EMF Stories – EMFs And Breast Cancer

I first ran into Lynne Wycherley about 6 months ago. She'd written article on EMFs for The Ecologist website which I thought was just excellent. I sent her an email asking her permission to publish it on ElectricSense – which she promptly gave. Click here to read the article.

Then, yesterday, I received this message from Lynne.

“Hello Lloyd, thank you for ‘electric sense’ (well done…)

Sadly, i’m struggling with breast cancer & heavy chemo now

+ need to rest deeply, but one last big effort to follow –

copy of 3-part email i sent to some local friends…”

Below you can read the 3 emails she sent me. It's a lot to read but I thought I owed it to Lynn to publish her message in its entirety.

“1st Email – The News & Warning Science

WAKE-UP CALL need to protect (good resources & science-data links below…)

dear everyone, (sorry too ill to email more friends)

am deeply ill with chemotherapy (+ sleep deprivation – we didn’t realise neighbours’ emissions had soared)

very rough voyage, still long way to go, but today was 1st day well enough to glance at computer

where I found today’s news: poorly known, recent, science data shows that phone-masts may indeed subtly fuel cancers over time (see below)

(I researched stringently 2011-to date) but this is being side-lined and ignored.

Thanks to the industry’s conquests, many settlements are now struggling with multiple sets of macrocells/microcells (phone masts),

so a large proportion of all families are now at chronic risk (scouring the mast map & Dode 2010, below, say perhaps a sixth/fifth??)

This may someone close to you. The new laws will escalate this: no-one & nowhere will be safe from what is emerging,

on balance, as unhealthy levels of chronic, pulsed-microwave exposure. (Though there are many inconclusive studies, often with

industry links, it is wise not to allow these to blind us to the growing hills of suppressed, whistle-blowing research – see below)

Nb beware the trend to try to foist mini-masts (femtocells etc) into rural pubs etc: all cells, of whatever size, & however hidden,

increase our cumulative RFR exposure.

see UK mast map www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk – please look. We all know countless innocent people living within 500m of masts,

(or often hit by relatively high flux-densities much further away: all phone-masts transmit pulsed-microwave radiation)

We need to respond quickly – i’m so sorry far too ill myself – please wake up friends + networks:

Here is info that is easy to email – please do – to, e.g. 38 degrees (below) + CPRE + ‘hands off our land’/MP (like the general public, these understandably won’t be aware of any of the data below):

1) independent scientists’ summary of multi-evidence of subtle chronic cancer risks (+other wide-ranging health risks):

www.bioinitiative.org (2012 updated report includes growing evidence for altered gene expression, subtle DNA attrition & repair delays,

melatonin disruption, etc etc; immune-effects; RFR’ = radiation band that includes the microwave transmissions from phone masts)

2) in-depth peer-reviewed study by courageous woman-scientist & team (Dode 2010)

(=common cancer mortalities appear to rise, mathematically, with mast-proximity): http://www.emrsa.co.za/documents/brazilresearch.pdf

3) Li & team (Taiwan 2012): increased phone-mast output appears to be linked statistically, on the ground, to rate of children’s cancers (online)

4) common symptoms in families living near/semi-near to masts (this may include someone you know), increased headaches/ poor sleep/ fatigue / (sometimes vertigo, nosebleeds) etc,

Dr Oberfeld’s field research/ Professor Santini’s ‘microwave syndrome’ (+ , Navarro /Abdel-Rassoul/ Bortkiewicz / Hutter / Riddervold etc )

(can hire RF meter, e.g Acoustimeter, online, to check phone-mast field strengths in your home/local area – info within illustrates levels associated with reported symptoms/problems, as above)

[ Nb a range of potential health risks from levels of ‘non-thermal’ microwaves, not far removed from our everyday exposures, were first perceived & published 1932 by Dr E Schliephake; health-cautioning research has continued to build, especially recently]

You can do it, wonderful you!! Thank you on behalf of countless innocent people/children in the UK

(although cancer is, of course multi-faceted, this important hidden risk-factor is being ignored/suppressed, especially in the UK)

Must rest soon, (chemo nausea etc) love – xx Lynne xx

If you’ve a few spare moments, please email to groups (parents/residents associations?/alternative health networks?/etc etc) –strength in numbers very badly needed & could begin to build public awareness – this is a very rare ‘tipping point’ chance, but it badly needs the science data shared here – this suppressed info needs to be in the UK public domain.

If you can inspire 38 degrees, whom we all admire & support, it will be good to get all this in the open: a genuine turning point for health, wisdom, & protecting UK families, settlements, & cherished places (AONBs etc) but they will need to hear from many members of public (& sadly, almost none know of this data etc)

Deepest thanks & good luck, xx Lynne xx

(sorry i can’t do more, more heavy chemo due, was in A & E last cycle – cardiac – but emerged with skills to prevent: I promise to rest deeply, continued, as soon as I have sent you this email)

xxxx thank you, thank you xxxx


Here then, lastly, are some super resources for you to explore/network/share:

Eger 2005 (cancer rates & single phone mast = Naila study),

+ Wolf & Wolf 2004 (similar: steep chronic rise, especially women’s cancer)

+ This beautiful, brave film (please watch/share) ‘Resonance: Beings of Frequency

= how phone masts may be deeply alien to our biology

1. + Effects on bees (38 degrees excellent on bees, but may be unaware of this) www.38degrees.org.uk/contact-us‎ Daniel Farve’s work / Sainudeen Pattszhy, India / others (+ see film, above) –

our pulsed-microwave pollution may be subtly undermining their navigation & health, adding to pesticide/habitat stresses (+ Panagopoulous found genetic damage in fruit flies exposed to ‘weak’ pulsed-microwaves: like many whistle-blowers, he’s lost funding + facilities)

+ Wider eco impacts see: www.resurgence.org/magazine/article3732-what-price-your-smartphone.html (phone masts etc) – the Indian government, reviewing all eco-evidence, has now banned phone-masts near nature reserves (2012)

+ Excellent health essay, drawing on Professor Neil Cherry: Sarah Benson, Joining the Dots online (2012 version most up to date) (he died of motor neurone disease: the cases in phone-mast cancer clusters are interesting)

+ Professor Salford & many others’ work on blood-brain barrier seepage (mammalian – sorry; levels equivalent to 170m from phone masts) (lecture now on YouTube)

+ warning scientists’ argument that we simply don’t need high strength maximum phone mast radiation/signals in every inch & cranny of Britain/globally (& from multi-providers): pulsed-microwave exposure is excessive already, and corporation-driven.

What do we all choose: maximum signal strength, with little or no escape from the emerging health risks (& for sake of profiteering multi-providers) or the chance of seeing better underlying/long-term health (+ better likelihood of reduced cancer acceleration) in UK & beyond?

There are innovative, entrepreneurial, ways to curb this & still enjoy endless, creative, multi-networking etc – fibreoptics etc etc – green and clean

+ many countries use much safer technology for their police messaging than TETRA masts (UK), equipped in a rush at great profit (airwave = O2), see Green MEPs + Dr B Trower’s official health-warning report (ignored); ‘tetrawatch’ on reported residential insomnia

+ (URGENT) health dangers of smart meters & smart-grids (doctor tried to give evidence in parliament, Feb, but rollout is now beginning)

– energy companies gagging to install them for profits + to shed employees + to boost data for markerting –

ensure, if you haven’t already, that your neighbourhood understands possible health risks, & signs the opt-out clause when info arrives or meter-fitters knock on door

enormous health problems in USA – see California (2000 health complaints in months: insomnia, fierce headaches etc etc: e.g Susan Brinkman, online, & citizens for safe technology) –

(it’s a global struggle: i’m told Australia now has nearly 10% opt-out rate among health-aware people; the various meters/overlays also have severe security problems,

even when over house wiring). I was also a low-carbon campaigner before I became too ill, but there are much healthier, alternative, innovative ways of being Green,

eg fibre-optic grids, hitech wired meters with no pulsed-microwave multi-relays crossing our streets etc (or keep meter-readers for employment)

help green groups see through this: industry is using ‘greenwash’ to push for profits at our expense

British public still oblivious to smart-meter symptom risks (they may be trapped with symptoms without realising the cause) – 38 Degrees, please help

This contravenes human rights (to enjoy home etc) & equalities act (equality for symptom-vulnerable). Frank Clagg, ex-head of Microsoft Canada, warns “these smart meters will operate in a wider ranging ‘smart grid’(which) will effectively blanket homes and neighbourhoods with radiation that could adversely affect not just humans but all living systems” For support, see, e.g. Sage report (emission-spikes higher than industry claims) & (print fliers here J) http://stopsmartmeters.org

+ also, there is similar science data on chronic, emerging, health risks of pulsed-microwave home gadgets,

e.g Fragapoulou & Margaritis (2012): cordless phone units (or ‘dect’: most transmit pulsed microwaves 24/7, piercing neighbours’ houses), these alter expression of many mammalian brain proteins: they urge we reduce exposure/protect children (+ Prof Havas: DECT can trigger irregular heartbeat) Most BT ‘hubs’ (pre-3.0) bash out non-stop dect as well as wifi – many reports of nasty symptoms.

e.g. wifi – is emerging with similar risks to passive smoking: see geneticist Dr Mae-Won Ho’s Isis Report, 2007 online; & ex-military physicist Barrie Trower’s court battle

For rapidly rising sensitivity symptoms to dect & wifi etc, see e.g pioneering GP Dr Tresidder’s case histories (examples at end) & health-charity www.es-uk.info (our pollution of each other is soaring, but if we wish, we can all use easy, healthy, alternatives for internet/broadband –

e.g. ASDL wired routers plus LAN cable hook-ups for pcs & tablets, or, dLAN adapters [slighlty less clean] – all extremely easy/affordable)

Wifi on public transport is driving sensitive people into isolation (+ a desperate lack of clean pubs, b &bs etc).

+ We need to safeguard our towns from Wimax / wi-fi meshes (a symptom-triggering wifi being imposed on some urban areas – pollutes longer distances:

see, e.g. Stephen Kane’s struggle, online)

e.g. high pulsed-microwave emissions from i-pads (worst), i-phones, kids ‘wi’ toys, & wi baby monitors.

Prof Leif Salford (see above) & many others have found mammalian blood-brain barrier damage from much lower emissions (Salford: equivalent to standing 1.85 meters from ordinary mobile phone in use) (hopefully, once this data is public, & child-protecting, such studies will no longer be needed/justifiable)

+ warning scientists (eg iemfa/ Russian non-ionising radiation protection board/ ICEMS / many others, all struggling to be heard)

all urge that we need to reduce pulsed-microwave dependency, not stoke it – as with the dismaying phone-mast news that begins this email

(Council of Europe + European Environment Agency have supported these calls). Remember, we still have scandalous, sky-high ‘safety limits’ (ICNIRP: their conveners are pro-industry) that are from 1 to 3 magnitudes above the ‘weak’ microwaves tested in the many warning research papers

(i.e. ‘non-thermal effects’: the new Bio-initiative Report, see top, has over 2000 references)

Nb Microwave ‘home area networks’ (HAN) are a dangerous trend – please challenge it (technically feasible but biologically reckless), ramping up our domestic exposure.

Really, the industry needs to be exposed (badly overdue: I was attempting to begin, but now too ill to continue)

so we can [a] relax in healthier homes, neighbourhoods, & landscapes

[b] enjoy lots of lovely networking & creativity using healthy cabled or dLAN computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets (use LAN adapters; ditto ‘Kindle’) or toys (= eliminates the pulsed microwaves which research papers now show may be chronically affecting our body cells) e.g wifi-operated TV is utterly needless

[c] share the suppressed research (e.g. emergent risks relevant to chronic health conditions, inc autism/M.E./infertility/eventual cancer) see again www.bioinitiative.org 2012: microbiologist & meta-data analyst Professor Lai is perhaps best independent scholar in whole field)

, & [d] raise awareness of rising sensitivity rates (a subset of ‘electrosensitivity’ – see es-uk.info, Professor Belpomme’s new research, & Dr R Bray’s pioneering Canadian treatment clinic) most people are innocently unaware of this = risks of headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, brain-fog, children’s irritability/distress, etc etc

Remember, we are deeply behind in the UK (some good MPs but they lack full info/es-uk charity says their library is limited/dept of health tends to fob them off) – the industry has got UK sewn up (though employees innocent) – reckless expansion on all fronts, especially phone masts.

Help UK public become aware that the French government has just taken some steps to protect children (veto on school wifi – precautionary principle): why not protect ours?

(see also science-underpinned http://www.wifiinschools.org.uk )

Phew…!!!! – over to you everyone, this is my last big effort

(chemo rising badly), good luck xxxxx

http://wp.me/p2Xmuh-r – click through if you would like my earlier summary with pictures, quotations – nice jamboree – though some links have expired)

p.s. useful watchwords for our future: low carbon and low radiation (as above) – = a healthy planet with healthy people

(German eco cordless-phones are a tiny, neglected, beginning)

Nb A few of of Dr Tresidder (GP)’s typical case histories, with very grateful thanks, from everyday patients in his surgery:

– “A 78 year old whose headaches so concerned me that blood tests, and MRI and neurology opinion were sought (both normal) – his symptoms disappeared after switching off his home WiFi hub router and cordless phone (DECT)”

– A fit 64 year old yoga teacher. After installing a new WiFi router he suffered progressive tiredness, irritability, hip and other aches over three months. After changing the wireless router to a wired one, he was restored to his previous health within 2 weeks.

– A boy, age 4. Three months after a dose of flu he remained unwell, with fevers and poor sleep. He moved into his mother’s bed; his father used the child’s bed and found it very hard to sleep there. The hospital could find no cause for the child’s ill health. A WiFi router was moved from the room adjacent to the child’s bedroom and the baby alarm (near to his bed, DECT) was disconnected. The child immediately returned to normal health.

– A woman, age 40, suffering from 3 migraines per week. She removed her bedside cordless-phone base station, and now suffers only 1 or 2 per month: she has come off preventative medication.

– A woman, age 22 “whose headaches and tiredness were abolished, and sleep pattern improved, after moving her mobile phone on charge away from the bed, and removing the mobile from her body space during the day”

– An adult with “tingling of face and muzzle area, and loss of ability to speak and think fluently when near a WiFi router” (… etc etc etc)

2nd – The Planning Stitch-Up

Even before yesterday’s news, and the new ‘free for all’ national planning framework our planning laws re: phone masts were & are a scandal that has destroyed people-power all over the UK

1) um, basically, as you know, no health objections are allowed because all phone masts

are granted an ‘ICNIRP certificate’ (= they meet sky-high ‘safety limits’ for microwave

strength) These limits are, in effect, so high it is like drawing a line through the moon

when actual protection is needed at ground level.

This is because they are were originally founded on thermal effects (microwaves powerful

enough to heat tissue) and continue to neglect the large, growing body of evidence

revealing non-thermal biological effects (i.e. many of those 2000 references in the

2012 Bio-initiative Report). Though many short-term studies have not picked these up,

perhaps partly because of their design, many others have done so (above), and despite claims

that these have been noted (i.e. ignored), ICNIRP’s ‘international’ safety limits (or rather,

corporation-friendly western limits) have not changed. (Whilst Russia, for example, which has the

strongest microwave research history, has lower limits… .tho’ still too high to protect from emerging risks)

2) The government Stewart Report (2000 ) recommended phone masts needed to go

through full planning processes like other things. Instead, masts up to 15m need none,

bypassing what tiny bits of protest remain to us

(even avoidance of schools might be in danger now)

So the new ‘free of all’ is a juggernaut over people’s rights.

Let’s call not only for a tough clamp-down (though MP attempts at small, mast planning-reforms

have so far failed) but also – given the growing, emerging health data, and the wisdom of the

‘precautionary principle’ – reductions of macrocells and microcells (often boxes on town buildings/

in malls etc) and smaller cells – they all stoke our RFR exposure*, whatever the (often misleading) claims.

Radical, but best. (… + the dreaded Wimax, + the forced smart-meter rollout, which also stoke exposure)

(…plus, say, a rapid move to healthy, national fibre-optic 4G as in Australia: if they can supply it

on such a large scale, why not fully here, topped up with satellite broadband in remote spots,

as in Europe? Our present schemes are still limited & force use of smart-phones etc etc…

Fibre-optics are much faster & secure + fibre grid would avoid foisting smart-meter pollution

into our homes & streets)

If we do nothing we’ll even end up with 5G ‘video streaming’ everywhere, = heavy data traffic =

ramping up our pulsed-microwave exposure. … When I wrote to Jonathan Porritt, even he (semi-partnered

with O2) conceded fibre-optics are the way forward!… so, fight, folks. We don’t have to be mired in

runaway microwave pollution (nor our bees, trees, etc – see ‘eco’ in 1st email); we don’t have to reach

compulsively for microwave gadgets when there are lovely, fizzy, creative alternatives (Cable cafes

why not start one? Wired routers in community shops. Fibreoptic eco-villages with easy hook-ups …

Endless alternatives to pan-wifi/mast overload) Kids aren’t daft. Healthy options can become ‘cool’,

(hook-up mini tablets etc, find compatible LAN adapters – consumer power)

We just need clear vision, and resolve.


Phew! Don’t know where my energy came from

Must go back to bed now, xx Lynne xx

(too sick exhausted to network this, over to you, lovely people)

* social networking can use LAN/dLAN, & mobile phones can use weaker signals than are often

bashed out, unless we go down the 5G++ hell-route (tho’ best use hands-free set if long use

on one-bar signal). …Even Richard Branson uses hand-free set to protect head! J ‘tho’ won’t

protect, chronically, from Salford/Fragapoulou’s’ findings etc etc

** councils like phone mast rent, & the government its lucrative license sales – a disincentive

to help all the embattled people trying to protect their health & communities –

tho’ some good councillors/MPs have tried (re Lib Dem Andrew Stunnell,

try also Tom Brake & Tim Faron, + the MPs who’ve used EDMs/ resisted local masts )

3rd Email- The Practical Need To Help Communities See The Radiation We’re Exposed To/All Creating

Sorry gorgeous friends – (woke with new ‘helping people to see’ below J) –

so my 3 emails combined give 3 handy things to share with groups/ the public (38 degrees/hands off land etc)

if you could relay the essence (see below) of all 3 to as many groups as imagination permits

this will really catch fire, catch the public imagination, & while you are at it, make sure they fill in the ‘what else…’ box https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/member-poll-24-may (thank you to Jem) while using email for things of more substance)

This is rare tipping point chance to help innocent people if it’s missed, public health will suffer as masts/microcells etc proliferate {‘powerwatch’ suspected already towards100,000 masts or so uk: email them for update] + the needless microwave over-dependency they feed

Much love – you’re all wonderful – xxx Lynne xxx

(do pool emails with each other)


(racing to type – I know I have to “hand on the torch” now so my mind-body-spirit can begin to rest more deeply & heal) –

summary – So (i) with the phone-mast mayhem news (= corporations free to stomp over us even more) –

here’s the link again http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/hands-off-our-land/9656583/New-planning-laws-will-lead-to-a-phone-mast-free-for-all.html

(it’s good as any: beautiful photo of community taking power & protesting, albeit earlier)

the (ii) 3 handy things to share are:

the suppressed health data (my 1st email),

the total planning stitch-up (my 2nd email)

+ new last part (below), empowering communities by helping people to see


Helping people to see (last explosion of ideasJ):

“the electromagnetic field is a perfect secret agent: you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot hear it, you cannot feel it, and its effects are slow but relentless”

Dr Alfonso Balmori, pionering biologist who has researched tadpole mortality, bird aggression, & sparrow decline (etc) in phone masts’ main fields

1) Explain the industry exploits the fact that we cannot see, hear, taste, or smell the pulsed-microwave radiation

& in this sense, it is worse than passive smoking (…you can smell/see/taste smoke

We need to help people to see, not just to resist even more mast-expansion & the smart-meter rollout/ (+inescapable pulsing wifi/DECT etc), but because we are surrounded by multi-million pound marketing (not the whistle-blowing science) & also because many with linked symptoms (fatigue, headaches etc etc etc not explained by other things/visits to doctor) have not yet made the connection yet with their (it took me over 2 years see story, below) footnote:]the reason we can’t sense this electromagnetic radiation (unlike optical radiation = light) is because we haven’t evolved with it, so its just not on when industry mocks people with symptoms (often cumulative/delayed) because they often can’t tell they are being irradiated …(no-one can!) and because we haven’t evolved with this pulsing microwave pollution, we are vulnerable to health risks/effects – remember these were first spotted in 1930s (!), then a lot of material (military etc), & now with large body whistle-blowing data

2) mapping the truth (planning reform) we need compulsory mapping (it’s currently voluntary) of all macrocells (Sitefinder’s good, but ‘everything everywhere’ uncooperative) and microcells (+ wimax transmitters) for freedom of information (lobby libdems: one of their core values) and macrocells’ main beam fall-zones (tho’ statistician J walker mapped cancer along main beams, it needs more field research) (& research checking their crossing points)

3) hire an RFR meter (online)or a week for any community (online). It gives them the eyes our evolution has not given us.

Amazing stuff :in a stroke, you/they will see & hear this invisible landscape. Take it for a walk, and wow! You can hear the whine of masts, see the levels (flux densities) rising, you can hear DECT bashing though some people’s walls, WiFi’s hidden bash-bash-bash pulse (when v.close) – in short, much of the hidden microwave pollution that’s passing through every cell in your body (your laptops’ ‘signals available’ unveils WiFi pollution), (see emfields, online for sound samples; when Jeremy heard TETRA, he said ‘I wouldn’t want to meet that on a dark night! J) –

It’s liberating & empowering to see the truth. (Meters: eg Acoustimeter, the one I use; HFAnalyser, very good: there are many types available).

4) publicise/ review the brave film ‘Resonance’ (link last email), it tries to show the radiation rippling though streets

eg. a note or review in.community/village circulars/ noticeboards / local green newsletter, (church newsletter: churches often host phone masts, innocently, sometimes inside)

on websites / your facebook page (link to the film’s facebook page) (I’ve a review accepted in Resurgence & Ecologist but readership limited…)

5) circulate photos of different /’disguised’ phone masts, & microcells etc (look like boxes) – many don’t realise the escalation

6) share people’s stories Charity es-uk says lots of people are affected, but understandably, are far too frightened to speak up.

Let’s help them: here are some public ones to share:

i) mast sanity (online, poorly known)

ii) www.wifi-warning.co.uk iii)

iii) John J’s story ( http://wavegoodbye.info (good technical resource: notice how he rescued a teenager wrecked by neighbour’s BT hub)

iv) John Patterson’s story – very brave industry insider Sidney – high-ranking technical consultant, he became seriously ill after moved to telecoms office next to mobile-phone masts: when he researched all the suppressed health science, he was forced into redundancy – Knowing he would go to prison (he’s out now), he nevertheless borrowed an armoured tank & rammed six sets of phone masts to try to alert the public to their health risks…

Please try to find the footage/interviews with him, he’s extremely knowledgable but some key footage has been removed from the internet….

Share my story if it helps (particularly for anyone you know struggling with poor sleep, or headaches, or fatigue)

It’s very scary for me ( J help!!! L) but do it anyway:

Over two years ago, my sleep crumbled from ‘poor’ to near-zero: nights were endless, a desert. The change was fast, shocking, and relentless; I felt ill, dizzy, and half-alive. Poetry ceased; I was forced to give up my job. I tried many health therapies – diet, CBT, herbs, sleep-CDs (etc etc) to no avail. My doctor, although excellent, was unable to help.

Eventually, winnowing records with my husband Ian, I noticed the illness had followed the sudden arrival of (high-user) WiFi at work, and at home. We also discovered high phone-mast radiation in our bedroom (highest over my pillow & between it and the window) which may help to have explain why I had never slept well here, & my sleep had been declining for a long time.

Replacing WiFi with LAN (easy; put ports in several rooms), and using a Faraday Cage (blocking material over bed: see below) to shelter from the local masts (multi-sets 500m & 1300m away, latter unusually tall) rescued my sleep, & cleared some other symptoms (like Poppy Rhodes in wifi-warning, above) However, if I am exposed for long to a close-range router/DECT elsewhere (sometimes not realising until we checked the next day) my sleep is often destroyed for 2 nights. (We hope my sensitivity may reduce a bit eventually with avoidance)

My surgeon told me the tumour (judging from size/grade) ‘took off’ at the time my sleep-starvation was at its height (notice the research on melatonin: some lab studies negative, certainly, but see Prof Neil Cherry’s work/ the film / bio-initiative report/ mast-symptom studies in 1st email/

effect on cows after B. radio-mast turned on, etc ) & while we wouldn’t suggest a direct link with the pollution (altho’ the warning science is food for thought,

eg immunie system) Ian & I realise that this sleep-attrition must have made it more difficult for my body to hold off cancer. (Note: headaches even more common mast-symptom from the studies I’ve cited)

... [Also, have been less desperately ill with chemo (+ see Wishart slide show , email 1) since we shielded my chair: didn’t realise neighbours’ wifi/dect had soared on all sides, phone signals stronger too it : wifi ofcourse has lower flux density than phone-masts, but its pulsed modulation is very steep, despite ‘infills’:

see Gerard Hyland’s insights etc = Nobel nominee, biophysicist respected by Caroline Lucas, but supplement with Prof Franz Adlkofer, etc, for dangers of 3G+…]

(5) protest art Hooray! Here’s the fun part. I entrust this to your creativity …

(ask, for example, Jon B, above [http://www.dreamcraft.org.uk/] wonderful, wild, artist /affordable IT expert – can cable your pcs! ) Arty notices, kid’s art, put images online, street theatre, placards, home-printed postcards, installation …

Browse the photos in France’s ‘Next-up’ website (near end)

Meanwhile, here’s one to inspire:

(Phone mast/rising-sensitivity demo in Stuttgart …

the UK’s terribly behind & asleep, sadly, compared to some countries)

p.s. Helping children

Brave retired military physicist, Dr Barrie Trower, has been trying to defend a parent in court (contesting compulsory school wifi, Canada) – Google Abrell Trower

(He’s been working his socks off bless him, here & elsewhere – worried about children & the emerging studies on bees – more needed!)

See also ‘Mountain View’ school case history / SARS phone scandal (late part of Resonance film)

pps here’s link again to jamboree i wrote before Xmas ( http://wp.me/p2Xmuh-r )

if you want to raid for more quotes, data-links, etc;

(click through, wait to load – needs one refinement: most wifi goes thru windows/plaster walls, not brick walls…

huge capacity to scatter/bounce, especially new 5+GHz:. the maths: scatter= lamda x …oops, I’ve mislaid formula )

xx Must go rest deeply now, try to eat (chemo nausea) much love, all finished Lynne xx


Small afterword to help inspire change

Phew…here’s last, small, afterword to help inspire change (it’s next day,i’ve just managed type this) So sorry far too ill manage more.

Rising sensitivity rates carefully reviewing the literature, Dr A Tresidder, GP, concurs with the growing numbers of concerned scientists that perhaps at least 1% people are already severely affected (most will not have made the connection because of daily exposure/lack of health information/overwhelming marketing); whilst Dr Dowson, GP estimates 2%; Sweden estimates 5% & officially recognises; & some warning scientists 8%), affecting their ability to work/lead normal lives, and perhaps – weighing up the best-informed estimates he could find – around 1 in 5
people may already have milder sensitivity. Professor Lai & others point out that public transport tends to trap & concentrate the radiation (metal compartments), chronically fuelling sensitivity risks, which is one reason why it needs to be protected urgently: i.e. remove compulsory onboard wifi from buses (currently expanding e.g Stagecoach); urgently ensure non- wifi/non-microwave- device ‘quiet carriage’ [as in many European trains] (at the very least for people already struggling with symptoms)
Similarly, sadly, Apple’s ipads are short-sighted, ‘old think’, because they lack a usb slot for usb-to-LAN connectors (for fibre-optic/cable communities of the future) so are stoking our pulsed-microwave dependency (ditto high bandwidth i-phones) – see here for exposure levels (safeinschool.org; no wonder so many reports of dizziness, + people in exposed households contacting ‘es-uk’ health charity). (the industry gave ipads to MPS: insidious, we need our worthy MPs to have detachment & expose the m’wave escalation) is crucial to raise public awareness now before marketing-fed microwave addiction deepens even further (this is why former chair of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clagg, now a health campaigner, calls this ‘another tobacco’). However, this is far more dangerous than tobacco because the soaring global exposure means we no longer have unexposed populations for comparators – we may sink into this mire without properly perceiving it (notice the well-documented boom in sleep problems & headache medication sales: this may be contributing; and whilst it, of course, it has a complex aetiology, global carcinogenesis continues to rise, and this may prove to be a subtle, hidden, accelerator) while it’s true many short-term studies have not picked up significant bio-disturbance (producing an understandable but dangerous, institutional, wall-of-denial-habitat in health ministries plus much inertia), many now have* & are continuing to accumulate, so as a society, we must no longer allow the former to blind us to these, or to fog reviews (*refer again
to icems, www.bioiniative.org, iemfa, etc etc – please be aware of the ongoing attempts to undermine/bully/pull funding from these & other whistle-blowing scientists in this field (Re: Professor Ollie Johannsen, a top dermatologist, perhaps one of the bravest whistle-blowers of all, now threatened with losing his research facilities etc; Professor O Gandhi, who exposed mobile-phone penetration of children + lost his department; Nobel Nominee Gerard Hyland & geneticist Dr Mae-won Ho, both sidelined and bullied; Professor F Adlkofer, whose work on phone-mast ‘3G’ microwaves & subtle DNA risks has now been vindicated by other labs… & so on, & so on, & so on …) The Council of Europe has urged we give all these brave scientists more attention and protection … how like early climate-change/tobacco-/pesticide-warning scientists! Professor Jacqueline McGlade, (leading
biologist), former Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, warned of pulsed-microwave pollution (2007): ‘there are many examples of failure to use the precautionary principle in the past, which have resulted in serious and often irreversible damage to health and environments… waiting before taking serious action…can lead to very high health and economic costs, as it did with asbestos, leaded petrol, and smoking” Think of today’s children; your long-term health; your community; tomorrow’s bees. Think globally: act locally
(it’s so easy to clean up our own homes – e.g. LAN leads only cost £5 or so – & adjust habits as a first step). The Precautionary Principle has an honourable history, and was invoked at Rio Earth Summit. Be brave, be visionary (low carbon and low radiation): invoke it now.

…oh, um, gosh! Jane Spiro (poet) just emailed ‘a Rachel Carson of our times. No-one believed
her objections to pesticides, and we need voices like yours in the world’

but my voice is worn out, must return bed now & stopcompletely
thank you so much for reading + circulating this xx lynne xx

(remember Salzburg has already created a clean environment low in RF-microwave radiation:
an innovative, inspiring example for our homes / towns / eco-villages, etc …)”

Thanks Lynne for sharing all this – there's lots of great information contained in this message.

My thoughts are with you, I wish you a very speedy recovery.

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  • Dexter Yard said,

    Please pass along to Lynne the following book written by Lynne Farrow & Dr David Brownstein http://www.amazon.com/Iodine-Crisis-What-About-Wreck/dp/098603200X/ref=la_B00B6QQMD6_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371760977&sr=1-1 Many folks are dosing with iodine…even terminal cases that are being resolved down to no trace of cancer. Iodine is suppressed by the main stream medical community because they can slice and dice and chemo patients for big bucks. Iodine works so well. She really really needs this book in her hands now.

  • Louise Brosnan said,

    Dear LLoyd
    I agree with Dexter, Iodine supplementation is Vital. I would like to see Dr Brownstein research the connection between microwave radiation exposure and Iodine deficiency. I have read his books and followed his advise. I would like to note that my iodine needs increase substantially and for an extended period each time I am materially exposed to Wifi and mobile phone radiation. I am EHS and need at least 10 drops of Lugol’s per day to survive and sometimes more. The medical community also scares people into keeping Iodine supplementation to such low levels as to be ineffective when we are all seriously exposed to radiation each day. There is an explosion of Thyroid disease in the community and this in my experience is directly linked to IODINE deficiency of which radiation is an overlooked cause. IODINE also has a protective effect against cancer. I suspect that (in a way that is similar but different to Melatonin), its deficiency is preventing the body recovering from radiation exposure and hence cancer arises

  • Dexter Yard said,

    Hi Louise,
    To my knowledge, Dr Brownstein has not investigated EMFs and iodine deficiency. Since Japanese consume about 13.8mg of iodine per day through their seafood/sea vegetables and have a very low incidence of breast cancer. Yet when they move to the US and alter their diet to SAD, their incidence of breast cancer increases quite a lot…but don’t remember how much.

    I have seen no data to suggest that EMFs cause iodine deficiency. But plenty of data that food devoid of iodine consumed in the SAD does allow the bromides, chlorides, fluorides to take the place of iodine on the cell receptors. And then the body can epigenetically express the DNA to disease triggered by EMFs. Your 10 drops Lugol’s is keeping you alive and well from the EMFs. Hope it’s 5%.

    On Facebook there is an Iodine Workshop group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/309122002556036/330534477081455/?notif_t=like I have been trying to wake some people up as to the danger of EMFs but few seem to accept. I think your story would be interesting to them. This is a closed group so only members see the posts…not the public. just ask to join.

    In your quest for optimal health, think about a home distiller unit to absolutely remove all F, Br, Cl and perchlorate.

    Best to you.
    Dexter Yard

  • Paul Von said,

    Hello Lynne: The film in the second link is somewhat dated, yet it is interesting to note the comments by Dr. Neil Cheery, as I’ve read his many contributions to the EM radiation issue these last several years. Ms. Cindy Sage (at 12 minutes into film) is one of the principle authors of the 2012 BioInitiative Report, which is 1476 pages of scientific analysis of the radiation issue.

    I happen to have dated a woman in the late 90’s who had lived in Marin County California for approximately 30 years prior to moving to Minnesota in 1993. She developed breast cancer in 1996, suffered a heart attack in 1997, and passed away in 2001 from multiple cancers in her body. Judy was a long distance swimmer, was slim and physically robust, and had a wonderful and sparkling personality… She died at the very premature age of 48. I still miss her…


    PUBLIC EXPOSURE: DNA, Democracy and the ‘Wireless Revolution’


    Best regards, Paul Von

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