Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing – How It Can Help You

“I was absolutely desperate to have children. It was one of the reasons I got divorced,” explains American osteopath Arielle.

She wanted children but her husband didn’t so she decided to make a clean break.

She moved to London, thinking she’d be able to find a new partner, settle down and have kids.

She set up her osteopathy practice in London. On the outside she was seeing clients and running a successful practice. On the inside she felt stressed, frustrated and depressed.

Arielle had been suffering with terrible headaches for years. They were getting worse and worse.

A routine check-up revealed that her hormone levels were out of balance. Further tests revealed the presence of a brain tumor.

Tests Revealed The Presence Of A Brain Tumor

It was a huge shock.

Her first reaction was, “how unfair”.

Then she decided she wanted to learn everything she could about this tumor. She discovered that the tumor caused infertility.

The irony of the situation was mind blowing.

She felt like every cell in her body was saying, ‘I want children’ and yet somehow she’d created a tumor that stopped her having children.

Arielle knew there had to be some reason for this. It was too much of a coincidence.

She decided that rather than go the conventional route of drugs or surgery, she was going to treat it alternatively.

The alternative healing modality that Arielle decided to use was Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She trained to become a master practitioner.

The Living Matrix and EMFsThrough NLP she discovered that deep down she had such an abhorrence of what her family had been like, that part of didn't want to be a mother.

In other words, consciously she wanted one thing but unconsciously part of her wanted just the opposite.

Her NLP work made her able to understand why part of her didn’t want children, to make peace with this and understand why she’d created a life without children.

She realized she was feeling a lot of anger and frustration. She caught herself thinking, “I’m so sick of this, I just want to be rid of this whole nightmare”.

Then she thought, ‘if I’m attacking my tumor with all these thoughts, that’s murderous’.

Attacking My Tumor With All These Thoughts Is Murderous

She realized that every thought she’d had, was about making her tumor go away. This wasn’t healing.

Instead of thinking about attacking her tumor she decided to do just the opposite and bring acceptance.

She asked herself the question, ‘what if my tumor has a purpose for being here?’ And if my tumor is still here maybe there is still a purpose.

She thought, “what would happen if I gave it permission to stay for the rest of my life?”

6 months after this realization Arielle had a routine blood test. Miraculously, she discovered her hormone levels were normal and that her tumor was gone.

Reflecting on all this, she realized that her tumor had taken her on a journey she’d never planned. She’d changed her career, her outlook, she’d learned things she’d never dreamed of learning and she’d met some wonderful people.

A New Model For Understanding And Promoting Healing

The story of Arielle Essex is just one of many amazing stories recounted in the movie ‘The Living Matrix’. Through interviews across Europe and the U.S. with pioneering scientists and leaders in alternative medicine, ‘The Living Matrix’ reveals a new model for understanding and promoting healing.

Winner of the 2010 Coalition of Visionary Resources Visionary Award, The Living Matrix explains how energy is information and why energy-healing modalities work.

The Living Matrix is entertaining and compelling. I found it to be a truly inspiring movie which provides a simple explanation of how energy healing works so that anyone can understand it.

Here's the trailer for the film:

Next Thursday I have the pleasure of interviewing the film's creator and executive producer Harry Massey who's inspiration to make the film was is own incredible healing story.

Harry's Incredible Healing Story

Harry Massey EMF healingBack in 2000, Harry Massey was suffering from severe chronic fatigue syndrome which had left him bed-ridden for 7 long years. He’d tried every kind of conventional and alternative healing approach but nothing had worked.

His research led him to a visionary scientific thinker named Peter Fraser. That was when everything changed. Peter was an acupuncturist who’d spent more than 20 years researching the ‘human body-field' and developing remedies based on it. Under Peter’s guidance, amazingly, over the next two years Harry was able to make a full recovery.

Peter and Harry began working together, and went on to found NES Health Limited, a company dedicated to fostering a 21st century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics and biology. As part of NES Health, Harry invented two health-related clinical technologies, the NES miHealth and NES Provision.


Thursday, 3rd December at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 6 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Harry Massey.

If you’re looking for answers to deal with your own health challenges or you’re just curious about the science behind energy healing, then make sure you tune into this interview.

The interview will last approximately one hour and it’s FREE to listen to.

If you’re not sure of the time zone where you live you can check it here.

I will be talking to Harry about:

  • his illness and how he made his recovery
  • the science behind energy medicine
  • how electromagnetic field sensitivity fits in with the Living Matrix
  • the implications of the Living Matrix for people that are living with chronic disease
  • and much more

This interview has now been broadcast.

The replay is also FREE but it’s only available for 24 hours after the event for those that signed up BEFORE the event.

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  • Terrence H. said,

    Lloyd, I have some grave reservations about the increasing promotion of various energy healing modalities as somehow being an effective way to address the growing EHS dilemma. If we are serious about eliminating EHS we must address the cause. As a Physicist, I can assure you there is no spiritual bypass around high-energy electromagnetic waves. Even if you believe you find relief from symptoms utilizing a particular spiritual/energetic treatment, the fact remains that if you live close to a cell mast, bathe yourself in public wi-fi, or stick your head in a microwave, physics will dependably cook you every time 🙁

    While I do agree that searching for meaning in, and cultivating deep acceptance of one’s personal suffering is THE crucial work required for spiritual growth, I believe it must not blind us from the larger responsibility each of us has to bravely take appropriate action in calling for EMF safety policies in the face of heavily institutionalized opposition.

    Yes, we all want our own relief/healing from our electrical sensitivity symptoms, but even if that happens in a few individuals, the larger problem remains that:
    – EMF pollution is proliferating exponentially,
    – EMF pollution affects us ALL. It does not discriminate between EHS and non-EHS when it comes to development of tumor formation and genetic damage upon exposure (i.e.,”Just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean you and your progeny are in any less danger”.)

    Let us not forget that EHS is a man-made malady, not some disease that evolved naturally within our biosphere. As such, the development of electrical sensitivity is NOT something inevtable that we must learn to accept. It is in fact a culturally self-imposed threat maintained by 1)collective ignorace and denial among the populace, 2)an axis of profit-motivated, politically connected telecommunication corporations, and 3)the betrayal of the public good by governments’ failure to enforce adequate safety regulations based on overwhelmingly conclusive scientific findings regarding the adverse biological effects of electromagnetic radiation.

    To simply retreat into a state of “acceptance” or to escape into an inner search for “meaning” amid these potentially preventable, though admittedly politically resistant, circumstances is, in my view, to prematurely abdicate our power to reform the only cause of electrical sensitivity: rampant EMF pollution.

    If one is not careful, one may mistake Giving Up for Spiritual Surrender.

    Mitigating or even eliminating EHS symptoms in any particular person by any means, conventional or unconventional, is simply not the goal, nor is it the point. The focus needs to be steadfastly centered on reducing and eliminating EMF polution in the world at large, so as to restore the integrity of the natural environment that supports all healthy life on Earth. Any goal short of that is “fiddling while Rome burns”, and our own children will pay a devastating price. We are rapidly approaching a tipping point at which we dare not abdicate our responsibility or retreat into complacency or denial.

    The good news is that the EHS phenomenon is the most immediately tangible manifestation of the presence of electromagnetic polluton, and that is potentially extremely valuable! As canaries in the coal mine, we are fortunate to be the first to hear the warning, physically feeling the very fields that are slowly creating tumors and genetic damage in all populations, regardless of whether one is electrically sensitive. With such a level of sensitivity we are uniquely equipped to stay clear of EMF, which affords us the advantage of better protecting our own health, and also challenges us to bravely sound the alarm to the public at large. I find that obsessing over how to heal my own personal EHS with this or that metaphysical modality always leads to a dead end, whereas accepting the call to responsible action always draws us out of fear and self-pity and makes us feel stronger and more inter-connected. I see that kind of active response as our (dare I say) “sacred gift and purpose” for righting the mistaken path we humans are rapidly heading down.

  • John said,

    It all sounds so wonderful but unfortunately NES is rubbish. I read a couple of books about it and was very excited but then I tried it for 8 months without any change in my condition.

  • Diane C said,

    John, NLS is not the only program out there. I use a variety of methods; they all help me in similar ways. Hoping you are following Lloyd’s advice to make sure your own space is safe and that you find what the next “best-for-you” steps are soon. Never give up! Wishing you well, Diane

  • Jj said,

    Couldn’t agree more Terrence H.
    There are so many things out there claiming to cure or fix many serious ailments preying on the vulnerable and time and time again have been shown to be worthless.
    ….thinking a brain tumour away….seriously

  • Skyler said,

    I find these energetic healing modalities intriguing in general, but 3 decades of submitting to all manner of failed energetic/spiritual interventions (despite my earnest openness and patience) have thankfully sobered me up to reality. Let’s remember that Electrical Sensitivity is NOT a disease. Electrical Sensitivity is an environmental INJURY. Electrical Sensitivity simply did not exist prior to widespread electromagnetic pollution on Earth.

    Categorizing EHS as a disease incorrectly places the onus for healing squarely upon the electrically injured, a strategy that tacitly blames the isolated individual victims in order to obscure the deeper tragedy that we allow widespread electromagnetic polution, while entirely preventable, to rapidly proliferate on the back of powerful moneyed interests.

    It’s the perennial story underlying all greed-based environmental catastrophies throuout history – asbestos, thalidomide, tobacco, pesticides, mercury, lead in gasoline, PCB’s, DDT, air and water pollution, smoke from coal-fired power plants, contaminated oil sands, chemical spills, toxic waste dumps… and now the Pièce de résistance: man-made climate change. And this is far from an exhaustive list.

    The signs of the next extinction are certainly on the horizon, and this time they are indisputably man-made. As Terrence implied, we don’t have the luxury anymore to fixate only on our own isolating symptoms, when the Big Picture demands immediate, unprecedented action/activism to get to the very root of the symptoms you are now suffering in your body. Your healing and the preventave care of all life on Earth literally depends on building a critical mass of awareness and willingness to challenge the denial-fueled fantasy that electromagnetic pollution is ever safe.

  • Lee said,

    Terrence H. and Skyler,
    Am writing to acknowledge the deep importance of what you’ve written here. Holding both the collective and the individual perspectives at the same time isn’t easy, but because we are all connected, it’s essential. As you note, creating a critical mass of awareness must happen for the sake of change.

    I just came across the following app which could possibly help wake up some to how many EMF signals bombard one’s environment. It creates a visual representation of wireless signals compiled from public databases. The imagery is meant to be an “artistic” representation, rather than a precise tool of measurement. Still, a picture can sometimes have more effect than a thousand words–and most especially if there are health issues within the household of the viewer, which might possibly be correlated to such exposures:

  • ellie said,

    Thank you Lloyd, and everyone commenting on this site. The more conversations we have, here, and with friends and family outside this site, the more awareness there will be. We are all unique beings and we all experience illness or health in our own very unique way.

    PLEASE watch this recent talk from Devra Davis, AND SHARE IT! Note the first few minutes about cell phone accessories and apps for babies, yes BABIES! Hand out flyers or cards with links to the video in front of your local Apple Store where unsuspecting parents are going to buy holiday gifts! Include the link for Lloyd’s site and

    When you see anyone with a cell phone next to their head, especially a child or teen, or when you see someone hand a phone to a baby, this is a golden opportunity to increase awareness, and practice The Golden Rule. Educate. Educate. Educate. Prevent/ reduce exposure to individuals around you. Rally for eliminating exposure in public places and our environment. Yes, I know the entire electric grid, including smart appliances, and smart meters is part of a larger agenda, but I know I feel better when I do SOMETHING to help people around me.

  • Lee said,

    For those interested, here are some quick looks for background prep on behalf of Thursday’s interview:
    Aligning one’s purpose with the universe seems to be what the “Choice Point” movie is about. Here is an description of the “Choice Point” DVD, and the page includes a link to rent the movie on Amazon for $4 USD:
    Amazon also sells the “Choice Point” book, with both new and used copies available. The 4 customer reviews here rate the book highly:
    For follow-up and action, here is the Choice Point Movement site:
    This is the site for “The Living Matrix” movie, with a preview:
    I was interested to see that Dr. Joseph Mercola (well-known naturopath) also sells “The Living Matrix” on his site, which means that he supports its concepts. His promotional remarks seem especially comprehensive:

  • Skyler said,

    Lee, thanks for sharing the app! Hopefully it will raise awareness and motivate people to call for better safety regulations for electromagnetic pollution. Now if they could also add a location-specific feature in the app that would cause seizures, headaches, insomnia and cognitive decline – as well as the current estimated size of the user’s growing brain tumor(s) – we’d have a VERY motivated populace! Oh well, at least seeing the unseen is a very good start. I’D LIKE TO SEE THIS APP IN ALL SCHOOLS!

    P.S. It looks like you have to turn GPS on when you start up the app. I’m assuming Wi-Fi does NOT need to be enabled since the app does not detect EMF fields in real time.

  • Skyler said,

    P.S. If you’re like me, GPS can cause unpleasant reactions. As soon as GPS determines your location and starts downloading the specific RF source data for your location, you can turn GPS off again.

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