Cell Phone Radiation – Significantly Reduce Your Exposure In Seconds

Reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation in seconds.

Yes, it is possible.

This doesn’t involve any phony EMF stickers, chips or diodes.

It relies on using technology incorporated into most cell phones.

Here’s the video that proves it:


I made the video because I wanted to show you exactly what you are exposing your body to if you don’t use airplane mode.

I also wanted to show you that using airplane mode really does work.

Seeing is believing.

What’s more for the majority of modern phones using your cell phone in airplane mode still means you can use your phones other features, things like:

  • Camera
  • Games
  • Personal organizer
  • Address book
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • and lot's of other Apps.

The other thing is, in most places around the world even if you don’t pay a monthly subscription you can still use your phone to call the emergency phone number (911 in the U.S.). So it can make sense having a cell phone even if you don't have a monthly subscription plan with a Telecoms operator.

Cell phones aren't all bad.

You need to use this technology intelligently.

Get smart about using your cell phone. For more information on safe cell phone use see my cell phone radiation protection tips.

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  • Mary White said,

    I happen to know this about airplane mode. Unfortunately so many people don’t and I can feel all those cell phones up to 20 feet away from me. I’ll put your video link on my facebook account so people can see for themselves. I appreciate you and all the work you are doing to make people aware! Thank you for your great work and documentation of your findings for all of us keep up the good work! Thanks you! Mary (from SLO, California)

  • Dorothy said,

    Thanks for this info. I have a cheapy phone from Walmart and no contract. I do not have a airplane mode button on it. Is there anything I can do to help myself? What I have been doing is wrapping foil around cardboard and slipping the phone between 2 of them in my handbag. I go for a walk, I make a thick foil envelope that I slip the phone into, before putting it in my pocket. Thanks for your newsletter. Most of my friends think I am a kook because I am concerned about these things. Many people carry them on their body all day. Creepy! I just bought a cell phone, the first in over 10 years because I felt I needed it for emergencies.
    🙂 Dorothy

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Dorothy
    I don’t advise shielding like this unless you can be absolutely sure that your shielding is effective – measuring with an RF meter is the only way to know. Cell phones have the ability to power up to maintain connection with cell towers, unless you can be absolutely sure you may well be exposing yourself to higher levels of radiation than carrying it ‘unshielded’. With your type of phone the most effective way to protect yourself from radiation and tracking is to remove the battery.

  • Rosemarie said,

    Thank you! I will tell everyone I can about this. I wish I could share this on facebook but I could only “like” the article. As for me I leave my phone off always until I have to use it. I did buy a shielded pouch from LessEMF and it seems to work when I must have the phone turned on. Also the pouch protects my ear during a call. I have pain in my ear even when using a landline. Please see if you can allow sharing this article on facebook.

  • Lucy said,

    To Rosemarie, If you would like to share the article on Facebook, paste the whole URL into your status update post:

    Thanks Lloyd for another great article. I always encourage people to use airplane mode too!

  • Jon Draw said,

    Hello Lloyd, Perhaps you already did this to check, but the thought occurred to me as I watched the video that perhaps the radiation is re-directed; in which case you might need to move the meter all around the cell phone in attempts to detect such radiation, if in fact, such were the case. Just a thought to consider. Also a main question here for really comprehending “airplane mode” is to know exactly what is happening with the cell phone for it to change its characteristics. Thank you.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Jon
    I’ve tested this phone thoroughly….when airplane mode is activated there are no RF radiation emissions. According to Apple’s website when airplane mode is activated ‘wireless connections and services are turned off’ see http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1355

  • M Schultz said,

    What about earthing (grounding) as a protection against EMF?

  • Lloyd said,

    In some circumstances earthing can be very effective, see https://www.electricsense.com/1861/using-earthing-to-combat-electromagnetic-pollution-my-review/

  • Glenda Barber said,

    Thank you for the work you do in keeping us informed on the dangers of cell phone radiation. I have had my cell phone for 18 months or so and whenever I carry it around with me I always have it switched over to airplane mode.. and people can leave a message if they call me.Makes good sense to keep as clear from radiation as we possibly can.

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