Can Vitamins Protect You From Electrosmog?

We live in a world where everything is constantly changing. Things are moving so fast. TV and now Internet mean we have access to information like never before. Many of us spend our time zapping from one thing to another, from one TV channel to another, from one website to another. What are we all looking for?

Usually it’s the answer to a question. Sometimes we are not even sure what the question is. Other times we know the question and we are looking for a speedy solution. A quick fix.

In medical terms this invariably means swallowing a pill. Pills are a phenomenal quick fix. They come with all sorts of pseudo guarantees, they have a powerful marketing machine behind them and they generally have the seal of approval of the medical community in general and your family doctor in particular.

To address the issue of EMFs and/or electrosensitivity there is no pill that can make it go away. If there was I would know about it.

But there are vitamins, or more precisely synthetic vitamins.

For many, vitamin pills are the key to protecting yourself from EMFs and staying healthy.

For me they are not. Here's why.

Synthetic and Fractionated Vitamins

When you go into the store, 90% of the vitamins they carry on the shelf are either synthetic or fractionated. Synthetic means that they cook them up in the lab. Fractionated means that they maybe natural, as they occurred in nature, they definitely may have a natural source but the vitamin has been separated from its cofactors that normally occur with it in nature.

The synthetic vitamins have the components of what the vitamin actually contains but they do not have the same molecular structure. There is something different about the functional architecture of the synthetic vitamins as compared to the natural vitamins.

Synthetic and Fractionated Vitamins Dangers

These synthetic vitamins and fractionated vitamins create deficiencies in your body when you take them because they need cofactors to be able to be utilized by your body. They rob from the other stores in your body to create the molecule and make it available to your physiology and anything that is not used is flushed out.

If you've had bright yellow pee after you have taken some of your vitamins this is a good indication of this. So we know you are going to create a deficiency in your body by taking these kinds of vitamins. You need to rob Peter to pay Paul; the end is worse than the beginning, essentially.

The Source of the Vitamins

EMF protection - vitamins
Source Wikipedia

The other thing that is disconcerting is the source of some of these synthetic vitamins. For vitamin B most of the brands you get off your average store shelf are synthesized from coal tar. That's also another reason why when you take these vitamins on an empty stomach and they make you feel so, they are not meant to be in your body. Coal tar is not a food.

Another example is vitamin E, the largest supplier of vitamin E, which is then capsulated and packaged by people who place on it their own personal labels, in America is Eastman, as in Eastman Powder. It is actually synthesized from the waste of the film processing. But Eastman aren’t going to get me onto their Vitamin E because they call it mixed tocopherols, they call that vitamin E whereas vitamin E in nature has a whole host of cofactors and synergistic factors in concert with it to make it the best ever.

Are Natural Vitamins The Answer

Natural is a term to be treated with care because it is so poorly regulated. In the US for example, a vitamin has only to be 10% natural to call itself natural, guess what the other 10% is?

Many vitamins labeled as natural have synthetics added to increase their potency or to standardize the amount in a capsule. Often a salt form (this can be bitartrate, chloride, gluconate, hydrochloride, acetate, nitrate or succinate) is also added to the increase stability of the nutrient.  So vitamin pills can never be truly natural.

How To Protect Yourself from Electrosmog

I know there are circumstances, for instance fighting a cold, that vitamin C can be helpful. So as a short term temporary measure vitamins can be of value. But taking vitamins long term is a whole different matter and this is what I’m talking about. It is unnecessary and harmful.

They are actually being flushed down the toilet anyway whenever you go to the bathroom. The high doses are an insult to your body. Your body just fights to get rid of them.

You don't feel good when you take them anyway and that should be a sign and if you do feel more energetic that is probably an adrenal reaction to the toxin that you are taking into your body. The deficiencies these vitamins create are much worse than the original reason why you are taking them in the first place.

Nutritionally, what I recommend is not the quick fix of a vitamin pill but a varied and balanced diet, with plenty of whole grains and vegetables, some fruit and as much organic food as you can. Stay away from processed foods.

That and some basic EMF protection around the home can go a long way.

We are all living in a world with increasing levels of EMFs. These EMFs are a toxin. Why take vitamins which potentially bring you into contact with more toxins?

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  • Caroline said,

    Organic food is quite hard to get hold of in our local supermarkets, I buy it where it is available – do you believe that you can reduce electrosensitivity systems by eating a more balanced diet even if the food is not organic.

  • Lloyd said,

    You can reduce your symptoms of electrical sensitivity by improving your diet….the best way to do this is to eat whole, natural, and organic foods…eat organic foods as much as you can…if you can’t always eat organic foods don’t lose any sleep on it.

  • Mike said,

    Hi Lloyd,
    Interesting article. I have taken vitamins for years coupled with as good a diet as I could manage, taking into consideration work constraints etc. I have managed so far (65 years) to keep healthy with no medical problems and no sign of the major problems such as Cancer and Heart disease.

    However! I recently started to research this very subject including ASPARTAME and FLOURIDE. I am now looking for Organic farm shops and Water filters that filter Flouride and other chemicals. I am about to dig over my lawn and start growing my own fruit and veg. I have discovered a very helpful website dedicated to a healthier lifestyle through good diet and COMPLETE organic supplements. This I found was a good place to start and full of helpful links. As the old saying goes “the answer lies in the soil”

    Good health


  • Alan said,

    I own a Gauss Meter(FWBell 4190) Recently purchased a new Vitamix blender for $500. Tested it with Gauss Meter and found that it was giving off readings of over 350 mG. Returned it to Bed and Bath.

    Our Microwave which is over our range gives off about 15-20 mG about 6″ away even when off.

  • Hester Hattingh said,

    Thank you Loyd very educational & I will look into this
    that is why the people with RA etc. are not being healed.
    Many thanks

  • Paul Von said,

    Lloyd. Bravo! So glad you posted this information regarding the totally fraudulent advice of needing expensive vitamin supplements. Multivitamin regimen ads are a hoax, and a nasty one at that. The vast majority of supplements sold in the US contain toxic levels of manufactured rubbish, and many contain multiple minerals that are actually antagonistic to one another in the human body system.
    The body does not need, nor can it even normally metabolize these outrageous levels of supplementations. Many of the multivitamin users I’ve known over the years end up with diabetes, strokes and/or heart bypasses, liver and kidney failures, and many complain of bowel problems. Nearly every pill or capsule made, contains magnesium stearate as an anti-caking agent during manufacture. Contrary to the typical denial one finds on the medical internet, magnesium stearate turns into a biofilm gunk on the intestinal walls, collects bacteria and heavy metals, and helps to block normal uptake of nutrients. Other than that, it’s a great manufacturing aid.
    The food and drug manufactures are frauds and liars, pawning their garbage for all the usual reasons.
    Your advice to eat high quality organic foods is totally correct. One of the major reasons EM sensitive people are so overwhelmed by EM radiation, is their body is already fighting inflammations from the prepackaged industrial filth sold as food at our local grocery stores. The species needs a full paradigm shift in value concepts. When we covertly poison one another for profit, death becomes the basis of our value system.

  • Ciprian said,

    Very true.
    Wheat grass,from indoors, could help you

  • fx said,

    …..”a vitamin has only to be 10% natural to call itself natural, guess what the other 10% is?……..You mean to say, the other 90% is synthetic!

  • Ronn said,

    Excellent article! Thank you.

  • Sharon Ingram said,

    I have been told that vitamins in chelated form are slightly healthier than the tablets which are highly compacted with magnesium stearate (the ones illustrated by your picture from Wikipedia).
    But no doubt the chelated vitamins also contain things that we would be better doing without?

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