Cell Tower Radiation – A High Pitched Whistle That Drills My Brain Day And Night

Here is a message I received from Yvonne, one of my readers, recounting her experiences with EMFs:

Dear Lloyd,

Thank you so much for your emails.

Yes I have a lot to say about the dangers of said energy.

The fact is I can hear the sound of the electromagnetic waves as they issue from the masts which beam into my home. Its a high pitched whistle noise that drills my brain all day and night, consequently my sleeping patters were, and are very badly damaged.

No one else can hear it and I think my family thought I was hearing things, that were not there. Until one day I was out in a shop, I suddenly became so dizzy that I passed out cold. I was out for nine hours, taken to hospital, given brain scans, heart,lungs and whole body scans, which thank you god were all clear.

I had what would appear to the normal doctor all signs of a Stroke, but thanks to the doctors here in Spain they diagnosed the symptoms and treated my blood pressure which was all over the place. They said I had an electrical disturbance.

I most definitely put this down to the masts around our town, the TV in my home sounds like ten trucks struggling up a hill, the telephone sounds like a Jumbo jet trying to brake at high speed, and this is when they are switched off!!! The house alarm is a high pitched screech, and as for the walls of the house, I can't even begin to describe what that sounds like.

Previously my husband had what appeared to be a stroke, but I was hearing the noise a week before hand. It was so bad I would describe this as a white noise. He went down after a week of it. Again no one could hear it only me, and no one would listen to me about this terrible noise.

I am angry as I feel a victim in my own home, my place of rest, and now there is no where to get away from this terrible noise which is destroying our lives.

Thank you so much for high lighting the problem as before I had to face this terrible situation alone. Now people are beginning to wake up to the problem.

I questioned my doctor what can we do. She said I would have to move house. This is impossible for me.

So how much deadly damage is this death ray allowed to perform before there are laws about its use? I feel we are living in a microwave oven at the moment. Its just not good enough, we are entitled to our place of peace, and rest, which should be our homes.


Thank you Yvonne, for sharing your story.

If you've got a similar EMF or electrical sensitivity story you would like to share, please send it through to me.

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  • chris said,

    Im hearing you, same here, suffered from ES for 15 years, mostly, phones, wifi, microwaves, more or less constant ringing, but tend to ignore it now, but did have a loud pulsing humming noise recently, and found out it was the laptop making me more sensitive to whatsever out there, been through the whole works with it all, try to avoid all best I can.

  • christian said,

    Its a disgrace we are having this forced on us. Have you looked at buying a sleep canopy Yvonne? They are not cheap but I felt some benefit straight away. I have that little faith in the NHS that I havent even been to the Doctor.

  • barbara said,

    i hear a constant low deep hum at a residence i recently moved to. it seems to be coming from outside my place, but i cannot be sure. nearby is a cell phone tower and transmission towers as well. thankfully, this is only a rental; i’m looking for a new home. trouble is, hard to find one free of these emf hazards to which i’ve recently realized are seriously debilitating my immunity. i’ve had chemical sensitivity for many years; now electrosensitity as well, which can make me nearly forget my name with how it impacts my brain.

    many of us do not have the means to spend money to deal with these encroaching technologies. what do you suggest, other than getting rid of the culprits in our homes, for the ambient pollution that is effecting us?

  • Lloyd said,

    A few years ago I was in a similar situation to you…I decided to focus on what I could do, starting with the EMFs….FIRST you need to thoroughly deal with the EMFs…….BUT its not just the EMFs the problem. I produced a video series laying out my solution, see https://www.electricsense.com/4210/beating-electrical-sensitivity-part-1/

  • barbara said,

    Awesome – thanks Lloyd, i’ll give a listen!

  • sean irish said,

    many people are sensitive to high-frequencies/microwave. yet whether sensitive or not, everyone is AFFECTED to some degree or another.

    I’ve been able to hear these frequency energies since I was a child. when the military tested my hearing, the doctor asked me “can you hear a dog whistle?” to which I replied, “I’m not sure, do dogs whistle?” :o)

    if you’re sensitive to microwaves (and increasingly many are), then you may need to take countermeasures. I am not aware of nay ‘medications’ or drugs, short or drinking or doping ones’s self silly, that seem to lessen the effect – not worth the effort in any case. background microwave levels have been steadily growing in any case in recent years – and all of this is human activity.

    relocation may be your ultimate answer – to an area that is less-populated. live in an older home, one that has plaster walls (with metal wire lath support) – that acts as sort of a Faraday shield.

    and ‘tinfoil hats’ will NOT work, may actually only make things worse – even though fine metal ‘mesh’ materials might be incorporated into garments and headwear, similar to the kinds they make to cover cellphone earpieces – these are known to block a great deal of radiative transmission.

    hope this helps. high-pitched hissing has become non-stop in recent months worldwide – appears related to GWEN (in America) and cell towers, geo-engineering and the like.


  • Yvonne said,

    Hello to you all.Thank you Lloyd for the emails again! I have been busy with looking after my husband,another bout of illness,he has recovered thank goodness.The noise of the towers in our town have got louder,my head has been hammered for over two weeks now,but today we have rain,unusual in our country (Spain)but the good news is …the high pitched drilling noise has stopped and dropped to a low hissing noise…so the answer is to this terrible problem is obviously water.I know when I stagger out of bed from a terrible night of trying to sleep,by drowning out the non stop high pitched frequency with a shower and it works,but only while I am standing in the flow of water.I am using every thing I can to prevent the noise entering my head,to take control of my brain speed and crashing into my normal brain speed patterns ,the normal sleeping speed is by passed by a faster beat or frequency, and are held at a very high speed,so that no matter how much sleep I have there is no rest from it what so ever.I have now come to the conclusion that the brain is held at a certain speed by this frequency,so that the normal sleeping brain pattern cannot kick in,so therefore no resting can be achieved.Thank you Chris,yes I have tried making a canopy,but the noise has increased since I placed it ove my bed,I have a tin foil car windshield over the canopy,all to no avail,the noise continues.One thing I have noticed is a bunch of computer hackers can change my settings on my laptop without any connections to a telephone broadband,I have no wireless as its been removed,but that has no effect on this bunch who it seems have carte blanch to do what they like with my computers.Lloyd I have thrown out cell phones years ago I would never use one except in an emergency,now I am living in a microwaved house as the cell phone masts seem to travel on a main highway over my home.Thank you Lloyd once again and keep up the good work, love and light,

  • Yvonne said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    how are you ?I am so sorry I could not take the test you sent out as my Computer is not working properly!Due to hacking attacks I cannot print down your book much to my sorrow,so I just about manage to limp along as best as possible with what is left of my present computer. I am paying full attention to everything you suggest,and you have been most helpful with your very use full advice,which I have been taking.I have discovered a new Mast which has been installed just up the road from me ,and no one seems to give a thought as as to the damage it will cause!In the past week the noise has been lowered to a low level hiss, and sounds like a radio station which has been left open without any thing on it.I have been to see the electricty office in our town,due to the fact our bill was so high,three times higher then normal,perhaps even more, as I know we have not used anything extra,but we get to pay for the dirty electricity pounding into our homes to add insult to injury.I once again reported the problem about this terrible noise,sitting in the office I felt I had to shout above it.The Guy behind the desk was listening to me but he can’t hear it, so the problem does not excist for him.I asked if we had a smart meter,he said no, as they were too expensive to install,but they will be coming in the near furture.The noise is all over the town,I am still dizzy, and my head has been hammered for weeks ,god knows what the damage is going to be in the end!!!I am still trying to follow up a way to deal with the problem,but the more I try the worse it gets!!If I can purchase your book by English cheque please let me know, as I do not purchase anything on the Internet due to having my Computers compromised in the past.Looking forward to hearing from you on the above,love and light
    I almost forgot,since the noise has been lowered,I just can’t get enough sleep,I am sleeping better at night now ,and so is my husband,we are both so worn out from the previous head bashing I suppose we are trying to get back to a normal sleeping pattern after this abnormal attack from this terrible noise we have been suffering,very best wishes from us both,


  • jennifer said,

    I think EMR has given me tinnitus.

  • Paul Von said,

    Not to alarm anyone here, heh. I’ve been researching the EM radiation issue for many years. I have developed acute EM sensitivity and am now totally disabled by it. EM radiation illness is a slow, painful, involuntary destruction the body.
    In reading studies by Neil Cherry, Allen Frey, Samuel Milham, Martin Blank, Blake Levitt, and many others, it is obvious that the deleterious effects of pulsed frequencies have been well known for at least 50 years. Sorry to say, I believe all cell phone tower and other involuntary electronic mayhem, is both intentional and lethal. The companies and governments who are subjecting you to these technologies are knowingly committing mass genocide. There is no other logical way to look at the big picture. No government agencies, utility companies, or communications companies, have made one single move toward eliminating these hazards. Not one! Changing the exposure limits does nothing to eliminate the cumulative total biohazard. It is a sick and malicious ploy. I can only conclude these criminal activities are being sanctioned by world governments. It is time to shut the entire grid (Matrix) down. You and your children are being intentionally slaughtered.

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