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  • Eliza Hartin said,

    How does using a set of earphones or headphones plugged into a cell phone influence radiation exposure? Is it better or equal to using the speaker phone option?

  • Lloyd said,

    Earphones allow you to increase the distance between yourself and the source of radiation (in this case the cell phone). I recommend using an airtube headset, see

  • sb said, is a good source of airtube headsets etc. Also, check out for an intriguing and non-fear based protection and balancing site. Very worthwhile!

  • Shelby said,

    What about iPods and such that can receive a text but are unable to make phone calls.

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    iPods and similar devices that have a texting function also emit RF radiation…..usually when the device is switched on without even texting they emit radiation, see

  • Lucy said,

    I’m okay with my old phone as long as I don’t speak on it for long periods of time its sar rating is 0.2 I want to get a new phone but the lowest I can see in modern phones is 0.38 which is a big jump and I can really feel, do you know if Tablets have a lower sar rating? or if sar shields really work, and who sells them? or would it be an internet purchase? many thanks.

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