Dirty Electricity – Exclusive Interview With Dave Stetzer

My first encounter with dirty electricity was about 7 or 8 years ago.

I attended a talk on electrical sensitivity in the UK, next to the room where the presentations were being held was another room with stalls.

One of these stalls had a guy selling these EMF meters I’d never seen before.

I was skeptical.

He told me that if I plugged it in my wall socket it would tell me what my dirty electricity levels were.

Dirty electricity? I felt as though I’d got enough on my plate dealing with cell phone radiation and the like without having to worry about anything else.

Then I did my homework. Perhaps there was something to this.

Dirty electricity is a form of electromagnetic field pollution that can be found on your home wiring. It can be found on any wiring in fact.

The technical term for it is harmonics and transients.

One of the world’s foremost authorities on this subject is a gentleman called Dave Stetzer.

Who Is Dave Stetzer?

Dave Stetzer dirty electricityHe’s the man behind the dirty electricity meter, or Microsurge meter, that I first encountered in the UK.

He also developed the Graham Stetzer filter (GS filter), more commonly known as the STETZERiZER filter. He developed these devices based on research carried out with Dr. Martin Graham, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley.

For those of you that have been following my blog for a while you might recall that I had Dr. Samuel Milham as a guest on my interview series last year. Dr Milham has also done a lot of research in this field. He wrote a terrific book on this subject – you can read my review here.

Free Interview

Thursday, 8th October at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dave Stetzer. The interview will last approximately one hour.

Dave Stetzer is the founder of Stetzer Electric based in Blair, Wisconsin and Stetzer Consulting, which handles all aspects of the STETZERiZER® product line from research and development to field testing.

I will be asking Dave about:
– his personal journey that led him to recognize how potentially dangerous this form of EMF pollution is
– what dirty electricity is
– how Stetzerizer filters work exactly
– how to measure and deal with dirty electricity in your home
– the potential dangers of using these filters

This interview has been broadcast.

The replay is also FREE but it’s only available for 24 hours after the event for those that signed up BEFORE the event.

To read my detailed review on dirty electricity click here.


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  • Chris Camera said,


  • Aric said,

    Have tried several times to register for your seminars, to no avail. I never receive an email.

  • PseudoGeek said,

    Looking forward to the interview. We have purchased a few of his kits to identify and remedy the electrical pollution in our home and that of my in-laws.

    I worked in an office with numerous computers which had metal walls for a few years. The unbelievably high readings in there were partially fixed with his filters, but the whole office was basically a Faraday cage. That was definitely a factor in resigning from that particular position in the company.

    I would urge everyone to listen.

  • Willow said,

    Hi, Lloyd, looking forward to the interview, but I’ll have to listen to the replay as I’m moving tomorrow and my internet won’t be connected until sometime on the 8th. Thanks for your informative teleseminars!

  • ellie said,

    Looking forward to this interview. The last one with Sam Wieder was amazing. The information provided by Sam and his electrician, Sal was very helpful. Now, I’m looking for someone like Sal in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. To those asking for help educating kids and teens, check out http://www.wiredchild.org and the Mobilize Documentary. You may also want to consider including them to volunteer at your local hospital. When children see their peers with cancer, it’s a big reality check. And invest in an EMF meter. Seeing is believing. Thank you, Lloyd, and all for your contributions to this very valuable site.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Thanks everyone for your comments and support, I’m very much looking forward to this interview too!

    If you’ve any questions you would like to ask Dave Stetzer you can post them here or use the link above to send them – the better the questions the better the interview!

    Aric – your email is showing as pending. That means you’ve entered your email address correctly but you haven’t clicked on the confirm link in the email we sent you. Check your junk/spam folder for the email. If you can’t find it you can re-subscribe.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Aric, if you find the ElectricSense confirmation email in your spam or junk folder, be sure to add its email address to your address file. That will hopefully prevent future sign-up efforts from ending up in junk mail.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Question for Dave Stetzer:
    Is it safe to sit close to Stetzer plugs, or is there a field emanating from them? If there is a field, how far away should one sit?

  • OrganicRN Kenene said,

    Lloyd, consider the connection of electric sensitivity and the conflicting metals in one’s oral cavity from dental crowns, mercury containing amalgam fillings, orthodontic appliances, bridges and dentures (cadmium for pinkness). Cleaning out these harmful metals and infection hiding in root canals, inside the jaw after extractions, under crowns and gums can alleviate much disease and sensitivity. My recent research has been a revelation! Search Dr. Hal Huggins’ DDS work and seek out a Huggins trained holistic biologic dentist. Having a Biocompatibility blood test is quite revealing about existing dentalwork. (maybe the high percentage of nickel in my mouth causes ear ringing, anxiety, tension, etc. I’m very sensitive to nickel and ears get tender using nickel plated earrings). I would like your feedback, Lloyd. Thanks!

  • Dean Cozzens said,

    A few years ago I believe it was God who brought Dave Stetzer into our lives, first when an uncle met him at a conference. Then when Dave came to our homes in Colorado Springs and tested our homes and got us set up with the GS Microsurge Filters. Third when I took a 4th of July weekend to travel to Dave’s office to meet and learn from him there. He then put me up for the night in his own home and spent a few precious hours with me teaching me. I have since ordered more than one of the meters and installed filters in homes and offices for others. I have found him to be a wonderful man of impeccably good character and knowledge, not only about health-damaging high frequency microsurges in our electrical circuits, but Dave is also one of the world’s leading experts on ground current, which the electrical companies call stray voltage. It’s not stray at all, but it is in the ground where it damages wildlife, domesticated animals and humans, and the power companies are totally hush hush about that and their culpability in it. Dave is a hero in my mind, and one of America’s national treasures. Visit his site at http://www.stetzerelectric.com to learn more.

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