Beating Electrical Sensitivity – Your questions, concerns, and a few things explained

I have received a lot of questions and comments about my eBook “Beating Electrical Sensitivity – The Path to Tread”.

Here I am going to answer the FAQs – the questions people have been asking most.

Beating Electrical Sensitivity – FAQs

electrical sensitivity bookQuestion: Is this another book on the dangers of EMFs and how to mitigate?

Answer: This is not another book on the dangers of EMFs.
This is a subject that I do not even address. My assumption is
that you already know that EMFs are dangerous. I focus entirely on
solutions. An important part of the solution is EMF mitigation so there is an
entire section of the book devoted to this subject. But EMF mitigation
accounts for less than 20% of the content of the book. Beating
electrical sensitivity involves much more than this.

Concern: Is yours a scientific approach or will it require a
leap of faith for me to apply the information outlined in your book?

Answer: It’s a “how to book” but I wanted to write a book
which, as much as possible, has a factual basis. The book contains
references to over 100 studies, research papers and books, and thousands
of studies are referenced indirectly.

Question: It sounds too good to be true. Can I really “beat electrical sensitivity”
if I buy your book ?

Answer: Well, if I wrote this book it’s because I believe in it. I
believe that there are many people suffering needlessly. I believe
there are solutions. And I also believe that conventional medicine
is so ill equipped to deal with this condition. There are no cast
iron guarantees but I believe if you do everything that is
laid out in my book the result can be transformational. I set out
to write the best book on this subject, and from the feedback I have
received so far, that goal has been achieved.

Question: Why an eBook and not a print book?

Answer: I like the immediacy of the digital format. You don't have to wait for delivery you can buy it and download it straight away. I know many people are sensitive to computers but it takes literally a few minutes to buy and download. The idea is that you print out all the materials, the eBook, the special report. You also get a full audio version which you can download and listen to on your MP3 player.

If you would like to learn more about the eBook click here.

I know these were relatively short answers but hopefully they
address the concerns you have. Please feel free to leave comments
below if you have any other questions.

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  • MARILYN LANE said,

    do ceramic pendanrs they sell on the iNTERNET do any good to interfere with EMF’s

  • Lloyd said,

    Judging by the number of companies selling pendants, I believe many people are buying them thinking they offer a solution to dealing with EMFs. I have tried lots of different pendants – none of them have worked for me.

  • Vic Herlacher, M.D. said,

    Hello Lloyd,

    Looking forward to reviewing your new book.
    Are you planning to have information regarding various nutrients which may help protect from EMF exposure?

    I was successful in getting a smart meter (Class 2 Carcinogen) removed from my home.

    Thank you for the information on your website.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Vic
    Nutrition is one of the cornerstones to beating electrical sensitivity. My book has several chapters on nutrition and detailed information on what foods you need to include in your diet and why – what the studies say. Congrats on getting the smart meter removed.

  • Kathairein Magdalena said,

    I look forward to your new book. An experience last winter is my comment: I was scheduled for a sleep apnea test at the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX but finally refused to go in because the whole hospital is WIFI. They were planning to stick electrodes of all sorts on me to test my sleep patterns, and I was supposed to arrive at 6pm and leave the hospital at 6am the next morning. Twelve hours of electrodes and WIFI sounded life-threatening to me. literally. I am sure this was an act of prudence; not paranoia. WIFI-ed medical centers threaten the life of people with EHS. Period.
    Thank you for your work. Be well,

  • `Martin said,

    Lloyd, Do EMFs cause inflammation in our bodies and if so is “Earthing” a good way to get rid of these positive ions. A book by Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.: ” The Sinatra Solution:Metabolic Cardiology” ISBN 978-1-59120-291-2, says it will . What do you think? M.

  • Lloyd said,

    Hi Martin
    The research is not conclusive on the link between inflammation and EMF exposures. Inflammation is thought to be part of the body’s defense mechanism, and EMFs do attack our bodies at the cellular level. Earthing is thought to reduce inflammation in the body, I believe earthing can help reduce the adverse effects of EMF exposures, see

  • Bernadette said,

    So far so good. Lookin forward to its completion.
    Keep up the good work. Please keep me posted.

  • Sue said,


    Addressing the subject that Marilyn Lane brought up –
    I haven’t tried the ceramic pendant, but I did try a scalar pendent. For awhile, my body felt VERY energized when wearing it. I could go shopping (we have tons of EMF’s in grocery stores, etc.) and was able to actually enjoy taking my time, rather than planning before I entered the store which isles I would go to fast before getting out quickly,etc. And could work at my office (strong WiFi) without getting my a** kicked that night and the next day. But within a month, my body started reacting to the pendant, feeling much worse with it on, than with it off. I don’t use it. I’m thinking my body became entrained to the scalar frequency and benefited for awhile, but then had enough. And, like EMF’s, the frequency became a burden to it.

    From what I understand, everything, including our bodies,
    has a frequency. The strength of frequency the scalar pendant is strong. I know this not only from my experience but through muscle testing people who had no idea what the pendant was for. You can see the test
    in this video:

    I’d muscle test them before putting the pendant on them. They didn’t fall over like in the video, but their spine did bend backwards to the point of being a bit unbalanced. Once they had the pendant on them, they were like a solid brick. I couldn’t budge them.

    My daughter-in-law, one of the willing guinea pigs :), refused to believe the results when we did this test. I asked my sweety to step in for me and do the test on her (he has no interest in this stuff, but was willing to help out). He’s STRONG. He couldn’t budge her either, but could certainly knock her backwards when she didn’t have it on. She became a believer and told everyone else in the room to try it.

    If anyone is interested to see how a scalar pendant works on their body and wants to buy one, the cheapest place I found is

  • Pat Whitten said,

    This is a human, instead of superior being, introduction. Thank you! So many people who read it are human as well. I find the information of stages of improvement and then severe relapses, until it is all cleared away, very important .
    I am thinking about my underlying ME while I read this. So many people now suffer from modern illnesses instead of the oldtime infectious diseases. They would have us believe that it is because we now do not die from infections so much, that we progress onto old age illnesses. Rubbish! These modern diseases afflict all ages, and the rise in numbers is massive. Also these modern dideaes are geographical, and conform to areas of the world where diet changes and environmental factors are most pronounced. People who travel from clear zones to polluted Western zones become ill so genetics are out of the picture as well. Where am I going with this?
    Well with so many of us being brought down by the mass of environmental factors, a warning should go out to the support groups of these other afflictions, because we all suffer from keeping our eye on just one big ball at a time?
    What do you think? A bigger audience? Spread the word?


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