How To Use Plant Essences For EMF Protection

A few weeks ago I interviewed author Judy Hall.

Judy is electrically sensitive.

She explained how she’d been using crystals as a means of protecting herself from EMFs.

During the interview she mentioned that she uses a product called Clear 2 Light to purify her crystals.

Intrigued, I did some research and discovered that Clear 2 Light is made by a company in the UK called Petaltone.

Plant essences EMF protectionThe man behind Petaltone is David Eastoe.

Clear 2 Light is a “space clearing essence”, so it’s a plant essence designed to “clear energies in your home, workspace and personal aura.”

David explains, “all our essences are handmade with integrity, not mass or factory produced, we are a true ‘cottage industry' and our intent is to share the deep powerful healing energies from the natural plant kingdom that have been discovered.”

Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies

The best example of healing with plant essences that comes to mind are the flower remedies developed by Dr. Bach in the 1920s. While out walking one sunny morning in the fields of Wales Dr. Bach observed the morning dew and hit upon the idea that if he could capture the dewdrops of different flowers this could be used as potent healing remedy.

Dr. Bach believed that ill health was caused by a state of imbalance and that when we are ourselves and living in peace with others we are in a state of balance. For an early 20th century physician his approach was nothing short of ground-breaking.

He became so sensitive to the energy of plants that he was able to feel the resonance of a flower by holding it in his hands. He went on to discover 38 flower remedies which correct emotional imbalances and allow negative emotions to be replaced with positive one’s.

The motivating force behind Dr. Bach’s discovery was the same thing that got David interested in plant essences, his own health issues. From an early age David was affected by environmental energies, particularly the energies of places and buildings. He developed his plant essences for himself and also for his environment, to change the energies in his environment.

Using The Spiritual Intelligence Of Plants

David explains, “rather than duplicating the work of other producers, my research has involved working with the plants to establish unique ways of producing and using essences. ….the spiritual intelligence connected to the plants creates the Healing Mandala and deep level energy shifts immediately begin to occur”.

At one time I would have found these ideas challenging but since the discovery of my own sensitivity I’ve been able to perceive the world as it really is, a place of energy and vibration.

Needless to say this subject fascinates me.

Whats-more, one of his essences is called “EMF Protection” and is designed to shield against electrical smog created by cell phones, computers and WIFI etc.

That’s why I’m delighted to have David as my next interview guest.

Free Interview

Thursday, 15th October at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing David Eastoe. The interview will last approximately one hour.

I will be asking him:
– what led him to develop his plant essences
– the work he does at Petaltone to create his plant essences
– how his plant essences can be used for dealing with electrical sensitivity
– how his plant essences can be used for healing generally

If you’re not sure of the time zone where you live you can check it here or here.

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone. If you’re wondering about how to deal with the EMF exposures in your life now’s your chance to ask your questions! You can do this in 2 ways:

  • before the day, by clicking here and sending me your question (if you’re not sure what time the teleseminar starts, the page has a countdown timer.)
  • on the day, by putting your question directly to my guests

This interview has been broadcast.

The replay is also FREE but it’s only available for 24 hours after the event for those that signed up BEFORE the event.

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  • Kathryn Hargreaves said,

    How do we get his products if we’re in the U.S.?

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Kathryn
    I put your question to David he said, “ carry quite a few of our products, otherwise we can ship from uk no problem.”

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    A big thank you to everyone who sent in questions and participated in this interview.