Twentieth Century Award For Achievement in 1997. He’s also written four volumes, Chemical Sensitivity 1, 2, 3, and 4, which are considered by many to be classics in the field. His books are based on the treatment at the Environmental Health Center of around 30,000 patients since 1974.

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  • Marene Mayer said,

    This looks great – thanks Lloyd for all you do and looking forward to reading Beth’s book!

  • keini said,

    Hi Lloyd. I have just, today, finished reading Beth’s book and found it extremely interesting. I could hardly put it down till I had finished it! I intend to look up the books and info. she gave in the book. I look forward to the interview with Beth and Dr Rea. Thank you for setting up this interview.Best wishes.

  • Colleen Imrie said,

    I cannot believe your subscribers could be so mean spirited as to complain over the time allowance of 72 hours.

    One would think that the more people aware of EMF’s & what will help them the better for all of us.Surely knowledge is power. I love to help by sharing everything I can to raise awareness, whether I have paid for it or not.

  • Rosemarie said,

    Lloyd I shared on some EHS groups! Looking forward to this one.

  • ellie said,

    Because of ES I don’t have internet access in my own home, and it is a challenge to listen to replays within 24 hours, also considering time zone changes, weekends, etc. Please reconsider going back to 72 hours.

    Thanks for scheduling Dr Rae. He is an amazing doctor, humanitarian, and environmentalist.

  • Heather said,

    I am looking for suggestions about EMF protection on a sailboat. Any chance that might come up in tomorrow’s interview?

  • Jason D said,

    Wow, this upchucking is what I go through every day. I didn’t have a name for it though. I’m lucky to have a supportive family that is helping me setup an emf free sleep area in their house and an emf free office. Right now I stay in a cabin in the woods that has only electricity and sleep under a emf blocking sheet. Wild!

  • Jon Draw said,

    My question for Dr. Rea: What laboratory experiments have been done to determine the effects of microwaves on living human cells at these commonly used frequencies and intensities for cell phones & radiation towers, as well as the various WiFi equipment and the so-called Smart Meter technology? The goal should be to ascertain the level at which such radiation must be lowered to the point of having no adverse effects upon biological organisms.
    We know that the purported safe standards in the United States have been set according to the Thermal Effects of the radiation impinging upon People and Animals in such environments. However the nature of the very high frequencies and fluctuations of such electrical energy are contrary to the natural resonances of our biological processes such as our vulnerable blood circulation, heart rhythm, and brain waves and delicate transmission of electro-chemical signals from the brain necessary to monitor the many functions of the various organs in our bodies.

    Therefore since we do not wish to be experimental lab rats in microwave ovens, we need clear, well defined knowledge as to the effects on living organisms well below the levels of Thermal effects produced by these microwaves. Once such data has been established by carefully conducted and documented experiments, such objective information should blanket the internet for all to be informed.

    Then the telecommunications and electricity-based utilities/corporations must be required to respond in a responsible manner that safeguards the public in all spheres of their daily experience, whether at home or beyond. We should not assume that the hazards are only within our homes, places of employment and other public structures; these microwaves are saturating our environment nearly, if not, 24/7. As such, they are having disastrous effects upon our bird and bees populations, the birds controls our detrimental insect populations, while the bees are necessary to pollinate our food crops, as well as produce that very important sweetening agent, honey.

    Public officials should know better by now, and if they do nothing to correct the situations, it is realistic to consider this hazard as “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” and to not be taken lightly.