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Cell Phone Radiation – Significantly Reduce Your Exposure In Seconds

Reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation in seconds.

Yes, it is possible.

This doesn’t involve any phony EMF stickers, chips or diodes.

It relies on using technology incorporated into most cell phones.

Here’s the video that proves it:


I made the video because I wanted to show you exactly what you are exposing your body to if you don’t use airplane mode.

I also wanted to show you that using airplane mode really does work.

Seeing is believing.

What’s more for the majority of modern phones using your cell phone in airplane mode still means you can use your phones other features, things like:

The other thing is, in most places around the world even if you don’t pay a monthly subscription you can still use your phone to call the emergency phone number (911 in the U.S.). So it can make sense having a cell phone even if you don’t have a monthly subscription plan with a Telecoms operator.

Cell phones aren’t all bad.

You need to use this technology intelligently.

Get smart about using your cell phone. For more information on safe cell phone use see my cell phone radiation protection tips [1].