Thirty-Year Long Study on Cell Phone Danger: Too Long to Wait?

British Scientists recently began a research study that will be the world’s largest to date to look at whether cell phones cause illnesses. Over a quarter of a million people from 5 different countries will participate in the Cohort Study On Mobile Communications (COSMOS). And while experts hope that then the debate will be settled, the study is supposed to last in excess of 30 years.

In the meantime, many of us believe that we can’t afford to wait thirty years.

Because we've been personally affected, some of us already know the truth about radio frequency energy and its health consequences, but what about the masses? Hordes of unaware enthusiasts are still flocking in droves to mobile phone purveyors for the newest, most technologically advanced mobile devices, replete with cell phone apps, texting keyboards and cool graphics. They cart them along as appendages worn on belt loops and carry them in special pockets sewn into handbags.

Cell Phone: Dangerous Status symbol?

It’s considered a sign of high social rank to be “on call” at all times and if, by chance, a hip ringtone interrupts the scene, so much the better. These prized toys are flashed like the status symbols they’ve become. And the frightening news is that too large a percentage of new cell-phone buyers are mostly RF vulnerable younger people.

Dr. Mireille Toledano, of the School of Public Health at Imperial College London and one of the British study’s principal investigators, said: “This is the largest study to date worldwide on mobile phones and health and will be monitoring a large number of mobile phone users over a long time…It will be the gold standard.”

The research will be divided into a timeline made up of five, ten and fifteen year sections. The first five will focus on symptoms like headaches, depression and quality of life illnesses. After ten years, the researchers hope to categorically show evidence linking mobile phones to cancers and after 15 years, the lens will shift to rarer cancers, brain diseases and conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Cell Phone Dirty Tricks

A University of Nottingham Professor, Dr. Challis and a member of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) program which is funding Britain's contribution, said: “The situation at the moment is pretty reassuring.”

In regards to cell phones Dr. Challis states: “I think it's better if children don't use them, but it's up to parents,” he said. “Generally I would think that's not a bad line to follow, but I'm a scientist, not a risk manager.” Indeed, kids and teens have immune systems which are more vulnerable.

He also goes on to state “The balance of scientific evidence to date does not suggest that, for example, mobile phones cause cancer.” What he fails to point out is that the reason why the studies suggesting cell phones are safe outweigh the ones that say they are dangerous is because for every independent study that has rung alarm bells, the cell phone companies have paid for a whole batch of other studies to undermine the findings.

The cell phone companies are paying for rigged studies en masse.

A Serious Study Or A Corporate Smokescreen?

Is this study going to help? Granted, the research may release data during the earlier sections of the timeline that may catalyze initiatives to restrict mobile phone use. However, it almost appears as though this huge, time-consuming research study could be part of a corporate smokescreen. Is this a means to dissuade us from demanding immediate public safeguards against electromagnetic frequency radiation?

Thirty years–or even fifteen–is far too long to wait. How many cases of cancer and other major illnesses have to develop before corporate greed has been satiated?

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References: *Allyene, R., Mobile phones, cancer and Alzheimer's disease: the ultimate study is launched,, accessed: Apr. 28, 2010

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    In this time they can continue selling us these cellphone while continue to say “there is no conclusive proof”

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