Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – My Review

w“I started to play around with electricity when I was thirteen years old. Around that time I got my first home computer system, which was to spark an interest in electricity and electronics. I left school at sixteen and became an apprentice electrician at the city center university research group for ten years, and I have to say that I noticed people changing during that time.

I had noticed that some of the electricians had made the electrical rooms into workshops and they spent most of their day in them. In particular, there were two electricians who used to take their breaks in these rooms and sleep against the switchgear. They had very strange personalities!

In 1987 the hospital was in the process of switching over from conventional florescent lighting to electronic florescent lighting and installing computer systems for the medical records. There were robots in the sterile areas, ultrasonic baths, high frequency induction furnaces in the laboratories, RADAR operated automatic doors, and so on. I was working with many modern devices and no one ever warned me about the toxicity of these. In fact, no one ever told me about effects, harmonic energy making electromagnetic fields on cables get very large, pulsating magnetic fields affecting the brain, electrical and electronic field emissions and to stay out of them.

I would regularly work through the hospital underground distribution system corridors and be inches from 6000 volt AC electricity power cables and florescent lights. We would smash up the numerous florescent tubes that we would change every week, releasing toxic clouds of mercury contaminated white phosphor dust. Today, I can only imagine what these things must have been doing to my biological health.

The thing about working in a hospital is that you get to meet a lot of people who are sick and dying. I would have many conversations with these people over the years. The consistent thing that they would repeatedly say to me is that they could not understand how they had become ill. It was always a mystery to them.

Curing Electromagnetic HypersensitivityThis is an extract from Steven Magee’s latest book, ‘Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity'.

Steven’s written a series of books on the phenomena of EMFs and health.

Not because he’s got a passing interest in the subject.

Because, to use his own words, in 2009 he received a “biologically toxic electromagnetic radiation exposure” and he became electromagnetically hypersensitive.

Biologically Toxic Radiation Exposure

He noticed something was wrong when he started having memory problems, he couldn’t remember telephone numbers and passwords. More troubling symptoms ensued; massive fatigue, insomnia, intestinal pains and diarrhea, forgetfulness, hot skin and nerve pains.

At home his relationship with his partner became strained and within a year they broke up.

All I wanted to do was lay in bed.

He knew his work environment wasn’t good.

At the time he was working in a cubicle desk surrounded by colleagues with cell phones and computers with WiFi. His desk was next to the electrical room that housed the computer network equipment for the building and the wireless router. High voltage overhead utility power lines were approximately 30 feet from his desk. His office was situated across the road from an airport facility.

He decided to seek medical help. His doctor said his symptoms were ‘a normal aspect of aging' and prescribed him Provigil to keep him awake. The Provigil allowed him to stay awake but the medicine also caused unpleasant side effects.

Research & Experimentation

Stevens symptoms became extreme. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Despite being an electrical engineer he realized he knew surprisingly little about EMFs and health. He started to research extensively and conduct his own experiments.

He discovered the pioneering work of John Nash Ott, who had devoted more than 30 years to research the effects of EMFs on plants.

He advanced in a scientific manner experimenting on himself and in his own home. He realized that by observing leaf growth, leaf patterning and stem branching on the Dieffenbachia plant he could determine the toxicity of different locations in his home and garden. He measured the EMFs in his environment and took corrective action.

Biological Toxins

His measurements revealed that his own home in Tucson Arizona and other homes he visited in the Tucson area were loaded with biological toxins:

  • stray voltage on tiled floors, toilets, sinks, baths and gardens that radiate harmful EMFs from the electrified ground they are planted into
  • high voltage power lines emitting a wide range of EMFs
  • neighborhood wireless emissions including smart meters
  • high levels of radio frequency radiation in the environment of Tucson – RF levels that averaged around 1000 mV/m in city areas and peaks of 2000 mV/m in homes and businesses
  • irresponsible siting of cell phone towers, many towers located in dense residential neighborhoods
  • refusal of city officials to allow residents to submit evidence regarding known biological toxicity of cell phone towers
  • sonic boom infra-sound emissions from a nearby military bombing range
  • a host of other emissions including radar, chem-trails, sonic roars, sonic pulsations and communication signals from military transport

Despite these toxic conditions Steven successfully adapted and achieved a 95% recovery in his health.

How Did Steven Achieve A 95% Recovery?

He made adjustments to his home environment to deal with these EMFs.

He got wise to dirty electricity. He made his own filters to deal with this. He identified wiring errors in his home, he had these corrected. He also had his root canal removed. Much to his surprise a metal rod was extracted from his mouth that had been supporting the metal cap.

In 2008 Steven had commissioned the largest thin film photovoltaic installation in the world, so he already knew a lot about light. He researched health and light and particularly the treatments developed for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). He experimented with different light exposures and developed what he calls ‘Horizon Polar Sky Fatigue Therapy', ‘Rotational Sleeping' and ‘Rouleaux Flushing'.

He looked at the grounding of his home. He realized that the classic Ufer grounding as used in most American homes was “largely useless”. He upgraded his home grounding and developed a system of RF grounding to improve on this.

The Breakthrough

Experiments with the Dieffenbachia plants lead to a breakthrough. By connecting them to a 1.5 volt battery he observed that the plants flourished. He deduced that these favorable results were caused by the DC voltage of the battery which was replicating the DC charge from the earth.

He decided to experiment on himself and devised a nutritional protocol based on salts and minerals (electrolytes) to enable his body to better derive benefits from the earths natural DC charge. He compares this ‘Radiation Resistance Supplementation Routine' to lead acid battery maintenance, “the human body appears to be a rechargeable battery that is charged from the atmospheric DC voltage and by being barefoot in contact with the ground”.

Where To Buy This Book

‘Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity' can be purchased at

Upcoming Steven Magee Interview

A few days ago I conducted an interview with Steven. My interview covered the following subjects:

  • Radiation Resistance supplementation
  • Rouleaux Flushing
  • Horizon Polar Sky Fatigue Therapy
  • Rotational Sleeping
  • How to RF ground & the issue of stray voltage

Access will be free to the interview but only to my subscribers. I'll be broadcasting the interview in 2 weeks time.

Update: This interview has now been broadcast. You can access the MP3 download and transcript of this interview here

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  • pat said,

    wondering how one can affordably test for this sensitivity and what to do about it SINCE i am broke, sick, and old and don’t know anything about electricity beyond switching on and off the switch. Personally, i tried to stop the installation of smart meters next to my bed but was physically assaulted, threatened, extorted for money etc. so stopping their installation did not work. I did line that wall with aluminum insulation in hopes that would work–but i don’t know if it is working because my hair is more than half fallen out still and not come back. I also just bought some earthing mats and hope that will help once they arrive. I can just walk by an electrical outlet and trigger the surge protectors. In fact, was banned from the business machine room at work where the big copy machines were kept because if i got within a few feet of them, they would stop working. ???????? whadup with THAT?

  • Bernadette McInerney said,

    I have the same degree of EMF attack my body 24/7 for approx. 6 years (that I am physically, mentally and spiritually aware of!)

    I would really appreciate if you could keep me updated by email.

    Many thanks.

  • Lienke said,

    I read Steven Magee’s two other books “Toxic Light” and “Toxic Electricity” which were very interesting. I liked the fact that he measure the stray electricity/voltage in his home and yard and would like to do that in my own home/yard. I had been alerted by Dave Stetzer from one of his interviews that most of North America is now contaminated by this stray voltage and that as a result grounding becomes difficult to execute. Anyway Thanks Lloyd for all your work that is soo important for so many people.

  • Shirley Joy Jackson said,

    Due to a time-out when my computer crashed, I haven’t yet heard Lloyd’s interview of Steven. But from Lloyd’s article, I just celebrated that another person has had the strong heart and courage to navigate these challenges we have today. It’s so empowering and appreciated to have these stories shared.

    I’ve just been reading The Body Electric by Becker and Selden. They speak of many incredible discoveries uncovered by NOT taking the status quo for granted, but searching for the What-is-So. The “miracles abound!” of life was so obvious when they discovered that a miniscule current (of half-a-billionth of an ampere) was absolutely critical for a salamander to regenerate its limb.

    Thank you Steven, Lloyd, and All, for continuing the discoveries and sharing them!

  • Himagain said,

    Hi there,
    Thank you for your efforts to inform us.
    I recall some years ago a woman Doctor(?) published her investigations into P.C. Radiation on health using a blood test (D.I.Y.) and determined that some people WERE radiation sensitive to a very marked degree.

    After just one hour, the blood cell count goes down dramatically working on a PC, but recovers quickly given a half hour break.

    Interestingly, I found my own performance/production improved dramatically after reducing my exposure by more than half during my testing of this approach.

    I would appreciate further info on this original researcher and/or others.

  • Marie said,

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to see
    an Electromagnetic field while the devices are in use?
    I live in Michigan and we have a large number of
    People who use these methods to torture other
    People, can you provide me with some advice
    On safety and how to alert the authorities?

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Lloyd, thanks for this great review, and especial thanks for your upcoming interview with the author.

    On Amazon, saw that a top reviewer named G. Charles Steiner had posted your review, including offering a link to this page. He titled it “Lloyd Burrell Reviews.” (While he may have posted other reviews you’ve written, this is the first I’ve noticed.) Mr. Steiner, since I presume you subscribe to this site, I commend your great method of “sharing” (as per the site’s invitation to do so).

    At the same time, I thought to myself, hey, Lloyd should make a practice of posting all of his book reviews on Amazon himself (thus further familiarizing people with your work). You could call them “Lloyd Burrell Reviews,” as Mr. Steiner has titled them, or “Electric Sense Reviews” (or whatever title seemed best to you). I’m always glad for the outstanding work of this site to be publicized, due to the great need for this information.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Himagain – Prof. Magda Havas has studied blood/EMF effects, see see also this article I wrote on smart meter radiation blood effects

    Lee – thanks for the heads up on the Amazon Review

    G. Charles Steiner – thanks for sharing to Amazon

    Thanks to everyone else for commenting and sharing.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    To Pat (with thanks to Lienke),
    Pat, I am no EMF expert, but I am EMF-sensitive. I’d like to comment on your decision to purchase grounding mats.

    Two years ago, I ordered a $200 “earthing kit” from Amazon containing several forms of earthing equipment and the earthing book. I didn’t initially use the equipment, because I was reading the book. During that time (over the holidays), the one month return period expired.

    When I later ordered my Stetzer plugs, I discussed my grounding kit with the supplier. He quoted to me the information that Lienke has noted here regarding the pervasiveness of ground electricity. (Thank you, Lienke.) I thereafter confirmed this information for myself.

    Due to this information and due to not knowing how to test for ground current, I subsequently chose to destroy my still brand-new kit. I was pretty sure that the ground current would have been pervasive where I lived, due to the wiring needed for my townhouse complex.

    Prior to that, I had briefly considered trying to re-sell the kit on eBay or wherever, but I was concerned that someone might buy it who was as unaware as I had been. I didn’t want to be responsible for someone using my equipment, thinking that they were doing themselves a favor, while actually making their condition worse.

    Pat, when you said that you were waiting for your earthing mats to arrive, I immediately wondered if you knew how to measure ground current. I’m writing to say that it’s definitely something to consider for your safety and welfare.

  • Mary White said,

    Thanks Lloyd for all you do! I look forward to your interview with him and I’ll check out his book.

    I just bought grounding pads and I’m using a zeolite powder right now hoping to get rid of any heavy metals.

    I try whatever I can to feel better.


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