EMF Protection With Crystals

“I live in a house protected by more than a few crystals. Essential as there is an electricity substation nearby.

Since attending the Baden Baden Medicine Fair in the 1990s, where electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress (GS) as a cause of dis-ease were regularly discussed, and speaking to researchers, healers and doctors working at the cutting edge of energy medicine, I am well aware that EMFs can have a seriously detrimental effect on health, as may GS.

The evidence is increasing year on year…….the need 
for EMF protection was apparent when I had my very 
first computer. I felt that it drew all the energy from me, leading to rapid exhaustion. But, also, it kept crashing. Clearly something was wrong.

The computer engineer 
also happened to be a martial arts instructor and had a
 good understanding of how subtle energy works. Having first ascertained that there were no ghosts in the property, he gave his considered opinion: “psychics and computers don’t mix.”

It would appear that my energy 
was interfering with the computer in the same way that
 it was interfering with mine; the two were incompatible. Agreed. But unfortunately writers and modern-day publishers have to communicate via the Internet, and I often write on a computer for many hours a day.

I’ve found plane travel particularly taxing, especially long-distance flights – not only does the pressurization and the poor quality of oxygen affect me but also the fact that a plane acts like an electrosmog generator that has nowhere to discharge itself, all the worse now for the proliferation of cell phones and computers on board. And then there is the horror of full body scanners and X-ray overload.

But it is not only man-made electromagnetic smog that may cause problems. The ground under our feet carries its own geopathic energy, which may be distorted or stressed. Hence the term geopathic stress (GS) which translates as ‘suffering earth’.

So why do we need protecting from what may be very 
weak electromagnetic fields but which on occasion may
be distorted to as high as 250 Hz?

Well, the correct functioning of our biological rhythms, cell metabolism, physiological state and mental well-being depends on communication between the electrical system of our
brain, body and endocrine system, and the weak electro-magnetic and magnetic fields generated by the planet.
 And, our bodies are full of magnetisable materials such 
as the iron in our blood. Life on Earth evolved against the natural electromagnetic field of the planet and so human beings are accustomed to living within its background oscillation at a frequency of around 7.83 Hz and can adapt to the slight fluctuations in the field created by electrical storms, magnetic irregularities and solar activity. However, larger fluctuations in electro- magnetic and geopathic energy may be detrimental to the health of human beings.”

The above is an extract from a new book by Judy Hall called ‘Crystal Prescriptions: Crystal Solutions to Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress An A-Z Guide (Volume 3)' .

I realized the importance of crystals in dealing with my own health issues a few years ago when a kinesiologist I was consulting recommended some stones for me. This spurred me to research the issue further.

What I Liked Particularly About This Book

Crystal Prescriptions: Crystal Solutions to Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic StressI’ve read several books on using crystals and so I’m quite familiar with the healing powers of crystals.

I like this book because it's the only crystal book I'm aware of that is exclusively devoted to the issue of EMFs and GS. And Judy has good reason to do this.

She says “I’ve always been electro-sensitive and have found it difficult to live fully in my body especially when around computers…..I’ve had to find solutions and thankfully crystals were invaluable as always. I learned how to turn toxic energy into something that would help to heal me.

The Dangers Of EMFs

Judy lays out the dangers of EMFs very clearly. She quotes liberally from the research of Professor Denis Henshaw of Bristol University who has examined the question of how magnetic fields interact with the body generally and more specifically the effects of corona ions emitted from high voltage power lines.

Professor Henshaw says “these lines produce an electrical field large enough to ionise the air around it”. He’s measured streams as far away as several kilometers from a power line and found that these ions transfer their electric charge to particles of air pollution causing like a domino effect of highly reactive particles streaming away from the power cable. He explains, “these particles are more likely to be trapped in the lung on inhalation”.

Professor Henshaw believes that the adverse health effects associated with electro hypersensitivity and magnetic field exposure could all potentially be explained by circadian rhythm disruption, which is linked to how EMFs affect the activity of the pineal gland.

From an instinctive standpoint Judy is in no doubt as to the danger of EMFs to our health, “since the discovery of electricity we have been increasingly exposed to a wide range of powerful, artificially generated, electromagnetic radiation that adversely affects the Earth’s energy field and the human body.

Geopathic Stress Recognized As A Causative Factor In Cancer

Judy’s book also deals fairly and squarely with the issue of Geopathic Stress. She defines GS as “negative energies, also known as ‘harmful earth rays’ which emanate from the Earth and cause discomfort and ill health”. Over 4000 years ago the Chinese recognized destructive earth vibrations that they called ‘dragon lines’ and warned against building houses on such stressful sites. European studies in Russia and Germany on GS have been very revealing.

A 1929 German study mapped the earth energy lines in Southern Bavaria and compared them to the records at the district hospital. All of the forty-eight recently recorded cancer deaths in the town had been sleeping above the underground streams. A year later the procedure was repeated in another town which had the lowest cancer incidence in the province. Again a 100% correlation was found. The Berlin Centre for Cancer Research accepted these findings and published the information, stating that earth radiation could be a causative factor in cancer.

Judy reveals that New Zealand geomancer Nicky Crocker has identified six progressive stages of GS and their accompanying symptoms. These symptoms range from fairly mild stage 1 symptoms which can occur within 1-2 months to more serious stage 6 symptoms which can occur within 5 years or more.

Using Crystals To Heal And Protect Yourself

Judy says, “one of the best tools for handling EMF and GS sensitivity is to get yourself grounded…. make contact with the Earth, make a friend of your body, become comfortable in incarnation”. The way to do this is to use your crystals!

She outlines five major ways in which protecting yourself from EMF and GS can be achieved with crystals:

  1. Shielding –using a shielding crystal to surround the edge of your bio-energy field with a protective coating or placing a crystal/s next to an EMF source/GS line to deflect it.
  2. Support – using crystals to strengthen your bio-energy field and align it with your physical body.
  3. Transmute – using crystals to transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones.
  4. Ground- using crystals to ground yourself to the Earth and strengthen the lower chakras.
  5. Negative ions- using crystals to create negative (beneficial) ions from moisture in the air and build a shield with them.

Directory Of Crystals For Combating EMFs

Perhaps the most difficult part of using crystals for healing and protection is deciding which crystals to use. The second half of this book addresses this question with a detailed crystal directory. This contains an A–Z list of symptoms and common issues that may occur as a result of GS or EMFs, with their appropriate healing crystals.

Click here to buy the book on Amazon.

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  • Richard K - CSMICROS said,

    Thanks Lloyd. This looks really interesting. Very good article. Book ordered from Amazon.
    Note for UK buyers – Just change the .com to .co.uk in the web address (don’t alter anything else) and the UK Amazon ordering page appears.
    Look forward to reading this… review will folllow!
    Thanks again, Lloyd.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Judy Hall: “I learned how to turn toxic energy into something that would help to heal me.” This is a high art form. Anything we can learn from her about that will surely be of benefit.

    Lloyd, thanks for your book review (which I’ve posted to the US Amazon site), and for arranging to interview Judy Hall. It should be fascinating.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Richard K., looking forward to your take on the book.

    Since I last posted here, I went to Amazon to check out the “look inside” feature. I was surprised at how much of the content is included (good stuff!). I recommend it to anyone who cares to scan it prior to Lloyd’s interview.

    In that content, there was reference to software called “Computer Clear,” a program which sends vibrational signals to harmonize with those of the body. Kirlian photography is used to illustrate how this program can balance one’s system. I thus downloaded the program via the Computer Clear site’s free 30-day trial. Several times since installing it, I’ve experienced slight waves of nausea sweeping over me. I presume that a balancing effect is occurring (at least I hope so!).

    In the book preview, the author also gives instruction regarding the art of “finger dowsing” or kinesthetic testing that Lloyd taught on a recent podcast. So if you missed that podcast, you catch such content there. (As Lloyd had noted, however, knowing how to do it is one thing, but becoming good at it through practice is another! I think it takes some time before this method becomes accurate and reliable.)

    As an aside, that preview also gave me the best understanding of scalar waves that I’d come across. Prior to the events of 9/11, I’d never heard of scalar waves. But when I eventually came across the work of Dr. Judy Wood, my interest was definitely sparked. I tried to learn more about scalar waves then. However, I never found an explanation as understandable as that of this author, Judy Hall. In that same vein, what I saw all through the book preview is that Judy Hall can take (what for many of us are) “ephemeral” aspects of reality, and can explain them remarkably clearly. That makes her writing quite appealing.

  • peter said,

    I suspect that most if not all crystals will fail the ‘gadget’ test – do they provide any actual protection as registered by a meter? I have occasionally used crystals to deal with GS, and I have a ‘gadget’ which is very grounding, although it does not eliminate my EHS. So I will listen with great interest and an open mind. At least crystals tend to be relatively inexpensive to try. I hope she will cover personal ‘protection’ as well as home protection. My home is relatively clear, my problems are when I’m away from home, in hotels, shops, cafes etc.

  • ellie said,

    Lee, Thank you for sharing your findings! I’m looking forward to the interview, reading the book, and discovering my own findings, whether they are measureable or not! If something makes a difference, that’s evidence enough for me.

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    Initially, Amazon notified me that they had printed my post showing your review:
    As shown at that link, the review is intact.

    However, when I then went to the actual book page, my submission had lost its format, and the last half had been lopped off. I’m guessing it’s a software error. I intend to contact Amazon over the week-end to try to straighten things out.

  • Lvag said,

    Working with crystals has helped me in many ways, so i know they can change ‘subtle’ energies, change the way we feel physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.
    But, is the author saying crystals can be used to transform, deflect or sheild the kind of energies that can be measured with a meter, so we can use meters to gauge how the crystals are influencing measurable type of EMF’s?

  • Lee in S.F. said,

    For anyone interested in using muscle testing to work with EHS, here’s some muscle testing content I just came across:

    “When It Comes to Muscle Testing, the Eyes Have It

    When I first began using muscle testing in my private practice, I noticed I didn’t always get accurate or logical answers when muscle testing some of my clients. For instance, when establishing communication with the subconscious mind using muscle testing, I instruct the individual to say, “My name is (subject’s actual name).” The normal muscle response is usually strong. When asked to substitute a false name in the sentence, the normal muscle response is usually weak. However, from time to time, the subject would test strong to the false name as well as their actual name. In fact, they would test strong to a variety of false statements about themselves. Without credible muscle responses, continuing with the desired belief change work was no more than a guessing game.

    Over time, I began to notice a peculiar quirk of these people. Just before I pressed on the extended arm used for muscle testing, I noticed that the person’s eyes would move upwards, as if they were glancing at something on the ceiling. I remembered a bit of information from my earlier training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) suggesting that when people look up, they are usually processing their thoughts visually (making pictures). When they are focused straight ahead, they are processing auditorily (hearing sounds), and when they are looking downward, they are usually processing kinesthetically (experiencing feelings or physical sensations). In effect, when they looked up during the muscle test, they were moving out of their feelings and into their visual sensory system. Because the muscle testing response to self-referential statements depends on a physiological response from the subconscious mind expressed through the physical body, it was possible that the individual was not experiencing the necessary feelings to ensure an accurate muscle test. Upon further reflection and observation, I also noticed that clients with histories of significant childhood trauma were more likely to look up when asked to access unpleasant memories or make statements that might involve having to do so. It appeared that looking up was a subconscious strategy to dissociate from the unpleasant memories. This practice effectively disconnected them from the feelings necessary to create a conflicted (weak) muscle response from the subconscious. As soon as I asked the subject being tested to keep the eyes focused in a downward direction during the testing procedure, the responses normalized.

    Eye position may not make a difference in other disciplines using muscle testing for purposes other than self-referential, affirmation-style statements, but where such statements are used, be aware that eye position can dramatically affect the accuracy of the responses, resulting in misleading information and false conclusions.”

  • Rahima said,

    Hello Lloyd
    Thanks so much for organising this interview with Judy Hall. She is without question the most knowledgeable person on the subject of crystals and how to use them. i have been following her advice and use of crystals for a long time and have achieved such wonderful results especially within the range of EMFs and sensitivity to eletro fields. Fields of geopathic stress are cleared with her grid layouts of crystals and wonderful health brought about from crystal remedies. A medicine for today’s world!Really looking forward to this interview.
    Also thank you so much for all the extremely valuable information you supply for us all and your ongoing inquiry into the best for great health in our techno age. Best wishes to you and success that your message may reach more and more people. Rahima

  • Sheila said,

    I am really looking forward to this interview. I have used crystals around my electronic devices with success. I only realized the effect that they were having when I took them all down to clean, and forgot to put them back. I soon felt horrible. Once I got them back in place, my calmer feelings resumed.

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