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  • MARK said,

    Hi Lloyd, good advice given on avoiding D/top emfs, but I was urprised when you stated laptops give out more emfs than D/tops! I replaced my D/top as it was making myself ill with a laptop and using an LCD TV as a monitor with a wirelesskey board/mouse have succeeded in improving my E/Sensistivity. It should be note I use it on batteries as much as possible and keep approx. 4ft away.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Mark
    It’s more a problem of distance, exposure levels fall of considerably with distance – people tend to use a laptop closer to their body (often on their lap) than they would a desktop. If you are able to get round this issue (as you seem to have done) then laptops are not necessarily worse offenders. I would also suggest replacing your wireless keyboard with a wired one to eliminate the RF radiation it creates and using an externally wired keyboard.

  • Julie said,

    Hi Lloyd,

    And thank you for the huge amount of information you share on your site.

    You mention some sort of “captor” or “capteye” with “5 heads” to help absorb radiation from computers but I’m sorry I can’t hear clearly what you refer to. Maybe someone could help me?

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Julie
    You must be referring to 5 headed cactii? 5 headed cereus cacti are supposedly the best, see

  • Sebastian said,

    YOu’ve to use plastic eyeglass frames! Metallic ones function as antennas

  • Lloyd said,

    My glasses have metal arms and a metal bar in the center holding the two lenses together, so this means that the antenna effect is reduced because the lenses are made of non-conductive materials. 100% plastic throughout would be better from an EMF viewpoint….but I tolerate them very well.

  • Alison said,

    This is such impotant advice – thank you.

    What’s the significance of the cactus having 5 heads?

    Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Cacti with 5 heads are reputed to be more effective at absorbing radiation – don’t be overly concerned with the 5 heads introduce plenty of cacti and other houseplants (spider plants also) into your living space.

  • Sam said,

    Do you have any suggestions as to where I might buy a low-EMF computer keyboard? Also, is there anything that distinguishes a low-EMF computer keyboard from a standard one?

  • Lloyd said,

    Keyboards are not typically a source of high EMFs, except in the case of a laptop computer (because the CPU etc is under the keyboard) and except in the case of a wireless keyboard (RF radiation). Make sure you use a wired keyboard, even on a laptop. If you want to take this further you can do so by taking readings of your laptop with an EMF meter.

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