Beating Electrical Sensitivity – Part 3


In this video I outline in detail what I believe to be the true causes of electrical sensitivity. Your comments are welcome. Thank you.

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  • Louise Brosnan said,

    Dear lloyd

    Agree with your comments re toxicity. Have you looked at the concept of Earthing or Grounding your body. The electron transfer that occurs as a result acts as an antioxidant supply that neutralizes free radicals.

    Other effects – normalise cortisol, hormones and menstral cycles, reduces inflammation and symptoms that arise from it. The Electron shield created around the body acts as a portable Faraday shield – helpful to protect from EMF to a point.

    See the website Barefoothealing and the work of Clint Ober.

    My Earthing Sheet and other simple appliances coupled with the knowledge of how to simply and quickly earth yourself has given be a tremendous boost.

    Kind regards and thanks for your work

    Louise Brosnan

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Louise
    I have looked at earthing/grounding. It all made sense to me right from the outset. The Clint Ober book is very convincing on the subject reviewing the scientific research and much anecdotal evidence, but the proof is in the pudding. I started to walk barefoot, in my garden and a bought an earthing sheet to sleep on, I talk about my experience here

  • Omana Mammen said,

    Dear Mr Lloyd,
    Thank you for sharing your findings with others. It helped me when I understood my health problems are due to microwave radiation.

    My assessment of the problem is as follows.
    Human body absorbs electromagnetic radiation and immunity goes down. After a particular stage, we get all sorts of diseases, seasonal, virus/ bacteria. Disturbed sleep, dryness in the eye, joints pain, increase in BP etc spoils the quality of life. We were facing such a situation from January, 6 months after 3G service started from the nearby tower.
    All human beings are not affected equally, but some are very sensitive and a good percentage is affected after years of radiation. Tower is an open microwave oven.

    The study on the topic and measurement at our home revealed that our homes are not safe, because of modern technology. A measurement at our home revealed that wi fi, cordless phones, blue tooth connection, mobile phones, microwave oven, wifi enabled laptops and TV etc the power density levels inside homes are more than the biological safe level, even without considering mobile tower nearby!
    As electronic engineers with rich experience in ISRO, we eliminated the radiating sources inside our home as the first step. Wifi and cordless phone were replaced with wired connections, reduced the use of mobile phone and microwave, disabled blue tooth and wifi from laptops etc. Trees and plants around our house protected us by absorbing radiation to a great extent. We purchased a low cost meter and tried shielding our home with locally available materials-steel and aluminium. The ground floor rooms are brought to safe levels ( less tah 100 microwatts/m2) and first floor rooms are nearing safe values. We are avoiding the use of terrace to the extent possible.

    We also tried to improve our immunity through food like daily taking Aviyal with organically grown vegetables, yoga, etc. Our sleep pattern is normal now. There is good medicine in Ayurveda for dryness in the eyes. For joint pains homeopathic medicine is effective.

    Thank you.
    Omana Mammen

  • Victor said,

    Dear Lloyd, Congratulations on your leadership in this area and thank you for your contribution to the Global community.

  • Yvonne said,

    Dear Lloyd,
    thank you so much for your emails.

  • Lloyd said,

    Thank you Yvonne, for sharing your story. I have posted it in full here, so other people may comment:

  • Hanna Brandli said,

    Dear Omana Mammen

    Thank you for your very informative input on this subject. I don’t have any noticable ES myself but do have real concerns more for my children & grandchildren who have far more exposure than myself. I love homeopathic medicine – shame it’s not recognized or respected for what it is.

    Through my constant research on this topic (big thank you to Lloyd for his info contribution) I did come across some very interesting info on the role of GSH (Glutathione)and radiation exposure. Interesting interview with Dr’s Harrington & Corbet explaining GSH, mentions peer-reviewed publised scientific study done on mice exposed to radiation – 135% increase in survival (in what should have been a lethal dose) to mice given a GSH enhancing formula.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Hanna
    Thanks for your input. If you’d like to share more on this, either by replying here or sending me a short article, I’m sure my readers would be interested.

  • R Johnson said,

    Greetings Lloyd,
    Have you done any research on essential oils and free electrons? Does it make sense to you that there are free electrons in essential oils, especially the real earthy ones such as Pine, Palo Santo, Pinon, etc. I read somewhere that they contain electrons but can’t remember where I read it. Also, I just read that Oregano oil and Thyme have super high ORAC values making them high antioxidants. And, am wondering about the connection betwenn using them topically or thru smell if that would not have an earthing effect. Just wondered what you think about this. This could be an easy way for those of us who can’t “earth” the traditional way so much – I live in Arizona where there is no grass, it’s very dry, scorpions are possibly in the dirt and besides it’s hard to walk outside in 116 degree weather in summer. So, I’m trying to find alternative ways of earthing for us Arizona folks. Any ideas on this topic? I think I’m in a high EMF area so the earthing sheet may not be an option unless it’s just the room itself one has to take into account – (read your comments on not earthing in a high EMF area). Cheers, Rebecca

  • Lloyd Burrell said,

    Hi Rebecca
    Very good point. I’m sure that essential oils can have beneficial effects on our health…I say this, based not any research I’ve carried out but more on experimentation….vaporizers can help as can consuming certain essential oils (with care). This is a fascinating field and one which I hope to cover in a future article.

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