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Cell Tower Radiation – A High Pitched Whistle That Drills My Brain Day And Night

Here is a message I received from Yvonne, one of my readers, recounting her experiences with EMFs:

Dear Lloyd,

Thank you so much for your emails.

Yes I have a lot to say about the dangers of said energy.

The fact is I can hear the sound of the electromagnetic waves as they issue from the masts which beam into my home. Its a high pitched whistle noise that drills my brain all day and night, consequently my sleeping patters were, and are very badly damaged.

No one else can hear it and I think my family thought I was hearing things, that were not there. Until one day I was out in a shop, I suddenly became so dizzy that I passed out cold. I was out for nine hours, taken to hospital, given brain scans, heart,lungs and whole body scans, which thank you god were all clear.

I had what would appear to the normal doctor all signs of a Stroke, but thanks to the doctors here in Spain they diagnosed the symptoms and treated my blood pressure which was all over the place. They said I had an electrical disturbance.

I most definitely put this down to the masts around our town, the TV in my home sounds like ten trucks struggling up a hill, the telephone sounds like a Jumbo jet trying to brake at high speed, and this is when they are switched off!!! The house alarm is a high pitched screech, and as for the walls of the house, I can’t even begin to describe what that sounds like.

Previously my husband had what appeared to be a stroke, but I was hearing the noise a week before hand. It was so bad I would describe this as a white noise. He went down after a week of it. Again no one could hear it only me, and no one would listen to me about this terrible noise.

I am angry as I feel a victim in my own home, my place of rest, and now there is no where to get away from this terrible noise which is destroying our lives.

Thank you so much for high lighting the problem as before I had to face this terrible situation alone. Now people are beginning to wake up to the problem.

I questioned my doctor what can we do. She said I would have to move house. This is impossible for me.

So how much deadly damage is this death ray allowed to perform before there are laws about its use? I feel we are living in a microwave oven at the moment. Its just not good enough, we are entitled to our place of peace, and rest, which should be our homes.


Thank you Yvonne, for sharing your story.

If you’ve got a similar EMF or electrical sensitivity story you would like to share, please send it through to me.