MEPS Missed The Point On Cell Phone Dangers

Studies show that non-communicative diseases cause a massive 86% of deaths in Europe.  The Members of the European Parliament (MEP), hoping to lower mortality, have targeted four problem areas in their drive to support a healthier community.  These four contributors to illness and death are alcohol use, tobacco use, lack of exercise, and improper nutrition.  All of these factors are under the control of the individual, and altering behavior can result in longer, healthier lives.  However, as good as these recommendations were, the MEPs left one glaring threat out of their report – mobile phone radiation.

This silent unseen threat has not been addressed at all by the MEPs and this oversight is all the more shocking inthe light of recent discoveries of the harm that electromagnetic radiation causes. This kind of got me thinking, what if the MEPs had the full facts in front of them (not the cell phone industry propoganda) like is the case for alcohol, cigarettes, nutrition and exercise? What would they do?

I enjoy a drink, but I realize that alcohol may be considered one of the greatest curses visited upon mankind. It's all a question of degree, how much you drink.  Drinking is so culturally embedded that it will basically impossible to eliminate.  Positive steps have been proposed that will ban advertising for alcohol, and prevent distillers from providing sponsorship for sporting or media events.  More awareness of the dangers of alcohol is also proposed.  And, the MEP has also called for the institution of a uniform tax for alcoholic beverages. My suggestions : what about if we stopped mobile phone companies like Sanyo and Sony from sponsoring sports and media events? What if we brought it out into the open, taught in schools about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation? What if we brought in a tax on mobile phone sales?

Another great destroyer of health is tobacco.  Tobacco is actually a narcotic, and is so addictive that most people find it almost impossible to stop smoking once they have started.  The MEP is calling for banning all advertising for tobacco products and also a ban on smoking at workplaces and public spots such as restaurants.  Cigarette machines will also be covered under any ban that is instituted, and an even heavier tax will be imposed on all tobacco sales. My suggestions : what if we banned using mobile phones in places where there were children, in schools and nurseries? What if we banned cell phone use in restaurants and created areas where they could be used?

The MEPs have also recommended that more attention be paid to nutrition.  They hope to promote the use of healthier foods through subsidies.  An establishment of what are safe levels of sugars, fats, and salt in food is being looked into, and they are working on instituting a ban on advertising that promotes unhealthy food for children. My suggestion : what if we put a ban on children under the age of 18 being able to use a cell phone device?

It is no secret that most people simply do not exercise adequately.  Lack of exercise has been linked to a myriad of health problems, and the MEPs seek to increase the amount of exercise and sports available to children in schools, and provide more areas that children and young adults can use for recreation.  The MEPs are also conducting what is basically a continent-wide survey of how much physical activity is engaged in by individuals. My suggestion : What if really set about studying the effects all the man made electromagnetic radiation around us is doing to our health, I mean long term, extensive research? I am sure we could come up with communication devices which would be less harmful to our health.

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and the like is already causing a variety of very serious symptoms.  Electro magnetic radiation can cause wide ranging symptoms, people suffer everything from fatigue and headaches to brain cancer.  Cell phone radiation has been linked to leukemia in children, and the use of cell phones by toddlers as well as school age children is especially alarming.  Although most governments claim that there is no verifiable data on the dangers of cell phone radiation, this is just not so.

I know my suggestions may appear wishful thinking but I'm sure that one day the majority of them will be applied widely all over the world. Until the MEPs recognize the health perils of electromagnetic radiation, their citizens will remain at risk.  That's me and you!

If you are concerned about this issue, and you should be, the best thing you can do is to find out how cell phone radiation can cause you harm and then take steps to protect yourself and minimize the danger.

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